8 Best 6 Pack Abs Machine in 2024

Looking for a 6 packs abs machine that will help sculpt your core? I have a home gym with weights in my garage, it’s cool but when I want to really work my core, I turn to my Concept2 Model D rower.

This machine, among others listed here target core muscles better than other machines. 

Our Top Pick 6 Pack Abs Machine at a Glance:

In this review, I’ll show you my experience with my rower plus what I’ve gathered about the other versatile options here. First, here are the top three picks.

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

2. Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine

3. Star Uno Squat Abdominal Training Machine

For a comprehensive breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each machine, keep on reading!


Best 6 Pack Abs Machine

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor

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For over 40 years, the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine has been the world’s best-selling rowing machine. It is a machine built to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts of different levels.

The Concept 2 Model D is a versatile machine that can be used in a gym or even at home. It is designed to meet your needs and budget, and it’s ideal all ages and all fitness levels.

Here is more about the Concept 2 Rower abs machine:


1. Workout data – The Concept2 Model D 6 pack machine is integrated with the latest technology. It has an LCD monitor that saves and monitors your workout data. It is reliable and offers comparable data on every stroke.

You also have the advantage of using Bluetooth and heart rate monitoring. You can save your workouts in a USB flash drive for future comparisons.

2. Assembling – This 6 pack abs machine is easy to assemble. It can also be separated into two for easy portability and storage. With the aid of caster wheels, this 6 pack abs machine rolls with ease to your preferred positioning.

Concept2 Model D easy storage

3. Compatibility –  The Concept2 Model D ab machine is compatible with your phone to facilitate better exercise routines. It allows you to participate in online challenges, friendly competition never hurt anyone. In fact, it made me some great workout buddies and challenged me to up my game. .

This abs machine also connects with a wide range of popular fitness apps including ErgData and Krew.

Concept2 Model D ANT+ and Bluetooth Connectivity

4. Work experience – Having used this machine for quite some time now, I love its air resistance system. Quiet, high performing are the words I can use to describe this system. Honestly, working with machine is addictive.

You see, with this system, the more intensely I row, the higher the level of resistance generated. This means you get a good workout no matter the fitness level. Ronnie Coleman can use this machine and get a good workout.

There you have it. I know it’s brief but honestly if I were to write all I’ve experienced, you’d be here until tomorrow. The Concept 2 Rower is one of the best 6 pack ab machine out here.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine


  • Has a low profile
  • Comfortable seat


  • It is a little louder compared to water and magnetic rowers

2. Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine

Fitlaya Fitness ab Machine Workout Equipment

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Simple transforming and efficient abs work out machine is what the Fitlaya fitness 6 pack machine is. The Fitlaya fitness ab machine has a versatile design that allows you to do more than you can imagine.

Its high-density foam pads provide a safe and comfortable workout and high-quality integrated sliding wheels ensure a smooth exercise. Below are some of the fantastic features of the Fitlaya Fitness ab machine.

Fitlaya Foldable Fitness Equipment

1. Multifunctional –This machine allows its users to tone their hip, thigh, and abdominal muscles in one move. It is a multifunctional piece of equipment that keeps your body in good shape.

With knee sliding, mountain climbing, and side waist exercise enhancements that help burn more calories and reduce fat simultaneously, you are assured of targeting the abdominal muscles and abs development. With various movement capabilities, the Fitlaya can target a wide range of muscles to tone your thighs and hips.

2. Sturdy and foldable – This awesome machine features a folding design. It measures 35.4 by 16.5 by 34.5 when unfolded and 47 inches in length by 16.5 inches width by 9.4 inches height when folded. It can hold up to 440 pounds of user weight, which can accommodate most people.

Fitlaya Fitness ab Machine features

3. Durable and safe –  With heavy-duty and ergonomically designed handles, the Fitlaya  6 pack abs machine ensures user safety and stability while exercising. This ab machine is made of durable steel that is coated with scratch resistant and rust resistant paint to ensure its durability.  Also, Fitlaya also is adjustable in four different positions to ensure it meets needs of people in all fitness levels.

Fitlaya Height Adjustable ab Trainer


  • Has no complications when assembling
  • It has excellent stability that helps it meet its objectives
  • Has a thick framework for stability and durability


  • The manual is not very clear for beginners to use

3. Star Uno Squat Abdominal Training Machine

Star Uno Ab Squat Workout Machine

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The Star Uno Squat machine makes the impossible into possible. It’s a combo machine for abs development and squat workouts. It also strengthens the ligament and tendon muscles surrounding the knee.

This six pack abs machine comes with a strong handlebar to provide safety and an adjustable seat to maximize your squat movements. This product offers a great solution to your thigh muscles and abs development. It also enhances your hip mobility by strengthening your core and leg muscles.

Star Uno Squat Machine

1. Monitoring -The Star Uno Squat abdominal training machine is equipped with a user monitor that helps the user keep track of essential workout data. It can do the math for you of the total time you take in your workout and determine the number of calories burned within that session

2. Comfort– With a power support spring system, the Star Uno abs machine allows you to use little of your body weight to vary your training intensity and maintain overall joint comfort. With the useful adjustable seat, the Star Uno squat machine transforms a challenging squat into an easy to do soft squat.

side view of Star Uno Ab Squat Workout Machine


  • Easy to use in workouts
  • Can be assembled easily


  • The spring is to easy and not durable
  • It is of a higher cost compared to its services

4. Stealth Core Trainer

man using STEALTH Core Trainer

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I came across the Stealth core trainer at the gym and it intrigued me. This six pack machine is one of a kind. With its gaming capabilities, the stealth core trainer is manufactured to work your core and back. This particular feature allows you to play an awesome game as you are working your core

It helps burn the extra fat in your abdomen, creating an impressive six-pack. Honestly, this machine takes the gaming your way to fitness to a whole new level. Heard that all ye nerds?Engaging workouts-The stealth fitness trainer is designed in a unique way that allows you to place your phone on the stealth board and play games as your workout.


With a range of 4 games that come in a free app, the stealth personal fitness will help you take your endurance to a new level from the privacy and comfort of your home.

1. Tracking – It is the world’s first manufactured gaming core trainer. With the gaming app, you can keep track of your progress. You can also link up with family or friends for a little competition and ey… at times you need a cheering squad.

Dynamic Core & Full Body Workout on STEALTH Core Trainer

2. Engaging – The premium game version is available with a new game every month. We recommend you use this six pack ab machine for at least 3 minutes a day. For better results, do 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes before you hop on your bed.

The stealth board features a 360 degree patented range of motion designed for superior dynamic planking.

STEALTH Core Trainer designed comfort and performance


  • Requires no assembling
  • Works for IOS and android phones
  • Has an app that keeps track of your progress
  • Fun and challenging


  •  Designed only for planking
  • It is not effectively secure, especially to your fingers

5. Harison Multi-function Power Tower

Harison Multi-function Tower

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Looking for a serious ab machine for full body workouts? Look no further. I can rave about the Harison Multifunctional power tower all day. And yes, it is a power tower. It is built to match your workout desires, whether you are tall or short.

With its versatility, the Harison multifunctional power tower provides you with a 10 out of 10 workout for your full-body workout.


1. Durable and comfort – With an ergonomic design, the Harison multifunctional power tower has a reinforced durable steel frame. It is made with a powder-coated steel tubing with a stable base and a foam padded bench for comfortable exercising.

2. Adjustability – This Harison power tower with bench can be adjusted to 4 different heights. With the highest being 88.19 inches and the lowest 70.47. This machine is made suitable for people of different heights.

HARISON Multifunction Power Tower multiple exercise

The abs bench can be installed and placed at different angles. This can either be an incline, flat, or decline position, and it can also be removed for other types of exercises.

3. Versatility – The multifunctional power tower can be used for various workouts. These include: progressive push-ups, hammer pull-ups, leg lift machine, vertical knee raises, incline push-ups, dip stands, regular push-ups, training with weight, among others.

The Harison power tower helps you train your abs, arms, back, shoulders, chest, legs, and full body training. It is the ultimate machine of your dream powerhouse.

HARISON Multifunction Power Tower all in one home gym


  • Has few and less complicated parts making it easy to assemble
  • It is an excellent investment project
  • It is made of durable steel, which increases its stability


  • It is quite big. Not for small home gyms

6. XtremepowerUS Deluxe Abdominal Crunch Machine

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Abdominal Crunch Fitness Equipment

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Manufactured in a rollercoaster design, the XtremepowerUS ab crunch machine helps keep your abdominal region in great shape. With the adjustable seat, you are assured of having an ultimate exercise experience.

The xtremepowerUS is exceptionally practical and can be of perfect aid for beginners and even fitness enthusiasts. The curved rails support spinal flexibility enhancing back muscle workouts.

1. Adjustability – With aims to generate abs and 6 pack development; the xtremepowerUS machine has an adjustable seat and plate load posts that add extra weights.

side view of XtremepowerUS Deluxe Abdominal Crunch Machine

2. Durability and strength –  The complexion is not entirely done until the durable steel constructed support is put in place to support up to 299.8 lbs. The 2 steel rails generate motion that improves the core stabilization by the abdominal trainer.

3. Comfort and progress –  The xtremepowerUS offers a contoured padded cushion supporting your arms and legs during a training session. It also provides you with an electric counter. It counts the number of swings you perform in your workout session.

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Fitness Equipment Comfort and progress

This is effective in helping you understand your powers and weaknesses when using the xtremepowerUS deluxe abs developer.

4. Size – The machine is small in size with a net weight of 300 pounds, a plate weight capacity of 30lbs, and assembled dimensions of 48 inches by 18 inches by 51 inches in length, width, and height, respectively.

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Rolling Fitness Machine


  • The xtremepowerUS is easy to master and use equipment
  • Less hectic to assemble
  • Has durable steel frames


  • It is costly

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7. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

man using Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

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Technology comes in thick and fast. The Sunny Health and fitness rowing machine is a great example of technology meets fitness. Also known as the Obsidian surge 500 water rower, this machine will keep love handles at bay. The Obsidian can work up to 85 percent of your body muscles.

A legendary machine in the making, the Obsidian surge 500 water rower, is nothing but one of the best six pack machine.


1. Performance – the Obsidian surge 500 water rower offers you comfort in your workouts like never before. The water in the machine creates an exotic paddling movement experience which is smooth and enjoyable.

2. Storage – the fitness water rower is compact, saving space. It can be stored in an upright position when not in use. It contains high-density rubber wheels that are effective for its movements around the house.

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine features

3. Modifications –  with fitted tracking devices, the Obsidian has an R2 fitness meter designed to record the essential exercise data. This includes time, number of yards moved, heart rate, calories burned, HR, and room temperature.

4. Design –  composed of heavy-duty and lightweight steel, this Sunny Health and Fitness 6 pack abs machine increases its performances and durability. It also has 3 hydro blades that move simultaneously with the competition paddles.

side view of Sunny Health Water Rowing Machine


  • Can be easily moved to various points
  • Worth every penny of your investment
  • Easy to use
  • Fun and challenging for perfect workouts


  • The pedals should be handled with care because they are not easily replaceable

8. Ideer Life Abdominal Training Machine

IDEER LIFE Abdominal Workout Machine Adjustable Sit Up Exercise

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For the ultimate 6 pack abs workout, the Ideer Life Abdominal training machine is a great pic. This machine does what most gym machines can’t do.

Designed for upper, middle, lower, and oblique abs exercise, the Ideer life can also help you perform assisted body squats that build your inner thigh muscles. It is easy to use and compact, allowing you to use it at home or in the office.


Honestly, being able to squeeze a few minutes of workout at home or in the office is a dream come true for most people

1. Multifunctional use – It is a keeper. With multi-purpose features that enhance your workout abilities, the Ideer life abdominal training machine is designed to work your entire body. It can assist you with doing push-ups, squats, and sit-ups to develop a strong, ripped core.

It also can help you build or keep any muscles in shape for your best body shape.

IDEER LIFE Abdominal Workout Machine multi-functional use

2. Adjustability –  whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiastic trainer, the Ideer life six pack abs machine has simple strategies to imply. It has a 3 level adjustment that makes your exercise comfy and targets different muscles.

The adjustable backrest is made for comfort during your exercise routines. With a high-density cushion and leather upholstery, you won’t experience any back pains in your workouts.

whole body workout on IDEER LIFE Abdominal Workout Machine

3. Durability – with a very sturdy steel frame and padded seats, the Ideer life abdominal machine is made to last for long. It can withhold a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, a friendly weight for most people.

4. LCD Display –  to keep track of what you are achieving, the Ideer life abdominal abs developer machine comes with a multifunctional LCD monitor. It ensures your hard work is paid off most effectively.

IDEER LIFE Abdominal Workout Machine LCD Display

5. Flexibility –  this machine can be easily dismantled, folded, and stored without taking much of your precious space and time. Its reassembling is also quite reassuring because it needs limited time.

IDEER LIFE Abdominal Workout Machine easy storage


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Has a good stability
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Has a good steel frame


It doesn’t help you monitor your fitness progress

Buying Guide: How to Choose a 6 pack Abs Machine

man doing ab exercise

1. Versatility

A wise workout buff looks for different types of opportunities on the products he’s investing on. In this case, you don’t have to buy a 6 pack Abs machine that only serves you one purpose.

Consider getting a versatile workout machine that suits most of your needs. For example, you can choose a machine that works on your shoulder muscles, back muscles, or even obliques and also ideal for Abs work out. Some popular abs workout machines offer you additional features that target different muscle groups.

2. Weight holding capacity

A versatile machine should be the kind of machine that lives to its expectations. You don’t want to purchase something that will later run down in the short term.

Therefore, when purchasing a six-pack abs machine, you need to check out whether it can sustain your body weight. It is advisable to buy a 6 pack machine with a higher weight capacity.

This can support your weight capacity and also reduce the risk of injury when exercising.

3. Durability

The steel parts should be solid hardened rail steel that ensures stability and is rust-free. The wheels on the six-pack machinery should have wider treads to ensure that the machine can be used on any surface.

A durable machine will be crafted in a systematic method. Its body parts will be well adjoined to each other hence reducing any risk of noise making. This is crucial, especially if you are considering using your machine for a home gym.

To also know whether your machine is durable, the bench surface is crucial. It should be made to be non-slippery. This will offer resistance to the body and machine, making the workouts more effective.

The resistance should also be made to improve the grip of the machine to the floor. This will reduce the chances of a fall off when using the machine. It will also improve your assurance of safety precautions that are in place.

4. Adjustability

A good six pack abs machine should be adjustable. This feature will allow for better equipment performance with different body positioning. The different adjustments will be crucial, mostly if more than one person uses the equipment. Adjustability ensures 6 pack machine can increase different levels of resistance to improve your exercise routines.

6. Setting up

The best option is to purchase a machine that has specific features. You don’t want some equipment that will be tiresome to use and set up. You need to save your time and hit the ground, starting your workouts. To offer satisfactory leniency, some products are made to be more comfortable when using.

Some have added padded back and headrest for support and lowers the chances of fatigue.

The six-pack abs machinery is manufactured in a simple form that does not require major setups. Most of this equipment gives you knee pads so that your work out on the surface is made to be easy.

6. Size

Well, another factor to consider when buying a six-pack abs machine is the size. You don’t want something bulky to give you stress when using and where to store. Some of this equipment is made easy to fold and can fit under your bed. They also vary in different weights so that you can pick the favorable to your home style.

If you don’t work out at home, you can purchase smaller gadgets like the ab wheels. These are compatible and can be carried to various destinations. Whether you prefer using your equipment in the gym or on for a road trip, the small ab wheels ensure you never miss any of your workout sessions.

7. Effectiveness

when you are buying a 6 pack abs machine, you are considering to have the most effective results along the way. It is awful to get equipment that does not work for you or does not deliver to your expectations.

The machine you’ll be willing to buy should be able to activate your abdominal muscles. Regular exercises tighten them, and the development of abs is underway.

The abs machine is vastly crucial in burning calories and getting rid of the extra fat in the abdomen region when working out. If you might encounter any back problems but are desperate to generate abs, you should buy a chair like machine.

8. Work out guide and brand

an excellent work out machine should have a workout guide when purchasing. This will help not only professional users but also a newbie in training.

This kind of gesture will be of great help to those people who have never used the equipment. It will also improve knowledge and awareness to the professional user with any additional features on his gear.

For the brand, it is very nice of you to buy your equipment from a trustworthy company. Not only do they offer quality, but also customer satisfactory services. These may include the addition of an equipment warranty for your purchase.

The warranty plays a crucial role in case of a failure or breakdown; you will be offered a chance to have an exchange.

9. Price

The price of a machine is probably what dictates the features. You want to make a worthy investment that is durable. Extensively, workout abs machinery that is expensive tends to offer the best quality.

And also, they provide various functional features that are effective. They are made of good quality and require less maintenance. Low priced gadgets are mainly made using low-quality materials. They are not durable and can break or become less effective quickly. It is advisable to buy a good six-pack abs workout machine that will offer you better performance.

Final Thoughts

woman using Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

Keeping fit is essential for all of us because it keeps most lifestyle diseases at bay. I hope based on this article, you’ve already chosen a six pack machine for your home gym.The machines above are versatile, foldable to save space and durable. They are quite affordable and a great investment.