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5 Best Smart Treadmill for Home Gym in 2021

What is a smart treadmill? in layman’s terms it’s a fitness equipment that features a folding frame, a cushioned belt, can be paired with your phone via Bluetooth and swipeable console. 

Some modern treadmills such as the Pro 2000 and NordicTrack C 990 offer access to fitness apps such as iFit, RunSocial and MyfitnessPal.

In this article we’ll review 7 treadmills that offer the above features and more. We’ll first list a treadmill’s feature then discuss what the team liked and some areas the manufacturer could improve on.

 Anyway, without further ado, here are our top three picks and we hope you’ll find a treadmill that meets your exercise needs here.

Product Name
Best Budget
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding…
Best Premium
ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding...
ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill
• 2-in-1 design • Cushioned running deck • Non-slip surface • Bluetooth speaker
• 7-inch display • 24 workout programs • iFit ready (family membership) • EasyLift Assist • ProShox Cushioning
• 7-inch interactive HD touchscreen • iFit enabled • 32 workout programs • Self-cooling drive
Weight Capacity
265 lbs
350 lbs
300 lbs
Best Budget
Product Name
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding…
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding...
• 2-in-1 design • Cushioned running deck • Non-slip surface • Bluetooth speaker
Weight Capacity
265 lbs
Best Premium
Product Name
ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill
ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill
• 7-inch display • 24 workout programs • iFit ready (family membership) • EasyLift Assist • ProShox Cushioning
Weight Capacity
350 lbs
Product Name
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill
• 7-inch interactive HD touchscreen • iFit enabled • 32 workout programs • Self-cooling drive
Weight Capacity
300 lbs

5 Top Rated Smart Treadmill in 2021


+ 2-in-1 design

+ Cushioned running deck

+ Non-slip surface

+ Bluetooth speaker

+ Phone holder

+ Remote control

+ Safety key


+ Unfolded Size: 49 x 27 x 42 inches

+ Folded size: 52 x 27 x 5 inches

+ Running deck: 40 x 16

+ Motor: 2.25 HP

+ Speed: 1 – 8 mph

+ Weight: 69.5 lbs

+ User capacity: 265 lbs

The GoPlus 2 – 1 treadmill is a unique treadmill that fits in different treadmill categories. In our article treadmills that fit under couch for easy storage, we reviewed this modern treadmill because you can literally slide it under your couch for easy storage.

We believe it also fits this category of smart treadmills because of its 2-in-1 design and modern features.  Here is what to expect from this treadmill

Frame: There are three things we love about the frame of this GoPlus smart treadmill. One, it’s a nice size. When unfolded, it measures 49 (length) by 27 (width) by 42 (height) inches. 

At this size, it can fit perfectly in your living room or bedroom without having to move a lot of stuff. Two, the frame can be used in one of two ways.

 With the handrail up as a normal treadmill and two with the handrail down/folded as a walking pad (walking treadmill) under the desk. Both modes offer different speeds.

Three, the frame is lightweight with built-in wheels for easy portability. You can move the treadmill from room to room without any help. Also, the frame is available in various colors (Blue, Red, Black, Green, White and Champagne) so it can blend in with your home décor.

Once you are done, fold the frame and store this smart treadmill under bed or couch. Totally out of view. How awesome is that?

Running deck: One reason why traditional treadmills often end up as hanging racks is their lack of cushioning. Most modern treadmills such as the GoPlus smart folding treadmill come with enough cushioning that protects joints and minimizes fatigue.

The GoPlus 2-in-1 tread is large enough to accommodate most users. It’s made up of 5 layers which include a shock absorption layer, a sound insulation layer, and a wear resistant layer. You can walk, jog, and run on the treadmill without worrying about injury.

Motor: How much Horse Power do you need? A treadmill with under 2.0 CHP is ideal for walking exercises only and between 2.0 – 2.5 CHP is ideal for walking and jogging exercises. 

This smart treadmill comes with a 2.25 HP motor making it perfect for walking and jogging exercises. For speeds, the motor allows for speeds from 1 – 8 mph. however, because the CHP is low, it’ll be hard for it to sustain 8mph speeds for long periods. Bummer, we know.

So if you want a treadmill that can handle tougher exercising, check out the Pro 2000 treadmill below.

Console: For the console you get a basic console at the front of the running deck. It allows you to keep track on calorie burn, time, distance and speed.

 The console is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to change the speed using a remote control.

What we like

  • This smart treadmill comes with a phone holder so you can watch or listen to music as you workout
  • Affordable compared to most treadmills
  • 2-in-1 design allows you to use it under the desk at your office
  • Quiet operation ensures you don’t disturb your colleague

What we didn’t like

2. Proform Smart Pro 2000 Treadmill

proform pro 2000


+ 7-inch display

+ 24 workout programs

+ iFit ready (family membership)

+ EasyLift Assist

+ ProShox Cushioning

+ CoolAire fan

+  Bluetooth speakers


+ Size: 71.4 x 39.15 x 79 inches

+ Running deck: 60 x 22 inches

+ Motor: 3.5 HP

+ Speeds: 1 – 12 mph

+ Incline: 0 – 15%

+ Decline: -3 – 0%

+ Weight: 230 lbs

+User capacity: 350 lbs

+ Warranty: Frame lifetime, parts 5 years, labor 1  year

The Proform Smart Pro 2000 treadmill is the Santa of treadmills. It’s the gift that keeps giving. If you are a serious runner looking for a smart treadmill, you can’t go wrong with this Proform model. 

It’s part of the Proform Pro Series, a series designed specifically for intermediate and pro runners.

This treadmill comes with a larger frame compared to the GoPlus treadmill. This means you have to leave more space for it, plus another 4 feet for easy on and off the treadmill.

 The frame is made of commercial grade steel, pretty heavy, for durability and user stability. You can run from Washington to Florida and the treadmill will hold its own.

Now, if you like the frame, you’ll definitely love the belt. Measuring 60 by 22 inches, this tread can accommodate individuals of all heights. So if you are a tall person, this is the perfect treadmill.

The belt feature Proform’s ProShox cushioning that ensures all workouts are silent and comfortable. For the motor, this Proform smart treadmill comes with a 3.5 HP motor.

Earlier we discussed about Continuous Duty Horsepower. A motor’s CHP rating determines the type of exercises you can perform on the treadmill. Now, the Proform smart Pro 2000 treadmill comes with a 3.5 CHP motor.

What this means for you is, you can do any type of exercise on this treadmill without the motor overheating or chocking. If you want to do high intensity training or sprint on this treadmill, you won’t get disappointed.

 The motor works with the 2.5 inch precision rollers to ensure the belt runs continuously and smoothly for long periods.

A 7-inch console is another feature users enjoy when using this treadmill. This console is full color, LCD display. You can use it to track time, speed, distance calorie burn and more importantly, heart rate.

For heart rate monitoring, this treadmill comes with built-in pulse sensors on the handrail and a Polar Wireless chest strap for hands-free exercising.

Also, from the console you can select a workout program from the 24 preset programs and access iFit. Yes, this modern treadmill is iFit enabled and comes with a 1 year iFit family membership subscription allowing up to 4 users to share the treadmill.

And the Pro 2000 treadmill is the gift that keeps giving. It’s integrated with incline and decline function (-3 – 15%) which you can use to add intensity to your routine.

Lastly, if you enjoy exercising with music playing in the background, this treadmill comes with 2 built-in speakers and an audio port for your iPod.

What we like

  • This treadmill with decline has a strong manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with a CoolAire fan to bring the temperatures down as you workout                       
  • Has a higher weight capacity compared to most modern treadmills 
  • This Proform smart treadmill is foldable to save space (EasyLift Assist mechanism)

What we didn’t like

  • You need to pay for iFit subscription after the trial period. But you can still use the treadmill without iFit

3. NordicTrack C 990 Smart Treadmill


+ 7-inch interactive HD touchscreen

+ iFit enabled

+ 32 workout programs

+ Self-cooling drive

+ Accessory trays

+ Workout fan                  

+ Sound system


+ Size: 79.5 x 35.5 x 60.3 inches

+ Running deck: 60 x 20 inches

+ Motor: 3 HP

+ Speed: 0.5 – 12 mph

+ Incline: 0 – 15%

+Weight: 215 pounds

+ User capacity: 300 lbs

+ Warranty: Frame lifetime, parts 3 years, labor 1 year

The NordicTrack C 990 is the only treadmill on this list that can hold a candle to the Proform Pro 2000 smart treadmill.

This smart treadmill with iFit has similar features to the Proform model with very few differences. Here brief highlight of some of its key features

Frame: Boasting of a heavy duty frame, the C 990 can handle whatever you throw its way. It coated with scratch resistant paint to keep it looking as good as new even after years of use. 

This frame is integrated with the EasyLift Assist technology which enables you to fold the frame easily. When folded, you can stow it in an upright position to keep it out of the way.

Deck: This smart treadmill comes with a slightly smaller tread compared to the Pro 2000. Its tread is also well-cushioned for user comfort.

Motor: This NordicTrack smart treadmill comes with a 3.0 CHP motor. as we discussed earlier, a treadmill with a 3.0 CHP and above can handle all type of exercising.

You can walk, jog, run, sprint and hiit train on this treadmill. another difference between the C 990 and the Pro 2000 model is the precision wheels. 

The tread on this treadmill runs on 1.9-inch precision wheels but they work as smoothly as the 2.5-inch precision rollers.

Workout programs: Another feature the C 990 modern treadmill excels at is workout programs. it offers more than the Proform Pro 2000 treadmill. 

It comes with 32 preset programs plus it’s iFit enabled allowing you access to numerous workout videos, Google Maps for customized training and world class trainers. You can pick and change a program via its 7-inch console.

Console: The wider the console, the easier and more enjoyable your workout experience. This treadmill comes with a 7-inch HD console. 

This means OneTouch controls and stunning visuals. You can keep tabs on your workout stats and control the incline level via the console.

Incline: Another key difference between this model and the Proform model is this treadmill offers incline function only. No decline feature. If you want to sweat more and burn more calories, make use of this treadmill with auto incline

Additional features: This NordicTrack smart treadmill also features an autobreeze fan for cooling and a built-in sound system that is compatible with iPod.

What we like

  • Comes with a strong warranty just like the Pro 2000
  • Integrated with EasyLift Assist for easy folding
  • Features an adjustable tablet holder for your phone or tablet
  • Shock absorbing feature minimizes impact on joints and back

What we didn’t like

  • Does not come with a chest strap like the Pro 2000
  • Not iFit subscription

4. WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill

walkingpad r1 pro


+ LED console

+  Aluminum alloy frame

+  KS fit app compatibility

+  Remote control

+  180 degrees folding

+  Space saving design

+  Safety clip

+ Transport wheels


+  Size: 59 x 28.3 x 6.1 inches

+  Speed: 0.5 – 6.5 mph

+  Weight: 72.7 lbs

+ User capacity: 242 lbs

Treadmill designs are evolving every day. The newest design is the walking pad, a treadmill that literally folds in two. For this article we look at the Walking Pad R1 Pro treadmill.

The Walkingpad R1 Pro is an upgrade of the WalkingPad A1. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, a material that is durable and stable.

This frame is slightly smaller than what traditional treadmills offer. measuring 59 by 28.3, the treadmill will fit right under your desk or living room.

For the belt, users enjoy a large, EVA cushioned belt that is comfortable and slip resistant. Another upgraded feature is the motor. the previous model came with a motor that heated up fast.

This smart under desk treadmill comes with a brushless motor that enables you to exercise quietly and for longer. This motor allows speeds of up to 6.5 mph.

Now, the speeds can be controlled in three different ways. One, this treadmill comes with a remote control which you pair with the treadmill via Bluetooth. Two, you can control the speeds manually and three by your pace, the faster your pace the higher the speeds and vice versa.

At the front of the treadmill, you will find its built-in LED console. You can use it to monitor time, distance covered, and calorie burn.

The R1 Pro treadmill also comes with a foldable handrail that you can hold on to for balance. At the front of the handle you’ll find a safety clip for when you need to stop the treadmill fast.

Once you are done with your routine, just fold the treadmill and keep it away. The WalkingPad R1 Pro folds in half, which saves more space than when storing a traditional treadmill. you can use the handrail as a handle and the built-in transport wheels make it easy to port around.

What we like

  • Treadmill folds in half for easy storage and portability
  • The frame is light and ultra-thin for storage under bed or couch
  • Comes with a quiet brushless motor allowing you to exercising without causing disturbance
  • Ideal for office use         

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for intense exercising
  • Does not come with features such heart rate monitoring and incline

5. Rhythm Fun Treadmill

rhythm fun treadmill


+  LED display

+  Phone holder

+  Space saving design

+  Bluetooth speaker

+  Shock absorption function


+  Size: 61 x 30 x 43 inches

+  Running belt: 50 x 18 inches

+  Motor: 2.0 CHP

+  Speed: 0.5 -7.5 mph

+ Weight: 97 pounds

+  User capacity: 220 lbs

+  Warranty: Frame 10 years, motor 2 years, parts 1 year

Another smart treadmill we like is the Rhythm Fun folding treadmill. it’s somewhat similar to the GoPlus 2-in-1 treadmill with a few key differences. Here is what this treadmill has to offer

2-in-1 design: Just like the GoPlus model above, the Rhythm Fun treadmill comes with a steel frame. It’s made of steel to ensure durability and user stability. 

This fitness treadmill can be used in two ways. One, with the handrail up for running exercise offering speeds ranging from 3.7 – 7.5 mph and with the handrail folded/down with speeds from 0.6 to 3.7 mph. 

When folded; you can use this smart treadmill under your desk and workout as you work. Multitasking!

Running deck: We were pleasantly surprised by the Rhythm Fun treadmill’s deck. It’s fairly large for a treadmill its size. It measures 50 by 18 inches making it perfect for most people.

The belt is made up of 7 layers of elastic and sturdy material. it includes a shock absorption layer, a sound insulation layer, and a diamond anti-skid layer to keep you from slipping.

Motor: This smart treadmill motor has a peak horsepower of 2.0. The motor works smoothly without overheating. However, there is a drawback; this motor is not made for heavy exercising. So, before you hit the buy button, determine if it’ll meet your exercising needs.

Console: its LED display is quite small. This basic monitor is design to help you keep tabs with the basics; time, speed, distance, calorie burn. The console is also Bluetooth enabled so you can connect it to your phone and track your stats comfortably.

Fold-ability: When you are done for the day, fold the treadmill and store it in an upright position or under your couch or bed. It saves more space than traditional treadmills.

What we like

  • Comes with a strong warranty compared to other treadmills in its price range
  • Has a safety key to ensure user safety while exercising
  • Can be operated via remote for hands free exercising

What we didn’t like        

  • No heart rate monitoring
  • Not ideal for intense exercising

6. SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill SLFTRD25

serenelife SLFTRD25


+  16 workout programs

+  3 incline settings

+ FitShow app compatible

+  Wide running belt

+  Quick control feature

+  Soft Drop System

+  Built-in speaker


+  Unfolded Size: 54.73 x 26.78 x 49.61 inches

+  Folded size: 25.6 x 26.7 x 52.3 inches

+ Running deck: 43.3 x 15.7 inches

+  Motor: 1.5 HP

+  Speed: 0.6 – 7.5 mph

+  Weight: 74.96 pounds

+  User capacity: 220 lbs

SereneLife designs and manufactures some of the best smart treadmills for home gym.

If you are looking for a budget treadmill for walking, you won’t go wrong with the SLFTRD25.

Made for light exercise, this SereneLife treadmill features a lightweight frame. It weighs about 75 pounds and comes preassembled. Don’t worry. Assembling this treadmill is easy, plus the manufacturer has included instruction to guide you.

Also, this smart motorized treadmill’s frame is foldable for easy storage which is a plus for anyone with limited floor space.

Its tread measures 43 by 15 inches which is smaller than what most treadmills on this list offer.

 Also, because of the 1.5 HP motor and the size of the deck, we recommend you use this treadmill for walking and light jogging exercises.

The tread is too small for sprinting exercises and also the motor would overheat, reducing its lifespan.

The console is also simple. No bells and whistles here. It’s large enough for easy reading. You can keep track on your basics plus monitor your heart rate. For heart rate monitoring, its handrails come with built-in pulse sensors, so you have to hold onto the handrails when exercising.

Another feature you’ll enjoy is its preset programs. this smart treadmill features 16 onboard programs. 

A preset training mode selects and changes the treadmill’s speed and incline per your exercise needs. Basically, it eliminates guessing and helps you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Lastly, this treadmill comes with incline function. It offers 3 manual incline positions for intensified workouts. If you are on a budget, this SereneLife treadmill is a worthy pick.

What we like

  • Has audio speakers for entertainment while working out
  • Speed controls on the handrail for easy reaching
  • Compact size and folding frame makes it the perfect smart treadmill for apartment
  • Compatible with the FitShow app so you can track your workout data and participate in competitions
  • Integrated with Soft Drop System for easy unfolding

What we didn’t like

  • Motor cannot handle intense exercising
  • Small tread/belt

7. RedLiro Under Desk Smart Treadmill

redliro treadmill


+  2 – 1 design

+  Quiet motor

+  Shock absorbing tread

+  LED display

+  Phone holder


+  Unfolded Size: 51.9 x 24.8 x 42.1 inches

+  Folded size: 5.5 x 24.8 x 53.7 inches

+ Running deck: 41 x 14 in

+  Motor: 2.2 HP

+  Speeds: 0.5 – 7.5 mph

+  Weight: 57 lbs

+  User capacity: 220 lbs

Boasting of a sturdy, shock absorbing belt, the RedLiro under desk smart treadmill is the perfect treadmill for office or apartment use. It’s the lightest treadmill on this list and the easiest to move around.

Its frame is made of steel and features a foldable design for easy use under desk and storage under couch or bed or in an upright position.

Now, because this is a budget treadmill its features are pretty basic. But, they are sufficient for walking exercises and workout data tracking.

Compared to other treadmills on this list, the RedLiro folding treadmill has the smallest tread. But, though it’s small, it’s well layered for shock absorption and quiet exercising. You can work out while your baby sleeps or in your office without causing disturbance.

Just like the Walking Pad R1 Pro, you’ll find this treadmill’s LED console at the front of the treadmill. you can use it to check calories burned, distance covered, and speed.

Speaking of speed, you can use this modern treadmill in 2 modes. With its handrail up, you can use it for light running exercises with speeds from 4 – 7.5 mph and with the handle folded you get speeds between 0.5 – 4 mph.

Last but not least, the RedLiro treadmill supports up to 220 lbs, making it perfect for light weight users.

What we like                             

  • Ideal for senior citizens
  • Folding frame and transport wheels make portability easy
  • Ships fully assembled. Take it out of the box and you are good to go

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for tall users

Benefits of smart treadmill

Why should I choose a modern treadmill vs traditional treadmill? here are some benefits of choosing a modern treadmill


Traditional treadmills standout and not in a good way. They are overly huge and well, the colors just don’t do justice to any room. 

Modern treadmills or smart treadmill mostly come in black and some brands offer treadmills in different colors, giving you the option to pick a color that suits your décor.

Also, smart treadmills come with Onetouch controls either on the console or build-in in the handles for easy treadmill controlling. For 2-in-1 treadmills such as the Walking Pad R1 Pro you can control the speeds using a remote control.


Now, this is another plus for smart treadmills. Most new treadmill models feature foldable frames which make them perfect for apartment or office use.

Some options such as the GoPlus model fold completely flat and can fit under a couch or bed. So, if you are working with limited space, a smart treadmill will fit your home/office perfectly.


A smart treadmill helps you work out smart. Basically, most smart treadmills such as the Pro 2000 offer preset workout programs.

For example, if you want to burn 500 calories on your treadmill, a guided workout will help you burn as much. 

The program will automatically change the treadmill’s speed and incline level, if the treadmill has this function. This ensures there is no guess work, making your work easier.

Also, some treadmill are compatible with fitness programs such as iFit and RunSocial that allow you to customize your trainings, run on famous trails from the comfort of your home, and access to online fitness classes led by renowned fitness coaches. What more could you ask for?


Another reason why this type of treadmill is a good pick is ­portability. The treadmills on this list are foldable and have built-in transport wheels. These two unique features make it transportation easy.


Lastly, smart treadmills are affordable compared to traditional treadmills. Most traditional treadmills are costly. For example, a good self-propelled treadmill could cost upwards of $2000 and heaven forbid a part has an issue. 

Manufacturers take long to respond and replace broken parts. Most smart treadmills cost below $1000 and are well built.

Final Thought

Is a smart treadmill the right treadmill for you? If you want a treadmill that you can pair with your phone, have access to the best fitness apps, and save space, then this type of treadmill is the right pick. The 7 treadmills above offer all the above.

Plus, they are quite affordable and durable. if you want a treadmill that can handle intense workouts, the Proform Pro 2000 and NordicTrack C 990 can handle tough workouts. 

For light running, jogging or walking, you can choose from the rest of the options above. Any of these treadmills is a worthy pick.

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