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9 Best Treadmill for Sprinting in 2021

A treadmill for sprinting enables you to exercise smart, and burn more calories than  when using a smaller machine. 

To help you choose the right treadmill for serious runners, we’ve done the homework and narrowed down the list to this 7 options.

These options include powerful motorized treadmills and curved manual treadmills which are muscle powered.

In a rush? The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill checks all the boxes.  Here is a quick peek at the 3G Cardio and the runner up treadmill.

Product Name
Best Motorized
3G Cardio Elite Runner…
Best Curved
Assault Fitness AirRunner,…
3G Cardio Elite Runner...
Assault Fitness AirRunner,...
• 8 on-board programs • Non-folding design • Orthopedic belt
• LCD console • Bluetooth connectivity • Steel frame
User capacity
400 lbs
350 lbs
Best Motorized
Product Name
3G Cardio Elite Runner…
3G Cardio Elite Runner...
• 8 on-board programs • Non-folding design • Orthopedic belt
User capacity
400 lbs
Best Curved
Product Name
Assault Fitness AirRunner,…
Assault Fitness AirRunner,...
• LCD console • Bluetooth connectivity • Steel frame
User capacity
350 lbs

Best Treadmill for Sprinting Reviews

From exercise bikes to treadmills to vibration machines, 3G Cardio is a trusted brand for fitness equipment. We love the Elite Runner and if you love sprinting on a treadmill, you’ll appreciate its features too.

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is the best treadmill for sprinting. This running machine is a heavy duty machine that supports runners up to 400 lbs.

You’ll need to put it together and it comes with a user manual for guidance.

You’ll love its strong build which ensures your stability and its durability. It’s non-folding. The main advantage is you get a larger tread compared to treadmills that fold. 

The drawback is the machine will require lots of space. So, it’s wise prepare enough room for this treadmill for sprinters.

Speaking of the workout area, the 3G Cardio Runner’s measures 22 x 62 inches. 

This belt is integrated with 3G Cardio’s Otho Flex Shock suspension system that provides a comfortable landing for your feet. You can sprint without risking your knees or back.

Its non-slip sides are also wide and will support you when getting off the treadmill.

For the console, you’ll enjoy a user friendly LCD display where you can track calories burned, speed, distance, and time. The Elite Runner sprint treadmill has 8 preprogramed workouts that ensure your workouts are effective and fun.

Apart from the on-board workouts, this treadmill for sprinting comes with incline function. A trainer with incline feature can mimic the ups and downs of a trail, intensifying your workouts. Some trainers come with a manual incline system where you’d have to get off the treadmill to set the incline range.

Thankfully, the 3G Cardio Runner crossfit treadmill has automatic incline ranging from 0 – 15% and with speeds of up to 12mph, you can be assured your workouts will be intense.


Built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy music as you workout

√  Handrails for support, great for beginners

Has a cooling fan to cool your body while exercising

Strong warranty


X Because it is non-folding it requires lots of space

X No water bottle holder  

Now to a U shaped treadmill, the Assault Fitness Air Runner Treadmill. First, it’s important to note this is a non motorized treadmill. So, how does the Assault Runner work?

A motorized treadmill needs to be plugged in to work and most of them feature a flat tread. The Air Runner has a unique U shaped running belt. 

As your feet hit the concave belt, the belt will move down and back, allowing you to pace your workouts. This Assault treadmill features superior steel construction. It supports athletes up to 350 lbs.

Its deck is made of durable, non-slip rubber. This material is flexible, allowing it to move smoothly. The manufacturer claims this belt can last up to 150,000 miles without needing to adjust its tension nor replace it. How cool is that?

For the console, you get a simple LCD console where you can to start/stop this manual curved treadmill, track time, distance, speed, and calories burned. 

Here is  what to expect from Assault AirRunner


Curved manual treadmill require little maintenance

  Comes with a strong warranty

  Frame coated with rust resistant paint

  Has long hand rails for user stability

  Belt with Abec bearings for smooth running

  Belt moves fast which makes it ideal for sprinting


X Does not come with additional features such as tablet holder or cooling fan

You’ve probably come across a Bowflex machine at your local gym. From the best max trainers to versatile elliptical machines to treadmills, Bowflex has produced some awesome products that are ideal for any home gym.

The Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill is one of the best treadmills for sprinting. So, why is this sprinter treadmill popular among serious runners?

Frame: Weighing 340 pounds, you can anticipate its power and stability. This frame is made of sturdy steel with rust-resistant paint finish. The frame is foldable with rollers at the base for portability. The Bowflex BXT216 frame can support up to 400 lbs, making it ideal for larger users.

Workout space: When sprinting, it’s important to maintain proper form.  And, you can’t maintain proper running posture on a wobbly running surface.  

 Powered by a powerful 4HP motor, this exercising area works perfectly and has speeds of up to 12 mph. its integrated with Bowflex’s unique Cushioning technology provides a comfortable landing, minimizing fatigue.

Console: A good treadmill for sprinters should come with an easy to use console and that is what this Bowflex crossfit treadmill has. Featuring a 9-inch console, the BXT216 will make your workout experiences worth it. 

The monitor enables you to track your progress and choose a workout from the 11 onboard workouts. The console area also features a water bottle holder and media shelf. From the console you can control the incline level.

Incline: One of the benefits of a treadmill for sprinting is most options come with incline function. This feature paired with the onboard workouts ensure you burn as many calories as you would running outdoors. The BXT 216 incline range is between 0 – 15% and can be controlled via the console.

Folding mechanism: How do you move this heavy duty treadmill? For portability, the Bowflex BXT216 is foldable and has rollers rollers. Once you’re done with your workouts, just fold it, tilt it and push it to the desired storage area. This sprinting treadmill also unfolds easily.

Warranty: The T216 comes with a really good warranty.

There you have it, 5 reasons why the T216 treadmill by Bowflex will make a great addition to your gym.


Compatible with Bowflex JRNY app that allows for customized workouts and coaching

  Monitor backlit so you can workout late night or early morning with ease

  Incline and speed controls on the handrails for easy controlling

  Comes with a Free wireless heart rate straps for hands free sprinting


X Does not have decline function

Offering 12 workout programs for intense workouts, the ANCHEER Folding Treadmill  is a great pick for any sprinter looking for an affordable treadmill. This is available in black and will blend perfectly with its surrounding.

Its frame is lighter than the other sprint treadmills we’ve reviewed on this list. Weighing just 102 pounds, you can move it with ease especially with the help of the built-in wheels. Also, its foldability makes portability easy.

The frame is constructed using sturdy steel coated with corrosion resistant paint so you are assured with little maintenance, your treadmill will last for a long time. The Ancheer folding treadmill’s running belt up of several layers including a shock absorption layer for joint support and noise reduction layer for whisper quiet workouts.

Its top layer is made of wear resistant, antiskid material so you can work out worry free. The running belt measures 42 x 17 inches, which is somewhat smaller than the other treadmills here. However, most runners have stated that the space is enough.

For the console, you get a high-performing backlit monitor. With just one touch, you can choose a workout from the 12 preset programs, view your stats and monitor your pulse.

Unfortunately, this Ancheer foldable treadmill does not come with a wireless chest strap. You have to hold the handrails to monitor your heart rate.

Lastly, this trainer  for sprinting has a safety key. This key is meant for emergency stops so you can get off the treadmill safely.


  Console touch sensitive and backlit so you can adjust incline and workout program with ease

  Can support up to 300 lbs

  Speeds of between 0.5–9 mph which are ideal for sprinting

  Affordable compared to most treadmills with the same features


X Short warranty (12 months)

The  NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill is quite similar to the Weslo G 5.9 treadmill. Its versatile and high performing, ensuring your workout experience is enjoyable and productive.

The 1750 is a top-rated sprinting treadmill that features a strong frame for user stability. This frame is foldable but quite heavy, 315 lbs. the manufacturer has included roller at the base for portability. So, what features stand out?

A good machine should come with a stable workout surface and easy to use control. It comes with a smart console. It is touch-enabled and you’ll be impressed by how fast the treadmill responds to the commands.

The console displays distance, time, speed, calories burned, and distance covered. You to pick a workout and adjust the running belt. Speaking of running belt, the commercial 1750 treadmill provides both incline and decline function.

The incline level (0 – 15%), the belt tilts upwards so you can hill run and decline level (0 to -3%) so you can slope run. Also, from the console you can access iFit. If you are unfamiliar with this workout program, let me give you a quick lowdown.

iFit is a workout app that is offered through high-end fitness products. This program gives you access to a library of workout videos, live classes, access to world class trainers and more. Also, you can use Google Maps to customize your workouts.

For example, via Google Maps you can choose the Mesa Trail in Colorado, the treadmill will mimic the feeling of running on this trail, incline and decline, ensuring your workouts are enjoyable and intense.

The 1750’s exercising space is large (60 x 22 inches), which ensures the tallest runners to sprint comfortably. This belt is cushioned to protect the joints. Also, the belt is driven by a 3.75HP motor that works efficiently.

Lastly, when done exercising you can fold this declining treadmill to store it upright or just folded, allowing you to save space.


10-inch screen is user-friendly and allows you to follow workout videos with ease

Integrated with the EasyLift System for hands free unfolding

Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music as you workout

Motor ensures the treadmill runs smoothly even when exercising for longer periods


X iFit trial lasts a month

X Holds less weight compared to most treadmills in its price range

One of the benefits of using a curved manual treadmill is, you get to burn more calories (up to 30%) more calories than when using traditional motorized treadmills.

 The IN10CT Health Runner Treadmill  offers this and more. It’s made for user comfort and high performance.

Just like other options on this list, it comes with a strong metal frame that ensures user stability. 

Honestly, it’s heavy to move around but thankfully the manufacturer has added wheels to the base of the treadmill, so you can just push it and move it.

Now, what makes this  treadmill unique is the exercising area. It measures 61 x 17.61 which is enough for most runners, even tall people. It supports up to 400 lbs, so if you weigh anything below this, you are good to go.

Instead of one continuous belt, the IN10CT’s belt is created using rubber slats arranged in a concave shape. The slats are thick to provide cushioning for your feet. As you run, the slats are pulled up and pushed back. So, you control the treadmill’s speed with the force you put out.

For the monitor, this treadmill has a basic screen where you can track your stats; calories, speed, time, and distance.


The IN10CT is a non motorized treadmill which means little maintenance and impact on environment

  Absolutely safe. When you stop running, the belt stops moving

  Does not need electricity

  Long handrails for your stability


X This treadmill comes with no bells and whistles which come with most high-end treadmills (media shelf, water bottle holder, pulse sensors etc)

X Does not fold up

Established in the early 2002, Sunny Health & Fitness has for over 15 years provided gym rats with solid, affordable gym machines. Their wide range of products includes rowers, dumbbells, steppers, recumbent bikes, treadmills, squat machines and more.

For this review, we’ll look at the Sunny SF-T7515 Treadmill for Sprinting. Let’s see what this has to offer

Frame: Weighing 121 pounds, this frame is designed to support up to 250 lbs. the frame is coated with scratch resistant and corrosion resistant paint. 

It also features long handles for support while running, built-in cup holders for your water bottles, and wheels for portability. The SF-T7515’s frame is foldable for space saving. 

Also, this sprint treadmill is integrated with the soft drop hydraulic mechanism that makes unfolding fast and hands free.

Programs: Most pro athletes prefer treadmills that come with preset exercises and with good reason. With a treadmill that does not have onboard workouts, you just guess how to workout and pretty soon, your routine may become monotonous.

Now, the SF-T7515 treadmill for sprinting has 12 preset exercises. With these exercises you are able to choose workouts that suit your body type. 

So, you can be assured with this Sunny crossfit treadmill, your workouts will be intense and productive.

Incline: Another feature that stands out is the incline function. This Sunny treadmill provides incline ranges between 0 – 12%. The incline levels can be changed in intervals of 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%. The higher the level of incline, the more intense the workout.

Heart sensors: Your SF-T7515 treadmill will come with pulse sensors on the handrails. Pulse monitoring helps you to exercise safely without exerting your body, measure the effort you put out, and up your routine when you need to burn more calories.

Running surface: For exercising routines, you need a sprinter treadmill that ensures you stability and protects your body.  It running belt is well cushioned to protect your joints from impact when running and to ensure your stability.

Speed: How fast can you sprint? This sprinting equipment has speeds for up to 8 mph with a wide workout area that can accommodate most people comfortably. You can use this crossfit treadmill for walking, jogging, and running exercises.

Additional features: Other features you’ll enjoy include the Bluetooth connectivity and speakers for your music and stat monitoring via the backlit console.



 High-quality build

The SF-T7515 has non-slip handlebars with built-in pulse sensors


X Does not have cooling fans

X  Lower capacity than most sprinter treadmills (250 lbs)

If you want to burn more calories on a treadmill, consider using the SpeedFit  Treadmill. This manual treadmill enables you to burn up to 30% more calories than when using a traditional motorized treadmill. This is what we call working out smart.

Just like the Assault Air Runner, this treadmill features a unique curved design. The first thing you’ll notice is its strong frame.

 Weighing 308 pounds, the frame is constructed using heavy duty steel to support users up to 400 lbs. you can be assured of your stability when using it for sprinting.

The running surface is worth raving about. The Speedboard ProXL has a uniquely engineered belt for an unparalleled exercise experience. It features a roller belt system.

The slats are constructed using rubber that is incredibly strong and lightweight. This belt is supported by precision bearings that move smoothly and quietly. 

These two features combined provide shock absorption for your body and the spring you need to keep sprinting. This system works so well that you don’t need to hold on the handles to adjust the treadmill’s speed.

For the monitor, you get a smart console that allows you to track the basics; time, distance, calories burned.


This manual curved treadmill requires little maintenance

Can be used anywhere since it does not need electricity

Safe to use; depends on your force


X This U shaped treadmill is heavy to move around

X Somewhat expensive

We recently reviewed one of Lifespan’s fold flat treadmills in this article of compact folding treadmills. For this article, we’ll look at a treadmill from this brand that is suitable for sprinting;  LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill.

Offering a wide comfortable running belt, the TR4000i is an ideal addition to any home gym. 

The wide belt measures 60 x 20 inches and is fitted with 8 compression shocks to ensure your comfort while working out. This belt is run by a powerful 3.25 HP motor that works quietly to ensure the workout surface runs smoothly.

For the console, you get a backlit console with easy to use controls. From this console, you can pick a workout from the 21 preset programs, pick the level of incline, and view your stats. Also, this trainer has 15 levels of incline, ensuring you get an intense workout experience whenever you need it.

How much weight can the TR4000i sprinter treadmill hold? This running machine comes with a strong steel frame that supports up to 350 lbs. Also, the frame is weighs 220 lbs which is a bit heavy to move. Fortunately, the manufacturer has designed it to be foldable and with built in wheels for portability.


EZ fold technology makes it easy to fold and unfold the TR4000i

Has more levels of incline compared to most treadmills in its price point

Workout surface with shock absorption for your knees, joints, and back

Has two cup holders, IntelliGuard track pausing for your safety, and USB port


X Handrails a bit short

X Heavy to move 

The ProForm 505 CST Treadmill is one of the best Proform Ifit treadmills you’ll get. This 2016 model is strong and stable, allowing users a great sprinting experience. Here is what this treadmill has to offer

Frame: Folding, stable, and reliable, these are the three words that describe the 505 CST’s frame. It is heavy, weighing 203 pounds. We like that it is foldable for compact storage with transport wheels for portability. The frame can support up to 325 lbs.

Workout area: Measuring 55 x 20 inches, the running belt is enough for most users. It’s equipped with ProShox cushioning to provide a softer landing for sprinters. 

Programs: If you prefer guided workouts, you’ll love what the Proform 505 CST treadmill has to offer. It has 18 preset intense workout programs and iFit. As we said earlier, iFit gives you access to world class trainers, customized workouts, Google Maps and more.

Speed: When sprinting, you need a treadmill that works smoothly and can pick up speed fast. This is exactly what this treadmill for sprinting offers you. It’s motor works smoothly and quietly, ensuring the belt is moving efficiently. For speed, it ranges from 0.5 – 10 mph, which are great for sprinters. Also, with just the press of the button, you can pick the speed that best suits you.

Additional features: Other features you will enjoy include a strong warranty, tablet holder for your phone, and 5-inch backlit display.


ProShox cushioning allows for low impact exercising

  Incline function for up to 10%

  Has an auxiliary port and dual speakers so you can exercise to the beat of your favorite music

  Takes up little space


X Can be noisy

X Short warranty compared to treadmills within its price 

Types of treadmill for sprinting

There hundreds of running machines on the market. Here are the types of treadmills to consider.

  • Curved manual treadmills

U shaped treadmills have been around for some time now. Most athletes love this type of treadmill because of the non-motorozed concave belt. The belt is human driven. This basically means you the force you put out as you run determines your speed. The slats on the belt move up and back as you run.

  •  Motorized treadmills

You have to be careful when choosing a motorized treadmill. Motorized treadmills are not created equal. Some, such as these best walking pads, are not ideal for sprinting. Their running belts are a bit small. We recommend you opt for larger exercisers that offer larger running belts. An exerciser with a foldable frame would be a great pick. ­

How to choose a sprinting treadmill

Here is what our team looked for when choosing these free run treadmills.

  • Size:

Most options on this treadmill list are large. So, ensure you have enough room in your home gym or opt for a folding treadmill that you can stow away after use.

  • Programs:

Curved treadmills do not come with preset workout programs. But, you can subscribe to workout apps on your phone and use them while exercising.Treadmills come with preset programs to ensure your workouts are focused and intense. Choose a machine that will meet your needs.

  • Cushioning:

Your feet hitting the belt continuously may strain your joints, knees, ankles and back. To minimize the impact, we recommend you choose a machine with good cushioning. The machines above are a great pick and will protect your feet.

  • Console:

You want an simple console so you can work out without having to stop to change incline level or something else. Opt for an exerciser with a large, well-lit console that responds fast to touch commands.

  • Budget:

Honestly, free run treadmills are more costly. This is because the frames are larger for user stability when sprinting. But, if you want to experience hiit training on a treadmill, get fitness equipment that fits your budget best.   

Benefits of using a Treadmill for sprinting

Here are the main benefits of doing prints on treadmill

  1. Burns more calories than traditional running
  2. Reduces risk of injury
  3. Improves motion
  4. Boosts metabolism
  5. Helps build muscle


treadmill for sprinting

What speed is a sprint on the treadmill?

Here is our recommendation for anyone who wants to sprint on treadmill. Start with a walking pace for about 2 minutes to warm up. Then increase the speed to a jog for about 30 second. Slowly increase the speed to between 9 – 12 mph for sprinting for about 2 minutes. To cool down, reduce the speed to jogging. To ensure your sprinting workouts are effective, make sure you sprint at least 80% of the allocated time. For example, for a 20-minute session, make sure sprint 12 minutes.

What is considered a sprint on the treadmill?

A sprint on a running machine means jogging for a few seconds then running full speed at a higher speed. For the jogging, you’ll have to set the treadmill at lower speed rates (3 – 5 mph), for sprinting, go for higher speed rates (8 – 12 mph)

Can I do sprints everyday?

Yes you can sprint for at least 10 minutes each day. And, for more defined muscles we recommend you add at least 10 minutes of other exercises such as squats, calf raises for lower body, and chest and arm exercises and dumbbell shoulder presses for upper body.

Final thoughts

Using a treadmill, curved or motorized, is the perfect way to exercise from your home. If you are looking for best treadmill for sprinting, consider any of the options above.

These treadmills offer enough space to sprint comfortably, are fitted with compression shocks for shock absorption and are maintenance free. We believe you’ll find the perfect treadmill for your home gym here.

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