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11 Benefits of Pedal Exerciser in 2021

Cycling VS running? Oh,  which one should you pick? This question plagues most of us , especially newbies, when we are planning our workout routine. In this article, I’ll show you some of benefits of a pedal exerciser so that you can make a better informed decision.  


According to this research, regular moderate exercise can help prevent such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity among others. 

A pedal exerciser is an excellent fitness equipment that will help you stay fit and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Here is a roundup of the benefits you’ll get from using this fitness equipment. 

Benefits of Pedal Exerciser

  1. Portability
  2. Allows you to multitask 
  3. Variable resistance settings ensure you reach your fitness goals
  4. Easy to use
  5. Allows you to work out different muscle groups 
  6. Great for cardiovascular exercise 
  7. Helps in weight loss 
  8. Improves mood, energy and productivity 
  9. Affordable compared to other fitness equipment such as tread mills 
  10. Improves circulation 
  11. Keeps joints healthy

Now lets have a detailed look at each of this benefits of pedal exercisers. 

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1. Portability

When looking for any indoor exercise equipment, whether an exercise bike or treadmill, always go for equipment that is easy-to-move.  Most of the pedal exercisers can be folded and carried in your car’s trunk. 

This offers you a chance to work out at any location and point in time when you get a chance. There are even under the desk types that enable you to work out as you work.

 It is convenient for people with busy schedules and travelers moving from one location to another and would still like to stay fit.

2. Allows You to Multitask

Many people with sedentary jobs sit on their desks for long hours. The beauty of using a pedal exerciser is you can workout as you work. It is quiet and easy to pedal underneath your desk without distracting you or anyone else at the office.

Start with low resistance setting to get your legs used to the circular motion. With time, you will get accustomed to working out as you work. This not only helps you burn more calories but also helps stay alert and improves your concentration. 

Since you apply conscious effort to keep your legs at the pedals and pushing, you are less likely to fall asleep at your desk.  It is something that you can consider for your lazy afternoons when you do not feel like working.

3. Variable Resistance Setting Ensures that You Reach the Fitness Goals

Just like elliptical trainers, most of the pedal exerciser models have variable resistance settings. You can work out at the setting that you are comfortable with from low, medium or high resistance setting. 

If you are just getting started with exercising, I recommend that you start with a low resistance setting and gradually change as you get fit. This helps prevent injuries and sore muscles. 

However, if you are a seasoned exerciser, you may start at medium resistance. Overall, the exercise equipment has real benefits for any exerciser, whether starting or those who do regular exercises.

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4. Ease of Use

A pedal exerciser is quite easy to use, even for the elderly. It only requires a flat, stable, non-slippery surface to position the base. Then step on the pedals and start riding. There are models with pedal straps to help prevent the feet from slipping out during the cycling, especially for the elderly or people recovering from a leg injury.

Most people find the simplistic design convenient, as they do not need to make complex settings, especially when they only have a few minutes to do their exercise. The equipment also comes assembled and ready to use.

5. Allows you to work out different muscle groups 

The pedal exerciser is not only meant for the leg muscles. It can help you work out different muscles groups in the upper and lower body. The lower body muscles worked are similar to those worked out when using a traditional bike.

You can use your exerciser to workout glutes, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and flexors. If you purchase one that has a variable resistance feature, you can strengthen these muscles even better. If not, the regular peddling can help strengthen your legs, especially after an injury.

Its portable nature means that it can be used for hand workout as well. You need to have a stable countertop or a table. You can use your regular table by first spreading a rubber mat before placing the exerciser on top. Hand workouts help improve the shoulder muscles, triceps, biceps, and the forearms. Likewise, you can increase its resistance as you get fitter.

The pedal exerciser can give you good quality moderate intensity workout. Try to hit the 150 minutes workout mark each work to earn significant benefits to the upper and lower body.

6. Provides Awesome Cardiovascular Exercise

The mini exercise equipment provides a great aerobic exercise experience. While not as intense as a half an hour aerobics in a spin class, it still does a great job in keeping your heart rate up. High heart rate helps you breathe in lots of fresh air that is picked up and circulated all over your body by the fast-moving blood. This is important in improving general wellbeing and muscle functionality. Health experts recommend at least 120 minutes of moderate aerobics each week. You can achieve these with ease by pedaling for 30 minutes daily over five days.

7. Burning More Calories Helps in the Weight Loss

One of the benefits of a pedal exerciser is it comes with a calorie counter that helps you track how many calories you are burning.

You can use other apps and wearable technologies to track the calories you are losing. While pedaling and sweating out, you burn lots of calories, which helps lose weight.

However, cutting weight is a result of several initiatives that include a healthy diet and regular exercise. Take a broad approach to losing weight by evaluating your energy requirements, diet,and workout regime.

8. Improves Mood, Energy, and Productivity

One of the reasons why you should keep fit is the feel-good chemicals in our brains. This is why you feel better with regular exercise. You can use the pedal to keep recharging your brain to feel good either in the morning, as you sleep or during the day.

On the other hand, the pedal exerciser helps release a burst of energy, especially when you are work on a stressing project or feeling lazy and lacking energy. With the under the desk pedal, you can keep rejuvenating yourself every time you feel sloppy as energy levels go down.

9. Affordable Workout Equipment

Most of the stationary workout equipment such as l now indoor cycling bike are quite expensive and therefore way out of reach for many of the working class members.

However, the pedal exerciser is in the reach of many average households. If you plan to build your exercise studio, you may start with a pedal exerciser and buy other pieces gradually. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not start exercising with the most basic of the exercise equipment.

10. Improves Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is important for the general well being of the body and healthy cells in the body. Using a pedal exerciser increases the heart rate, which in turn helps in pushing the blood across the body. More blood increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the cell, thereby improving the cell function.

Good blood circulation also increases the amount of energy that reaches the cell and helps rid the cells of the waste material. It leads to nourished cells and the overall good health of the body.

11. Keeps Your Joints Healthy

For most people that lead a sedentary lifestyle, there is a high risk that they may develop arthritis and other joint problems. The problem is made worse by unhealthy, high salt, and uric acid diets. Another benefit of pedal exerciser is it strengthen your knee, ankle, and hip joints as well as reduce the risk of developing arthritis.

Types of Pedal Exercisers

pedal exerciser benefits

You have a wide choice of models from which you can pick the most appropriate.

  • Minimalist Designs

The minimalist pedal exercisers consist of levers and a pair of pedals for cycling. This type lacks gadgets to measure such exercise variables as distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burnt. Some models also lack the variable resistance feature.  The exercise equipment provides low to moderate exercise assistance. However, most of them are foldable and lightweight.

  • Digital Exercisers

This type comes with a digital display built into the equipment. You can use the display to measure different exercise variables, as explained above. Others come with an app to help you keep track of your exercise progress over a period.

  • Mini Exercisers

Mini exercisers are exercise equipment that has a low profile that includes the pedal, levers, and the body. Under the desk, exercisers are the most common types of mini exercisers. They may either be minimalist designs or come with digital displays.

  • Stationary Exercisers

Many stationary pedal exercisers look more or less like stationary bicycles only that they use pedals. There are designs with a seat or handles to use when riding. Most of the models have a digital display too.

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Pedal Exerciser Buying Guide

What to Look for when Buying A Pedal Exerciser

There are tens of different pedal models in the market today. The choice of the equipment buy should be based on various characteristics, as explained below.

  • Foldability and Ease of Assembly

If you need a pedal exerciser, which you can carry with you while on travel, consider one that can be folded with ease. It should be folded flat to fit in your travel bag. Alternatively, you can go with a piece of equipment that can be disassembled and reassembled with ease at the destination.

  • Minimalist Design vs. Digital Display

You may go for a minimalist design, which includes a pair of pedals and a variable resistance mechanism. It works well for under the desk exercises, rehabilitation after healing from leg injuries, and for the elderly.

However, if you would like to monitor our progress when exercising, consider one with a digital display. Many digital models allow you to measure your heart rate, amount of calories burned, pedaling speed, and time spent, among other variables. This information helps you set goals and accomplish them with greater accuracy.

  • Height of the Pedals

You should always measure the height of the pedals, depending on the most likely place of exercise. For example, if looking for a pedal exerciser for under the desk exercises, it should be low enough for you to work out without touching the base of your desk. In addition, check if the equipment has adjustable pedal straps to prevent slippage when pedaling.

  • Variable Resistance

The choice of pedal exercise equipment with or without variable resistance depends on your fitness goals. If you are buying the equipment for an elderly person or to help recover from an injury, you can go for one without variable resistance settings.

  • Bi-directional Cycling

When you are cycling, you put some stress onto your joints. With regular cycling, you exert the same stress on your joints. However, with bi-directional cycling motion, you can balance out the strain by riding both forward and backward.

  • Warranty

The length and terms of the warranty help you determine the quality of your exercise equipment. Go for brands with warranty periods of at least five years. The longer the length of the warranty, the less likely that your equipment will break down soon after purchase.

Noiseless Operation

If you would like to use a pedal exerciser in the office, look or one with a smooth, frictionless operation so that you do not disturb your colleagues.


There are numerous benefits of pedal exercisers. exercise peddlers are versatile, inexpensive equipment that you can use to achieve your fitness goals. The mini pedal exercisers in particular, allow you to work out at the office. Other models are foldable and portable, which makes it easy to carry them wherever you go. On the other hand, digital models enable you to measure different exercise variables and track your fitness goals.

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