5 best home gym with weights

5 Best Home Gym with Weights for Strength Training 2023

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Looking for a home gym with weights stacks? If you prefer working out at home and avoiding hefty gym membership fees, this piece of fitness equipment is what you need. Home gyms from Xmark, Body-Solid, Powerline, Bowflex and Gold’s Gym come with weight stacks weighing up to 420 pounds.

Depending on your budget and fitness goals, you can get the right equipment for you here. To help you choose the best strength training equipment, we’ve reviewed these 5 that check all the boxes.

Our Top 3 best home gyms:

Product Model & Features Price
Xmark Functional Trainer XM-7626 Homegym XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and Accessory Package XM-7626 Check Price
Body-Solid EXM3000lps Home Gym Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym for Light Commercial and Home Gym Check Price
Bodycraft Galena Pro Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Check Price
Xmark Functional Trainer XM-7626 Homegym
XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine
Check Price

Body-Solid EXM3000lps Home Gym
Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym
Check Price

Bodycraft Galena Pro
Bodycraft Galena Pro front view
Check Price

Top 5 Best Home Gym with Weights

1. Xmark Functional Trainer XM-7626 Homegym

XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine

Check Price

The XM-7626 is the most versatile piece of equipment you can have in your home gym. Also, XMark is quality, and it focuses on enhancing a milestone in your bodybuilding achievements.

Compact– the XMark has dual 200lb weight stacks. Training possibilities are unlimited by the use of XM-7626. It has 19 variable settings spaced at 3.5 inches apart each.

Quality XM-7626 is solidly built with a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame. Interestingly, this home gym is the best for users of different fitness level and weight.


With it, you might not get enough of your sporty sessions. The user is exposed to a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. The XMark gives you a 10 out of 10 solutions to your bodybuilding techniques.

Accessories– It contains a variety of accessories aimed at perfect workouts. This includes a pair of hand straps 8″, 17″ long strap handles, a 23″ triceps rope, a 42″ long barbell, a leg extension, leg curl strap, and an ankle strap. With these features, we can conclude this is the best home gym machine.

Side view of XMARK Cable Machine with weights

Safety precautions– the XMark and its producers have gone the extra mile to ensure that safety comes first in everything. With a low range of 1″ setting and as high as 6’6″ to accommodate every user’s needs.

The adjustable pulleys are adjusted in 19 different levels and by the use of a pop-pin locking mechanism. This keeps your heart at ease when you safely lock it for the young ones to play around.

weights on XMARK Trainer Cable Machine

Dimensions– with the XMark, you are assured of saving a massive deal of space at home. Assembled dimensions of 65″ width, 43.5″ length, and 83″ height, it can be stationed in any area of your liking. The XMark functional trainer pairs perfectly with the XMark 7630 adjustable FID bench.

front and side view of XMARK Functional Trainer

  • This machine is constructed using durable material
  • This stack home gym is ideal for full body workout
  • It is safe to use and handle


  • It is demanding for a fast bodybuilding

2. Body-Solid EXM3000lps Home Gym for Strength Training

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Stations

Check Price

The EXM3000LPS Multi-station smith machine is one of the best home gyms on the market. The quality it offers is like no other equipment in the market. I’d recommend EXM3000LPS as the best home gym multi-station for every home.

The EXM3000LPS smith machine is committed to being the perfect gym equipment in terms of quality. It prioritizes easy-to-do workouts, easy-to-archive results, and equipment that last.


Multi-users– the EXM3000LPS can be used by at most three people at the same time. This makes it an interesting home gym machine. That’s because in some homes it suits everybody in the family. It also has adjustable seats that make it possible to be used by all ages and sizes.

Seven stations– It provides its uses with seven different work stations for a perfect result in bodybuilding. These include a multi-press station, a low pulley station, abs crunch, leg extension, leg press, pec station, and lat pull down. These features make it the perfect choice for the most engaging and intense workouts.

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-user Stations

Adjustable settings-This multi-station gym has dual overhead cams that contain six settings per arm. These settings allow you to fine-tune for an accurate movement. Also, they provide you with various starting positions.

Weight stack– this mountain of a machine is a Home gym with a weight stack that has dual 210-pound alloy weight stacks. The weight stacks are covered with solid steel shrouds giving them an eye-catching appearance and the comfort you desire. It is manually selected, depending on how you want to lift your weights.

Multi-functional– it is a comprehensive home workout machine for total-body strength-building exercises. The three stations can also be optionally used at once with a Vertical Knee Raise Attachment.

side view of Body-Solid EXM3000LPS


  • It is high a quality build
  • This stack home gym is comfortable and durable
  • Ideal for squat and other training equipment


  • It is difficult to install
  • It is costly

3. Bodycraft Galena Pro

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym

Check Price

Galena Pro home gym is a machine that serves justice to its users. From its shape to its capabilities, this is a perfect Bodysolid home gym. The search for a versatile home gym might have just been postponed with the galena pro home gym.

Additionally, it has completeness of its kind and boasts high quality. Below are the key features of the galena pro home gym.

Space management– the galena pro home gym is modified to be a top market competitor in home gyms acquiring. It is upgraded to its latest design that can fit into any corner of a room.


Protection– As much as fitness is essential, your safety is critical. Galena Pro boasts protective features like a chest press, dual-functional pec dec, leg extension, leg curl and squat, lat pull, low pulley station, and an abdominal crunch. Every muscle is fixed to a whole new level of relaxation by the end of the day.

Adjustable and Comfortable-Having a household device that makes you comfortable is essential. The foam of this gym machine has lumbar support, and it’s topped with high-quality vinyl. This makes your fitness sessions comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, it has adjustable seats.

Easy to access Use-This home gyms with weights  has a low pulley station giving you the much-needed space for all your exercises. With this feature, you can pull your legs and turn around as much as you wish without hitting a bar.

Durability and warranty– since galena pro home gym is built to last for millennia, every part of the equipment is guaranteed for as long as you own it. It can be repaired if found with any defect. This is done with no extra cost as long as the original owner still owns it and at home.


  • Takes less space and durable build
  • Has cable attachments so you can perform full muscle exercises
  • Works entire body
  • Has numerous attachments that work different muscle groups


  • Does not include all accessories

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4. Powerline BSG10X Machine

Powerline BSG10X Machine

Check Price

The BSG 10X gym comes with a 160-pound stack of weights. It is most helpful for upper and lower workouts. It contains some pretty outstanding features that will help tear out those muscles in no time. In a home gym, you’d consider purchasing an all in one product to save some cash or get the best in the market.

Space management–  the Power line BSG 10X stack home gym can fit almost any corner of your crib. With 70 inches in length, 42inches width, and a height of just 80 inches, this beauty may both save and crown your dream bodybuilding needs.

Packaging-when purchasing a complex product, you don’t want to start stressing about its assembling. The BSG 10X saves you the assembling hustle. That’s because, on its arrival, it is 90 percent guaranteed pre-assembled just for you. The 10 percent remaining is like a walk in the park with only nine bolts to tie.

It takes most people 30 minutes to finish the assembling, and within a twinkle of an eye, you’re already premiered into a whole new fitness adventure.


Quality– This home gym with free weights has a stable platform in conjunction with a multi-seat adjustment procedure. It is constructed with an 11-gauge mainframe that ensures maximum durability, strength, and functionality.

Protection-the BSG 10X contains an 8-position adjustable press arm and leg developer station. It also has a 160 stack of weights adjustable to high, mid, and low pulleys.

The BSG10X is firm enough to perform over 40 unique exercises safely and biomechanically correct. The traditional press bar is designed specifically for maximum chest concentration and muscle development.

Stability– BSG10X is compatible with a 2200-pound tension strength slat bar. It is a military-grade aircraft cable, which is 48″ long. With swiveling ends, it provides durability and maintenance.


  • BSG 10X smith machine is height adjustable and best for users of different weight
  • Contains lifting weights, making it the best machine in bodybuilding
  • Has safety pins for safety


  • A little bit on the higher side of the price

5.  Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Power Training System

Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym

Check Price

The Gold’s Gym XRS 50 is another home workout machine that works the entire body. With its wide range of different exercises, this equipment is the perfect Home gym weight machine for any bodybuilder. With the new model, it doesn’t get better than this, I assure you. Let’s cruise into the features and see what an XRS 50 truly offers. System pulleys and weight Resistance-It is composed of nine weight plates, each one weighing approximately 12.5 lbs.

With high and low system pulleys of up to 280 lbs of resistance, you can earmark multiple muscle groups.The combination chest press station allows you to develop upper body strength. The four-roll leg developer targets a wide range of muscles for lower body strength. In conjunction, it comes with a lat bar for the total body workout.

Assembling– With the improved version of the Gold’s Gym XRS 50, it arrives with a simple assembling procedure. When one person is assembling it, it might take him or her 2 to 3 hours.

Considering its size: 5’4″ length, 3’2″ width, and 6’7″ height, that’s a very impressive window compared to assembling other types of equipment. To assemble, you’ll need two adjustable wrenches, a rubber mallet, one Philips screwdriver, and one standard screwdriver.

Gold's Gym XRS 50 lady working out with weights

Cost Friendly-Considering its quality; it is okay to mention that the weight plates are not made of cheap materials. They are cement weight plates coated with a layer of durable vinyl material. This is one of the reasons the XRS 50 is considered more affordable.

man using Gold's Gym XRS 50


  • Easy to assemble and great for strength training
  • Multiple accessories – everything you need in a home gym system
  • Occupies less space; hence it is ideal for apartment use


  • Has a non -adjustable lat bar
  • Does not have an ankle cuff

6. BodyCraft Xpress Pro Single Stack Machines

BodyCraft XPress Pro 200lb. Single Stack Gym, w/FCA

Check Price

The Xpress Pro 200lb single stack home gym is said to be the best home gym with weights. That’s because the machine is said to live to its all expectations as described by the manufacturer. It’s arguably the best pick for you if you need a lifetime of bodybuilding experience.

The craft behind the making of Xpress Pro is mind-blowing. To achieve that exclusive body shape that you’ve always dreamed of, then Xpress Pro is the equipment to go;l for your home gym.However, it is recommended that Xpress Pro is only for someone who seriously wants to do some intense bodybuilding sessions. Here’s why.

Quality-To get the best, you should be using the best. The finishing touch of the Xpress Pro home gym  is electromagnetically applied in powder form to coat all surfaces evenly.

Additionally, it is baked at a high temperature for a tough, long-lasting finish. These procedures harden the steel reassuring a quality product in the making.


Accessories– The Xpress Pro 6 pack machine has 200lbs weight stacks. They are made of precision-milled cast iron plates with nylon bushings for some convenient exercise.

Additionally, the body craft fitness home gyms boasts chrome-plated 1-inch diameter tubular steel that gives guaranteed durability and an on-point workout. Xpress Pro cable arms utilize pulleys and cables for unrestricted, completely natural, and consistently correct movement.

Versatility– In performance, the Xpress Pro can be used to perform over many unique body workouts. Out of these exercises, the body is not limited to enhance only one type of muscle but to push the whole body to new limits at large.

Warranty—Everyone would like to be sure that they won’t spend more in case of damage. This is possible with Xpress because when you purchase the Xpress Pro, it has a strong warranty. Buying this machine ensures you get a lifetime warranty on frame and parts because, at Xpress Pro, we care.


  • Has an adjustable starting point for bench press station
  • Lifetime warranty on frames and parts
  • Ideal for strength training – lower body as well as upper body muscles


  • Re-assembling requires a professional

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Benefits of a Stack Home Gym

home gyms

1. Efficiency

Home gym weight machines give you the freedom and time to master the craft of bodybuilding . The long rides either in the chilly morning or the exhausting evening will stop by purchasing a home gym.

Also, the crazy traffic and excuses when running late will stop. The home gym with free weights is more efficient as it helps create time and fun exercise activities for the whole family and no gym membership fees.

2. Freedom

With the help of home gyms, you’re in charge of what you want and when you want it. When you have your equipment, you don’t have any limits to achieve your goal.

Unlike in a public gym where you have to get there early due to time schedules. Some freedom comes with a home gym weight machine. That’s because the lifting of weights is under your terms.

In a public gym, the pressure is on. The yelling of the instructor and the under performers is a little irritating. Having a home gym with free weights squares all the frustrations and improves the results you aim at with the utmost freedom.

3. Safety

It might sound like a disadvantage, but in reality, a home gym is much safer than public gyms. A home gyms with weights machine contains safety pins that allow the user to lift weights, but there is a backup plan in case of a slip.

The basic design doesn’t enable weights to get too over your body; instead, they are built with a pulley mechanism. The opposition of the down force is effective, especially to bodybuilders. Safety precautions input in a home gym are better than those in a public gym.

4. Design your gym to your liking

At the gym, your workout is limited by the gym instructor. The equipment he/she offers you may work for you, or maybe you are just never in the vibe to use it. Luckily, you can design your home fitness room in any way you want. It also helps to understand better the kind of equipment you want for your home gym.

5. Helps maintain discipline for a fitness routine

Going to the gym is mostly under a specific schedule and time. People get to have most of their leisure time to other commitments other than theirs. With a home gym with weight stack, your workout routine is maintained and even extended at times. With loads of time to your disposal, fitness can be almost the next big thing at home. This machine also helps exercise your entire body.

6. Everyone is part of the team

Unlike going to the public gym, the home gym with free weights brings your family time together. From the little ones, they understand the value of hard work from you. They are challenged to exercise to keep fit. A home gym creates an environment that is more fun and lifts spirits to see others follow suit to what you do.

7. Saves money

A home gym might be a little challenging to start, mostly depending on the types of equipment you need. Despite all odds, when it is already kick-started, it saves quite a sum of money. From the commuting fee to paying the gym instructor, that money, when summed up annually, it can be used for other benefits.

Most home gym machines are durable and retain their value pretty well. You can also resell if you end up changing your mind or upgrading to other home gym weight machines.

8. No dealing with other people’s germs and sweat

Are you scared of germs? No need to freak out about the number of people who have already used that equipment or the last time it was treated to some clean water. At home, your equipment is 99 percent free of toxic germs because it is private. You should make up to the remaining 1 percent by cleaning and maintaining your equipment.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Home Gym 

smith machine

Goals to achieve

When purchasing a home gym, you typically want something that will change you after consistent hard work in workouts. To get the best, you are required to do some research. Basic knowledge is crucial because home gym equipment is nothing like other products. Its shipment to you requires levels of precaution due to its sensitive handling.

For consistent quality, you’d probably buy something that is home friendly. Equipment that suits your goals and also challenges others close to you in their exercise routines.

When purchasing a home gym, you’ll have done your homework and set your mind to what you want, whether it’s for essential exercise or even bodybuilding machinery. It is crucial to understand the goals you’re achieving before you start up a home gym.


Your budget is vital when you are purchasing home gym equipment. The machine is not like any other. It’s a pricey investment due to their initial cost. As a buyer, you’d have to consider the price and the quality you get and whether it’s worth your money.

Equipment required

The equipment required for your home gym will depend on your particular wants and needs. By understanding the starting out requirements, choosing equipment for your home gym is very simple.

A home gym can come in a variety of sizes and prices. What matters is their range in exercises. If there’s an area you’re explicitly targeting in your workouts, you can probably come across a machine that serves your right purposes.

Final Thoughts

XMARK Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks

With the increase in lifestyle diseases, keeping fit is no longer an option. Our bodies have changed and primarily because of the food we eat. Too many calories are accumulating in people’s bodies leading to life problems. It is for these reasons that you need to have a home gym machine with weight.