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7 Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack for Your Gym in 2023

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In the last couple of years, more people have taken up bodybuilding than ever before. People want to keep fit and live longer, and a good weight bench with squat rack is the perfect home gym equipment to help you bulk up.

Our Top Bench and Squat Rack Combo in a Quick Overview:

Below, we review 7 heavy-duty steel squat racks that are ideal for strength training and body building. For those seeking a quick glance at our top picks, this is for you:

1. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench

2. Marcy Weight Bench MD-879

3. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Bench

Want a quick glance at our top pick? We recommend the Marcy Olympic bench with leg developer. This strength training rack has a preacher curl pad and high load capacity. It is height-adjustable and compact for easy storage. Looking for another Marcy weight bench or something more affordable? Check out the rest of our top picks or scroll through the reviewed products below.


Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack

1. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout

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The Marcy Olympic weight bench is my number one choice and the beast I use in my home gym. Aka MD-857, the Marcy Olympic has been my companion in my 3-year journey to a more shredded physique.

Here’s what you can do with this beast:


You don’t have to be a pro to use the MD-857. I particularly like the two bar catches found on the rear of the frame, offering you the freedom to do squats.

Best Features
Size 80″ x 60″ x 47.5″ (L x H x W); with these dimensions, you can fit the MD-857 without much difficulty in most spaces
Durable Built with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and upholstered bench padding constructed from high-density foam
Versatile Lets you use it for multiple workouts focused on the legs, chest, arms, and abs
Adjustable bar catch The bar catch is adjustable to various sizes to allow easy and safe access to your weights
High-density foam Reduces fatigue and aids your balance as you flex those muscle
Dual function leg developer Comes with a pivot point and locking mechanism to facilitate abdominal exercises
Warranty The machine comes with a 2-year limited warranty on parts

This strength training rack is simple to use and does not require a lot of space. If you’re interested in starting a home gym, this should be among the first few pieces you should invest in.


  • Sturdy construction; thus, stable and safe to use
  • High max weight capacity (600 pounds – user’s body weight + weights)
  • Low price for the quality and range you receive


  • It doesn’t have a vertical and declined back support
  • Takes an hour or two to assemble

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2. Marcy Weight Bench MD-879

Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Squat Rack

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Want to get that ripped core? Well, Marcy has got yet another beauty/beast for you. This is the two-piece Marcy Olympic weight bench MD-879, which just might be your perfect long-term solution for the extra burn that you want.


The unique two-piece bench layout allows you to utilize both the weight bench and squat rack exercises. Some of the outstanding features of this equipment are as follows:

Best Features
Two-piece configuration You can utilize the upright bar support for squats. With the bench, you can perform standalone exercises for your lower legs, abdominals, and biceps.
Adjustable and versatile The bench’s back pad can be inclined, declined, and flattened so you can change up your chest press exercises. It also has foam roller pads to support you as you do your leg workouts. The barbell crutches, curl pads, and the squat rack are height-adjustable for your comfort and ease of use.
Uniquely designed The weight bench is not fully attached to the rest of the rack – allowing you to work either with the squat rack or the weight bench.
Offers variety The variety of adjustments helps you target different muscles, whether you’re using it as an inclined bench press to build more upper chest muscles or as leg developer for your leg curls or quads workouts.
Durable the Marcy MD-879 is produced to be a tough lad. The bench is made with 14-gauge tubular steel frame, powder-coated to resist corrosion.


  • Adjustable in so many ways
  • Has high weight limit: 600 lbs


  • Assembly takes some time

3. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Bench

Gold's Gym XRS 20 Bench

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Another strength training rack our testers loved is the Gold’s Gym  XRS 20 olympic bench. It has a detachable squat center and multi-position bench. It can be inclined, declined, or placed on a flat surface. The XRS power catch is incorporated with strong uprights to enhance your squat workouts.


Best Features
Material Made of alloy steel; seats are vinyl
Weight limit 600 pounds (300 lbs for user weight; 300 lbs for weight)
Leg developer Equipped with 6 rollers to work your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and hip flexors
Removable Curl Yoke Curl yoke that you can attach for your upper body exercises and detach when you switch to the leg developer


  • Preacher curl pad included
  • This strength training rack has a comfortable, durable, and adjustable bench
  • Little to no maintenance required


  • Bench has a single decline

4. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Rack

Body Champ Workout Equipment for Home Workouts

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From the name, you get a rough idea about what it is. The Body Champ Olympic weight bench is built for serious workouts. It contains a massive load capacity that any serious lifter will appreciate.

Below are some of the features you will find in the Body Champ Olympic weight bench.

Best Features
Materials Made of a heavy-duty 2.5-inch metallic square tubing for durability and high-density padding for comfort
Adjustable back rest There are 7 points to adjust the back rest, ensuring comfort and optimum customization
Full accessories included The set includes accessories, like the arm curling bar, preacher curl pad, plate adapter, and many more
Safety & stability features The front leg is U-shaped on the base for extra stability. The machine is rated at 600 pounds (300 lbs user weight; 300 lbs weight set)
Compatibility The strength training rack works with 7′ and 8′ Olympic weight sets


  • The oversized foam pads on the leg developer make working out more comfortable
  • The safety hooks on the weight rack make picking the weights easier and gripping the bar better
  • You get both high-quality functions (bench press and squat rack) without compromising either


  • The bench can be too short for a 6-foot user, so ‘Olympic’ can be a bit misleading

5. Body Champ Olympic Bench BCB3780

Body Champ Weight Bench with Leg Extension Attachment

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The BCB3780 is an improved version of the previous model and designed for different body-building needs, including chest presses, leg curls, and leg lifts. This  rack will bring out the best in you with its combination weight bench and squat rack.

Best Features
Weight limit 300 lbs of weight stacks; 300 lbs user body weight
Material Heavy-duty alloy steel; faux leather
Adjustability & versatility This weight bench has an adjustable backrest to let you vary your workout routines. You can do chest presses and various exercises with its dual-action leg developer.
Safety The rack’s single-piece construction, no-pinch grip, and a locking safety hook provide optimal and safe workouts.


  • Clear instructions to assemble
  • Includes preacher curl pad


  • Not ideal for people taller than 6′

6. Body Champ Launch Bench

Body Champ Launch Bench Set with 2-Piece Power Rack

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The Body Champ Launch bench is the newest from this brand and comes with a more compelling approach to its users than its siblings listed here. This weight bench is ideal for home workouts, providing you with a complete package.

Best Features
Variety of workout options On the bench, it is easy to target the arms, chest, and abs by utilizing the pull-up bar and adding an Olympic weight set. You can do sit-ups, strength-building, HIIT, cardio
Adjustable Features 12-way adjustable seat, peg hook catches, and customizable bench
Safety No-pinch grip, safety catches, and built-in floor anchors
Weight limit 300 lbs user’s weight
Portable Has a level for easy lifting and two wheels for moving it around


  • Ideal for strength training for any fitness level
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space
  • Fits 6′ and 7′ weight bars


  • The painted bar pegs flakes off with frequent use
  • High price tag
  • Max rating for weights is not stated

7. Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench

Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench – Easy Storage

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Lastly, we have the Marcy Folding Standard bench or the MWB-20100.

It’s small, but this weight bench does it all, from full-body workouts to specific muscle targeting. With high-density upholstery, the MWB-20100 provides the comfort you need.

Best Features
Materials Alloy steel
Weight limit 600 lbs
Adjustable The padded bench inclines, declines, and rests flat to accommodate variations in your workout
Easy to use Mechanism is simple to use. It folds easy and very portable
Full-body exercise Lets you work out your arms, core and back, and legs
Warranty The rack has a 2-year limited warranty on parts


  • Ideal for different fitness levels
  • Foldable and compact
  • Heavy-duty steel alloy frames
  • Detachable and adjustable arm preachers


  • Not recommended for people above 6 feet
  • The rack is too tall

Things to Consider When Choosing a Weight Bench with Squat Rack

1. Space

Space is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a weight bench and a squat rack. Check the assembled dimensions and make sure your space can accommodate not only the machine but your movements and other equipment you’ll be using as well. The squat rack may have some accessories, a step platform, core plate, and a other attachments. 

Consider your access to the equipment and the space you need to do your warm-ups.

2. Assembling

Pick a weight bench and squat rack that take little time and effort to assemble and fold or store. If you plan on folding or transporting the equipment, then it’s important to check for wheels, foldable feature, and find out if you can carry it comfortably or if it fits in your car trunk or closet.

3. Suitability to your needs

Can you adjust it to fit your needs? Check for incline, decline, and other adjustments. What is its maximum weight capacity? See if it can handle your weight and the weights you use in your body-building workouts. It’s not only your weight; you also need to know if users as tall as you find it comfortable using the bench.

4. Potential Upgrades

See if the equipment you choose can be upgraded. Buying an upgradable weight bench and squat rack will be to your advantage.

Check the quality of the stand – is it capable of handling more weight? This is crucial because as you progress in your weightlifting journey, you’ll be using heavier weights. Unless you plan on buying another similar equipment again, you’ll want something that can ‘grow’ with you when the time comes.

6. Budget

In anything that you buy, the bottom line is always how much you can comfortably pay. That doesn’t mean that you should get the cheapest weight bench with squat rack that you can lay your hands on regardless of quality. Instead, you should find the set that gets you the best value for your money.

7. Safety

Accidents and injuries can be costly, which means that you need to consider your safety. A weight bench must be stable and comfortable to use. There should be no shaking or anything that causes discomfort. Anything that surprises or irritates you can potentially cause an accident.

For a squat rack, pick safety bars fitted with plastic inserts on top, J-Hooks, and similar safety accessories.

8. Durability

The weight bench and squat rack should be made of heavy-duty steel or its alloys and must indicate the designed weight. The cushion or padding must be firm, capable of supporting the user’s weight and providing comfort.

9. Warranty

Don’t settle for something that does not come with a warranty of at least 1 year. That’s the bare minimum. A long warranty speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Of course, you’ll need to vet the manufacturer first – make sure it’s a reputable name or brand. It’s foolish to place your money on something that carries a 10-year warranty from a fly-by-night manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

The choices you get when you search for items to buy can be very overwhelming. Manufacturers are unceasingly churning fitness machines, but unfortunately, not all of these are reliable and worth your money or time. So you should always proceed with caution especially since these products don’t come cheap.

Inspect each product carefully, read reviews, vet the manufacturers, check the specs and compare these with your needs and situation, weigh the pros and cons, and make sure your goals are clear in your mind.

This article has explored the 7 best weight bench with squat rack, and I hope it will come in handy in helping you choose one.

Get the right fitness machine for you and exercise your way to good health!