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7 Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack for Your Gym in 2021

In the last couple of years, more people have taken up bodybuilding compared to years before. People want to keep fit and live longer. A good weight bench with squat rack is the perfect home gym equipment that will help you bulk up from the comfort of your home.

Below we review heavy duty steel squat racks that are ideal for strength training. In a rush? We recommend our top pick, the Marcy Olympic bench with leg developer. This strength training rack is height adjustable, has a preacher curl pad,  has a high load capacity and is compact for easy storage. Also, here are our top three racks.

Best 7 Weight Bench with Squat Rack

For 3 years, the Marcy Olympic weight bench has been and is still my number one choice. It’s the beast I use in my home gym. The March Olympic, also known as the MD-857, has been my companion in my journey to a more shredded physique.

This strength training rack is simple to use. Also it does not require large amounts of space. If you are interested in starting a home gym, this should probably be your first choice.

You don’t have to be a pro to use the MD-857, and as long as you work smart, the Marcy Olympic weight bench will do you justice to square success. The MD-857 utilizes every part of your pectoral workout with the aid of four back pad positions.

The one thing I love most about the Marcy Olympic is the inclusion of two bar catches. They are found on the rear of the frame and offer you the freedom to do squats.

Pretty impressive, right? It is an activity that many find less helpful or don’t have the necessary equipment to conduct. The Marcy Olympic weight bench offers you one just for you.

These are some of the outstanding features and benefits that explain why the March Olympic weight bench is the ultimate game-changer.

1.Size; The size of this equipment is one of the features that make it outstanding. That’s because this strength training rack is well designed for a considerable size. Boasting a width of 80 inches by 60 inches by 47.5 inches in height and length, respectively, MD-857 can be fitted in any room without difficulty.

2.Durability; when I was purchasing mine, this was one feature I looked into because I wanted the best. It is built tough to sustain all challenges against it. With a heavy duty steel frame, upholstery-boxed padding with high-density foam gives a comfortable rest on the bench. It is well furnished with a long-lasting powder coat.

Combining all these factors does the trick to a very durable, long-lasting Marcy Olympic weight bench.

3.Versatile and adjustable; Something that serves more purposes is ideal. Whether it’s from the 80s or the 2000s, the extra touch of a product always sums up the manufacturer’s pure intentions.  The Marcy Olympic weight benches have a versatile, unique craft. The bench contains four back pad positions that help you cover and develop all your chest muscles.

These include an incline, decline, flat and upright bench positions. The bench positions aid your body in the bench press workouts, and maximize your time for exercise.

The Marcy Olympic Weight bench also has an adjustable Bar catch. Due to the various positions of the MD-857 bench, the bar catch is adjustable to various sizes to allow easy and safe access to your weights.

This ensures proper smooth work out without any pressure. The MD-857 certainly has looked out for you trying to figure out any problem you might encounter.

With this considered, it has brought with it a High-Density Foam. It is set to reduce imbalance and fatigue while you are bust flexing those muscles.

This strength training equipment also comes with a dual function leg developer. Also, it comes with a pivot point and locking mechanism that lets you perform an abdominal exercise while you are on the bench.

Another unique thing about the MD-857 is that it comes with a set of instructions. They are clear, and they help you assemble your rack, and you will soon stand a chance with this fitting rack.

4. Warranty; The Marcy Olympic Weight bench gifts you a two-year limited warranty on parts. Sounds limited, but the warrant comes just if someone feels the need for a slight change in what they expected.

But apart from that, the warranty is an insurance policy in case something does not add up. But against the odds, this strength training rack is the real deal.

Look out for it and share your experience with others or ask you about the experience. Your body will be in the best form, thus boosting your self-esteem.

Think of a gym equipment; think of the March Olympic Weight bench.


  • This strength training rack safe to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low price for the quality and range you receive


  • It doesn’t have a vertical and declined back support
  • For beginners, it might take an hour or two to assemble

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Here is what you can do with this Beast 

2. Marcy Weight Bench MD-879

Marcy weight bench

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Want to get that ripped core? Well, Marcy has got yet another beauty/beast for you. This is the Marcy Two-piece Olympic Weight bench with a leg developer and a squat rack, or should I say, the Marcy MD-879. The MD-879 will look to be your perfect long term solution to get that extra burn.

The unique two-piece bench layout allows you to utilize both the weight bench and squat rack exercises. Some of the outstanding features of this squat rack and weight bench are as follows.

1.Its Two-piece bench configuration; the bench allows you to utilize the upright bar support for squats. The bench secluded; you can perform stand-alone utility for lower leg, abdominal, and bicep exercises.

The bench also provides a full back pad for incline, decline, and flat chest press exercises. The MD-879 also comes with contoured foam roller pads that consent you in getting a total leg workout.

2. Adjustability; the MD-879 comes with adjustable barbell clutches that allow you to change the bar’s height. This makes life easy for you when you are either doing squat racks or weight benches.

The back lad is also adjustable to decline, flat, and incline angles to enhance your workouts. Also, the squat rack is height adjustable for your comfort.

The MD-879 is uniquely designed. The weight bench is not fully attached to the rest of the rack. This will improve your performance capabilities as you can work either with the squat rack alone or the weight bench alone.

Do you want to work on your biceps? Well, preacher curls on the preacher curl pad have you sorted out. This advanced method takes a better shot at increasing your biceps than a regular curl.

With a variety of bench adjustments, the Marcy MD-879 also offers an inclined bench press. The different angles of adjustments target different muscles. The incline press is adjusted to aid in building more muscles of your upper chest.

3. Leg developer; not like many gym designed racks, but with the MD-879, you get that extra care of your investment. This strength training rack comes with a leg extension with a leg developer. You can opt to do leg curls with the leg extension, or you can work out on your quadriceps. The benefits of Marcy MD-879 are, it gives you a variety of options to satisfy your muscle workouts.

4. Durability; the Marcy MD-879 is produced to be a tough lad. The bench is made with a powder-coated 14 gauge tubular steel frame. This specific gauge makes the steel frame harmless for water and rust complications.


  • Adjustable weight bench
  • It’s not mandatory to use both the weight bench and squat rack


  • It takes a lot of time to assemble

3. Gold’s Gym Xrs 20 Bench

gold's gym xrs 20

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Another strength training rack our testers loved is the Gold’s Gym  Xrs 20 olympic bench. It has a detachable squat center and multi-position bench. It can be inclined, declined, or placed on a flat surface. Besides, it improves the abs, bicep, and leg workouts more often. The XRS power catch is incorporated with strong uprights to enhance your squat workouts.

1. Detachable curl; when you are not working out on your legs, the curl yoke is attached to improve upper body workouts. It is easily attached and detached.

2. Weights and safety; Working out with a rack that can provide you with up to 600-pound weight capacity is quite something. The weight is split into a 300-pound user capacity and another 300-pound weight set limit. When working out with the 9.5 inches spotters during your bench press, you are assured to convey a safe exercise regime.

Additionally, it has a 6 roll leg developer that works on your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and hip flexors.


  • Preacher curl pad included
  • This strength training rack has a comfortable, durable, and adjustable bench.
  • Little maintenance required


  • Has a single decline of the bench, which is not substantial

4. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Rack

body champ olympic weight bench

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From the name, you get a rough idea of what it is. The body champ Olympic weight bench is built for serious workouts. It contains a massive load capacity that any serious lifter will appreciate. Below are some of the features and benefits of the body champ Olympic weight bench.

1.Compatibility; it is a 2.5-inch square tube Olympic bench. Although the Body Champ Olympic weight bench has some added attachments. Besides, you will get some very high-density padding preacher curl and crush handle.

This helps you perform ab crunches with massive greatness. The U shaped front leg stabilizer and it provides an extra margin of safety and stability during workouts. The strength training rack is also compatible with 6 and 7 foot weight sets. They are set by the length between collars of the bar, which extend up to 38.5 inches.

2. Safety; with the Body Champ Olympic weight bench, you want to feel secured like a champ. This is why they have designed all its features with a backup strategy for you.

The leg developer is constructed with oversized foam pads. The weight racks contain safety hooks to aid in the picking of weights with ease. This also increases the grip of the bar.

3. Additives; the Body Champ Olympic Weight bench has 7 different positions adjustable backrest. The bench press has customizable features for ergonomic and optimal training positions.

Besides, this strength training rack has some accessories, and that saves you from buying them later. They include Preacher Curl Pad, Arm Curl Bar, and Ab Crunch with Foam Grip Handles Attachment. 

The weight bench rack also has a user’s weight capacity of 180 lbs. The maximum weight capacity it can withhold is 275 lbs.


  • This rack has comfy curl pads
  • Leg extension
  • Sit-ups due to the various inclines of the bench


  • Flat bench press work out has no safety precautions and requires the aid of a supporter
  • Has no bar

5. Body Champ Olympic Bench BCB3780

Body Champ olympic bench

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The BCB3780 is an improved version of the previous model. This model is designed to cater for different body building needs. It gives you an ultimate exercise on your chest, presses, and lifts. This  rack will bring out the best of you with its combination of the weight bench and squat racks.

Whether you are increasing your chest press or building your muscles, the Body Champ Olympics has full anatomy of what you require and how you require it.

The bench is compatible with 300 lbs of weight stacks that make you workout like a professional. Here are some of the fancy features and benefits it has to offer.

Adjustable backrest: This weight bench bar has an adjustable backrest. The feature helps you maximize your workout routines. This dramatically helps you enjoy different workouts without getting bored.

Versatility: The benefit of this strength training rack is that it has multiple uses. Depending on the part of your body you are targeting, the body champ Olympic has it all covered.

This rack also comes with a locking safety hook and no-pinch grip. This provides optimal and safe workouts.


  • Clear instruction to assemble
  • Preacher curl pad inclusive


  • People taller than 6 feet find it hard to use the weight bench and the leg extension

6. Body Champ Launch Bench

body champ launch bench

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The body champ launch bench is the newest of its kind. It comes with a more compelling approach to its users with a better 12 incline seat cushion.The body champ launch weight bench is ideal for home workouts. It provides a 10 out of 10 results for your exercise procedures.

On the bench, it is easy to target the arms, chest, and abs.It is possible by utilizing the built pull up bar and add an Olympic weight set.

1. Variety of options; the body champ has a set of everything you need for your work out, whether in a gym or at home. The adjustable 12 position seat, the bar racks, plate storage, and even the built-in pull bar prove nothing is left unattended.

2. Safety; this new version arrives with 2 adjustable catches. Also, its lack of pinch layout helps prevent injury from hands and grips when retrieving bars from overhead.

The current bench can now hold up to 300 lbs of the user’s weight. The body champ rack also gifts you with four built-in additional mounting and stability. This is effective for future adjustments.


  • Ideal for strength training for any fitness level
  • Purchased at a fair price
  • Has two pegs for weight


  • One has to fasten the hooks frequently
  • The painted bar pegs tear out.

7. Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench

marcy folding weight bench

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Need a satisfactory weight bench that covers all your needs? Well, take a sneak peek at this exciting Marcy Folding Standard or the MWB-20100.

It’s small, but this exceptional weight bench does it all, from full-body workouts to specific muscle targeting. With proper padding and high-density upholstery, the MWB-20100 provides the comfort you’ve invariably yearned for.

It is a classic which accepts a 5-foot weight bar, which is flawless for

1. Simple; it may sound too familiar of a feature, but MWB-20100 is modest of the current technology. It is easy to use, and once you are done, you fold the bench and store it aside for the next routine. Fascinating? Yes, very much.

Almost every part of the MWB-20100 can be folded and stored all in one place.

2. Warranty; the rack has a 2-year limited warranty on spare parts needed. The warranty also comes in handy in case of damage.

3. Durable; This strength training rack is small and simple, but it’s 50 years on the market tells you all you need to know about its durability with heavy-duty construction. It has been the backbone of many beginner students and will continue to be for many years to come.


  • Ideal for different fitness levels
  • Foldable when storing
  • Heavy duty steel frames]
  • Adjustment mechanisms
  • Detachable and adjustable arm preachers


  • Not recommended for people above 6 feet
  • The racks are too tall

How to choose a weight bench with squat rack


Space is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a weight bench and a squat rack. For the weight bench, you would consider buying something that can fit in a room when folded.

The weight bench should not be the elephant in the room when assembled and in use. This will help you achieve your goal of probably getting a squat rack at the same time.

That’s because the squat rack may have some extra attachments. Also, it may have a step platform, core plate, and a dip attachment.

Creating enough space will improve your accessibility to do your warm-ups. With these two equipment flowing hand in hand, you can understand the core value of space.

2. Assembling

Having a weight bench and a squat rack that takes little time and effort to assemble is essential. The equipment need not be scattered all over because once done; you should easily disassemble it.

You need something swift to adapt to and less hectic and save on your training time. Conclusively, choose a squat and bench rack with weight that is effortless to set up and can be dismantled and put aside when not being used.

3. Equipment Adjustability;

In a public gym, people have different tastes. A squat rack, depending on your body’s size, is gauged with different numbered increments.

This helps you have control of your workouts by understanding the starting and finishing position of your squats. With the weight bench bars, you may come across a flat one, another inclined, or even one that is declined.

They are manufactured differently because they have different goals in workouts.

Therefore, it is essential to scrutinize the differences before purchasing a bench and squat rack.

 Probably the best is one that can be adjusted to all three states. It will provide a significant boost when working out your pectoral muscles.

4. Goals to achieve

Well, this should be just the ultimate factor to consider. Different equipment has different performance abilities.

Whether you are trying to build muscles and gain weight or trying to achieve your body’s shape, whatever you choose matters. To achieve better performance, you must tirelessly look for durable and robust equipment.

Therefore, it is essential to choose that will not only influence your goals but also for future reference on your exercises.

5. Potential Upgrades

Can your current gym station allow or provoke your wishes? It is necessary to consider potential upgrades in the future when making such an investment.

Gym equipment is a long-term investment that can be used by generations.

With this in mind, buying a weight bench and a squat rack with various options to upgrade to is crucial.

The quality of your stand should allow the placing of double figures when weight lifting.

 Therefore, it is essential to check whether the rack is up-gradable.

6. Budget

Investing in anything is a risk, but the type of product you want to purchase should give you value for your money. The market has various equipment, and they vary in prices.

Therefore, when buying a Weights bench and squat rack, the price is of the essence. They say cheap is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should not consider cheap ones.

However, expensive things are known to last, but all this depends on the amount of money. When purchasing a weight bench and squat rack, the prices prevail the quality you are getting.

7. Safety

Accidents and injuries can be costly, and therefore, you need to consider your safety. When purchasing a weight bench, you should first try out how comfortable you are using it. Irritation can cause unnecessary discomfort and can be accidental.

But when your body is comfortable, stability is attained. The best weight bench should have an adjustable shoulder stand adjusted in both height and size. The bench cushion should not be too soft as it will steer muscle imbalance when lifting weights. The best recommendation is a hard but comfortable cushion to allow rest at ease.

For a squat rack, safety bars are very crucial. In case you lift a weight, and it is imbalanced or too heavy, the safety bars are placed to reduce room for error.

The best safety bars are fitted with plastic inserts on top to protect the bar from dropping.

Other crucial parts are the J-Hooks. The J-Hooks should be able to fit and support a heavy dropping bar.

They should also be sustainable when loading weights. A J-Hook with a galvanized plastic insert offsets massive safety encounters protects you from injury. . It promotes awareness and freedom when working out.

8. Durability;

Gym equipment is not equivalent to any other household appliance. It is an endeavor that may be worth it or the total opposite.

Therefore.making your every penny count matters on how serious you are about success.

Everything should be of quality for the weight bench and squat rack, from the bars to the benches to the weights.

This will help establish a backbone of what you are trying to achieve. Don’t rush to the quantity rather the quality of your strength training rack.

The steel should be easy to maintain and should not rust, while the bench should have a longer-lasting cushion that comforts you while working out.

9. Warranty

A warranty offers you services of your equipment as an esteemed customer. Although it runs for a specific period, it will cover for you the necessary spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

Other than the buyer’s guide, purchasing a weight bench and squat rack becomes easier when you understand your strength and experience level. However, even a newbie can try out this home gym equipment but proceed with caution.

You don’t want to outdo your muscles and kill ambitions in bodybuilding. Therefore, it is necessary to have a plan for using your equipment and the kind of workout you will do with it.

Different equipment has its unique basic exercises, and squat racks and weight bench might look less influential. However, consistency is crucial for your success, and you don’t want to buy a good for anything equipment.

Additionally, understanding the number of frequent sessions, you will be having will prepare your body psychologically to adapt to the heat. Below are some of the best squat racks and weight benches to aid you in your decision making.

Final Thoughts

Although manufacturers have continued introducing various strength training gym racks, your taste and needs matter, and one needs to be enlightened.

 Space also matters in choosing the perfect bench and squat rack since you don’t want to be in a squeezed room. Keeping fit is essential since it significantly reduces your risk of suffering from lifestyle diseases. 

Also, you are more flexible to do your day to day undertakings. This article has explored the 7 best weight bench with squat rack and I hope the read will come in handy in helping you choose one.

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