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7 Best Workout Step Bench in 2021

From health practitioners to sports professionals, the iconic words they all use commonly are ‘Keeping Fit’. Keeping fit does not necessarily mean going to the gym and making all the weights work for you.

The routine exercise that can be done in your living room or in the back yard is the most effective way to keep fit. And depending on your optimal fitness goals, some people require specific equipment.

In this article we will look at 7 workout step benches. These devices are durable, beneficial to all age groups in the family, and cheap to maintain. These aerobic benches are multifunctional, allowing you to use them for different types of exercises.

These benches support other routines like small weight lifting, thus keeping you all fit.

Another advantage/benefit of owning a workout step bench is the size. The benches are smaller compared to fitness equipment such as squat racks or home gym with weights, making it easy to carry and store.

So, which workout deck bench should you buy? Here are our top 3 picks

Product Name
Best Pick
Reebok Professional Aerobic…
Best Value
Escape Fitness Multi Purpose…
Best Budget
Aduro Sport Aerobic Exercise…
Reebok Professional Aerobic...
Escape Fitness Multi Purpose...
Aduro Sport Aerobic Exercise...
Height Adjustability
Position adjustable
User capacity
330 lb
375 lb
550 lb
Resistance bands
Storage compartment
Best Pick
Product Name
Reebok Professional Aerobic…
Reebok Professional Aerobic...
Height Adjustability
Position adjustable
User capacity
330 lb
Resistance bands
Storage compartment
Best Value
Product Name
Escape Fitness Multi Purpose…
Escape Fitness Multi Purpose...
Height Adjustability
Position adjustable
User capacity
375 lb
Resistance bands
Storage compartment
Best Budget
Product Name
Aduro Sport Aerobic Exercise…
Aduro Sport Aerobic Exercise...
Height Adjustability
Position adjustable
User capacity
550 lb
Resistance bands
Storage compartment

Top Rated Workout Step Bench 


+ Non-slip rubber surface 

+ Storage compartment 

+ 3 angle positions

+ Height adjustable 


+ Size: 43.5 x 8 x 13 inches

+  Weight: 28 pounds 

+  User capacity: 330 lbs

+  Color: Black 

For me, I like something real and expandable to as many ideas as possible. I just have too many workout ideas to test.

So two years ago, I decided to do a little research about the Reebok Pro Deck work out bench.

The results honestly were almost similar to any other, but it was not until I bought it for my home gym that I came to understand the real difference. Using the Reebok Pro Deck is like getting into a virtual reality of your own.

 It was not the first equipment in my arsenal, but it outdid all the rest. After my family saw it, they all were fighting to have a taste of it.

This aerobic stepper is friendly, safe, and easy to use. I barely get the chance to use it, especially when everybody is around. The demand forced me to give everyone a workout schedule to get an opportunity to use it.

It is a perfect fitting as it requires small spaces to fit. Here are some of the outstanding features of the Reebok aerobic step bench.

Features and benefits

1. Adjustability; The Reebok Pro step platform is way cooler than the physical layout it possesses. It can be operated in three different positions; flat, incline, or decline positions.

The Pro step bench can be adjusted on the flat position in heights of 7.87 inches or up to 14 inches. These heights aid in improving your aerobic fitness.

They also help you to execute the traditional flat work out bench strength exercises. The incline adjustment on the Reebok Pro Deck work out step bench is made efficient by the opening cap on the upper side.

It is opened in a lid manner and adjusted to an inclined position. This position aids you in proceeding with upper chest building exercises.

These include the flys and presses workouts. The last position is the decline position. The decline posture is attained by easily folding and locking one of the deck’s feet.

This exercise stepper focuses on decline workouts such as crunches or standing rows. The Pro Deck workout bench also comes with a resistance band placed inside one of the clips to enhance exotic stretches.

2. Power Deck Moves; the Reebok Pro Deck Workout step bench gifts you with yet another set of unique postures. It provides a Front Raise signature move that outdoes the deck and resistance tube combination.

This workout can be done when standing or seated. Its fundamental goal is to strengthen the upper body’s front, which includes the chest, anterior delts, and traps muscles.

When you get seated on the floor with your feet placed on the deck in front, you will be doing the Low Row exercise. With resistance tubes, you pull your elbows back to aim at your back muscles and strengthen your shoulders.

The Reebok Pro Deck work out bench is considered one of the best Triceps dip enhancer. With the rubber grip, you are ensured of your safety and adequate exercise procedures.

The Bulgarian Split Squat can be done with any equipment. But not any other equipment can enhance its effectiveness like the use of the Reebok Pro Deck work out bench.

Also known as the rear foot elevated split squat, this is the ultimate leg muscle-building exercise.

3. Storage and size; The Reebok Pro exercise step stool is relatively small. With a weight of 28 pounds, it can be freely moved to different positions. It has a length of 43.5 inches by 8 inches by 13 inches in width and height, respectively.

The deck also offers an internal storage compartment for hand weights, resistance tubes, and other small fitness appliances. This will be a very effective way to store your products without the fear of misplacements.

What we like

  • Can be used as a flat, incline, or decline work out bench
  • Can be used to enhance 26 different exercises
  • Has an adjustable 2 height position
  • Comes with a non-slip textured rubber surface
  • Contains clips to attach resistance tubes for a varied workout

What we didn’t like

  • Has a lower user weight limit of 330 pounds?
  • Does not encourage the use of it in lifting weight because it is not a weight bench

It is effective and impressive to the basic exercises. The workout step bench will help you explore new work out ideas as you can improvise in whatever you do.

2. Yes4All Multifunctional Fitness Aerobic Step Platform

yes4all multifunctional fitness aerobic step platform


+ Durable build 

+ Storage compartment 

+ Position adjustable 

+ Adjustable height 


+ Size:  44. 3 x 13. 4 x 8 inches 

+ Weight: 32 lbs 

+  User capacity: 300 lbs 

+ Color: Grey/blue, Red/black, Green/black 

Ever wondered where you would find one versatile fitness equipment that can serve faithfully? Well, the Yes4all multifunctional fitness Aerobic Step platform offers you just that. 

This Aerobic Step Platform is entirely adjustable to allow you to try all those new ideas and crazy challenges.

And there is more …

The Fitness Aerobic Step can also work as a weight bench, and that makes it interesting.

The manufacturer states that it is able to support most people because it is sturdy; up to 300 lbs. This aerobic exercise stepper is made with non-slip rubber surfaces ensures your stability. Here are some of the things that make it unique.

Features and benefits

1.Durability; the Yes4All Professional Fitness Aerobic step platform is highly praised because of its robust build. It is made out of strong plastic that can support up to 300lbs of weight.

This helps you perform body strength and cardio workouts. It is a multifunctional aerobic step riser that can do almost anything you would like on your workout sessions.

2. Less Spacious; This workout step bench is crafted to save you a more considerable amount of space. It features a foldable design that allows you to use it comfortably within your home.

Besides, this stepper bench is made to be the perfect home gym equipment with its components. The Yes4All professional Aerobic equipment has a small storage compartment for tubes and resistance bands.

It helps your workouts to be smart and beneficial.

3. Adjustability; Weighing 32lbs, the Yes4All Professional workout Step bench has a 2 level height adjustment. A 3 angle positioning for; incline, decline, and flat adjustments.

It also gifts you with 4 different angle adjustability for various needs. With a structure easy to carry and store in the making, the Aerobic Step bench cares for your safety.

The height adjustability is compatible with a click and lock safety point.

What we like

  • Small and ideal for small spaces
  • Can also be used as a weight bench
  • Adjustable to flat, incline, or decline positions
  • The bench is adaptable to various forms of exercises
  • Cheaper to purchase

What we didn’t

  • The rubber none slip is not compatible with all types of floors

3. Power Systems Fitness Deck

Power Systems Fitness Deck


+ Multifunctional design

+ Sturdy build 

+ Neutral color 

+ Easy storage 


+ Size: 48 x 8 x 13 inches

+ Weight: 31.65 pounds 

+ User capacity: 330 lbs 

+ Color: Black/Grey

Ideal for different fitness levels: When you want to upgrade your home workout sessions, and you are worried about where to start, well, it is about time you start considering the Power Fitness System Deck.

That’s because the deck can be used as a beginner’s 8-inch aerobic step. As you advance, you can add exercises from basic lunges to crunches to squats.

Adjustability: With different work out positions, the power system workout step bench can suit all your requirements. Its bench can be adjusted to an incline or decline position to facilitate the swiftness of your exercises.

Strength: You are also gifted with 6 sets of tubing notches to reinforce the different muscle groups you are targeting. No matter what muscle group you are exercising, the power fitness system deck is made to sustain up to 330lbs of weight.

Foldable: With this sort of weight, the power fitness deck is governed by rubber feet to increase stability and reduce injury frequencies. The considerably exciting part about the Power Fitness system is that it can be easily folded and placed in unexpected places.

It can fit even under your bed if you may not have a place considerable for putting it.

What we like

  • It can be moved from point to point around the house
  • It is versatile
  • It has a comfortable bench to use
  • It is worth your investment

What we didn’t like

  • A little bit stressful to use as a weight bench

4. Escape Fitness Multi-Purpose Aerobic Stepper

escape fitness multi-purpose


+ Versatile design 

+ Adjustable backrest 

+ Angle adjustable (3 positions)

+ Built-in storage


+ Size: 43.31 x 12.99 x 13.98 inches

+ Weight: 28 pounds 

+ User Capacity: 375 lbs 

+ Color: Green/Black

If you want to escape (pun intended) from a flabby belly to a ripped core, you need the Escape Fitness workout step bench. 

It offers a wide range of adjustability, 16 different configurations, making it one of the best workout step bench on the market.

From the bench incline and decline capabilities, the Escape Fitness station offers even more multipurpose uses. It has various height settings that aid in plyometric training.

 Below are some of the remarkable features of the Escape Fitness Multipurpose step station.

Features and benefits

1.Bench adjustments; with a two different height setting, the escape fitness can be adjusted to a low setting of 8 inches. This minimizes the collective impact. And a high height setting of up to 14 inches increases the plyometric challenge.

The bench has a backrest that can be adjusted to various angles depending on your target muscles.

2. Multipurpose machine; yes, it is small, but it already works like a gigantic machine. It is not a prototype, but it is the real deal.

With 16 different formats, including a stepping platform, plyometric box, resistance tubes, and a bench that support weight lifting, this is the perfect deal for your fitness sessions. These features make the device outstanding.

3. Storage; this aerobic fitness bench also has a storage compartment. Situated beneath the backrest, it is used to store equipment for effortless accessibility.

Get wild by inventing your moves while using the Escape Fitness multipurpose deck.

What we like

  • It is lives to its expectations
  • It is of quality hence durable
  • Has 16 configurations
  • Variety of positions for incline and decline
  • Has a storage compartment
  • Ideal for numerous exercises including bicep push-ups

 What we didn’t like

  • It does not come with a menu, comes with a mobile app URL, which might not be useful to all customers

How to use the Escape fitness aerobic stepper

5. ER KANG Adjustable Step Workout Bench

er kang adjstable workout bench


+ 4 adjustable positions 

+ Strong build 

+ Foldable design 

+ High user weight capacity

+ Free Resistance Band


+ Size: 48 x 13.4 x 13.8 inches (L x W x H)

+ Weight: 28 pounds 

+ User capacity: 350 lbs 

+ Color: Black/Yellow

To get the best out of your body in training sessions, you should try out the ER KANG workout step bench. That’s because it is adjustable in different areas; the base, and the incline levels or decline.

It also has a safe non-slip base texture that enhances your practice security. A double slip track supports its incline backrest.

This improves the quality of the ER KANG and also the safety when you are leaning on it. Manufactured with a foldable mechanism, the ER KANG fitness deck is easily disposable for storage. It can also be used in small spaces in the house, but it provides significant results.

Features and benefits

1. Multifunctional; the ER KANG fitness deck provides its users with a  6 set of added tubing notches. This allows you to use different rubber tubing to enhance your exercises.

This fitness deck also provides you with 2 adjustable platform levels. They vary the kind of height that can be used in inclined, declined, or flat press.

In conjunction with its various inclinations, the ER KANG fitness deck backrest is further adjustable into 4 different angles. They facilitate any type of exercise and the comfortability of the fitness bench.

2. Fitness deck; to serve various purposes all round, the ER KANG is fitted with a fitness deck that can accommodate and be used in numerous ways.

It can be compatible with storing weights, resistance bands, and other work out materials. In this compartment, you are gifted with a free extra resistance band.

And even more, the ER KANG fitness deck can withstand up to 350 lbs. of weight. It provides a steady and high-intensity ABS deck.

This equipment has done all the math and can’t wait to deliver to its expectations.

3. Design; some people are poor with space in their homes and require equipment that is not bulky and does not add stress to their lives. So, what if I told you that the ER KANG fitness deck is the design for you?

When folded, the fitness deck measures 43.3 inches in length, 13.4 inches in width, and 7.9 inches in height. It can be fitted in your closet and could easily be invisible.

4. Warranty; the ER KANG fitness deck offers a 12-month warranty on replacements and spare parts. That is super amazing, considering other companies offer a limited edition on components to repair.

Besides, you are assured that the ER KANG fitness deck is durable equipment manufactured on quality and not quantity with the warranty.

What we like

  • Has a thick comfortable deck
  • Easy to assemble and foldable for storage
  • Has non slip rubbers that offer stability in workouts
  • Easy to operate and effective on results
  • Worth the investment
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty

 What we didn’t like  

  • Tall people might require risers to use it.

6. Aduro Sport Aerobic Exercise Step Bench

aduro sport aerobic step bench


+ Highest user weight capacity

+ Adjustable height 

+ Lifetime limited warranty 

+ Antislip surface 


+ Size: 27 x 11.8 x 4.2 inches

+ Weight: 6.95 pounds

+ User capacity: 550 lbs 

+ Color: Blue/Black

If you are looking for a workout step bench that supports more weight, well, the Aduro Sport Aerobic Exercise Step Deck is the perfect.

This step-deck supports up to 550 lbs of weight. Well, that’s a lot of weight. And with adjustable heights, it might be the aerobic step-deck you have been looking for.

Manufactured to comply with all necessary safety precautions, it is genuinely an awesome product in terms of its services and quality.

Features and benefits

Steady: The Aduro aerobic step-deck is ideal because it comes with a non-slip base that protects you and your home floor. It offers stability when performing your aerobic workouts, thus reducing accidents.

Its top surface is manufactured to withstand any sort of friction. With a rough patch of diamond groove pattern, it increases the grip when doing your workouts.

Adjustable: With a length of 27 inches, a width of 11 inches, and a height of 4 inches, which can be adjusted to up to 6 inches. The Aduro step deck is built to be user friendly, with a platform that makes you feel secure made out I top quality materials.

It can be stored in tiny spaces under the bed or in a closet.

What we like

  • Has massive stability and steadiness
  • It is not bulky
  • It is worth an investment
  • Its height is easily adjustable

What we didn’t like

  • Its deck is not incline adjustable

7. Lovinouse Professional Aerobic Stepper

lovinouse aerobic stepper


+ Storage space 

+ Sturdy & safe 

+ Compact design 

+ 2 adjustable height positions 


+ Size: 43 x 8 x 15 inches

+ User capacity: 220 lbs 

+ Color: Yellow/Black

The lovinouse step workout bench is an improved version with even better features. It comes with a larger size, increasing the storage compartment. It is available in color yellow and gray and boasts a size of 43 by 13.5 by 8.15

Below are some of the improved features of the lovinouse

Features and benefits

All-around equipment: This fitness station can work for a cardio gym and home workouts, making it different from other equipment types.

Besides, this fitness desk is easy to use and can be used by both professionals and beginners. It is suitable for every family member.

Stability: It comes with a non-slip rubber base that improves stability and safety.

The Lovinouse is made out of heavy-duty material. It is built to accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Adjustability: This device has 2 adjustable heights of 8 inches low and 15 inches high. The station step is also compatible with 3 gear settings to suit various sports activities. This feature makes this fitness desk ideal for both the young and old.

Storage: Unlike most aerobic steppers, this equipment has inbuilt storage. This feature makes it easy to store in any corner of your house without interfering with your space.

What we like

  • It is compatible with storage space for equipment
  • Made of quality with a heavy-duty material
  • Has an adjustable height
  • Has a non-slip rubber base

What we didn’t like

  • It has a low weight capacity

Buying Guide: How to choose the best adjustable workout step bench

  • Quality;

When investing in any kind of equipment, you always look forward to purchasing a long term service deal. Despite your reputation on wealth, having a product that gives you better services will save you the extra penny.

When purchasing a workout bench, checking on its quality is critical. Creating awareness to establish good quality on a workout bench saves you from the random trips to the store after a short while.

Good quality also saves you management and repair costs. To understand some of the best qualities of a product, one should check on the warranty period.

With some companies, they submit long-term warranties. This shows a customer just how they are confident in the quality of their product. The warranty will also assure you that you can always send it back to the manufacturer in case of anything.

  • Budget

The price of any commodity in the market is a significant factor to consider. As a customer who has identified the quality they prefer, one should also consider the product rate.

 When you are purchasing gym equipment, you should not look for the cheapest in stock. I am sure you know the meaning of cheap is expensive.

The cheaper the product, the more the quality might also be compromised. Therefore, to get a fair share of your investment, assess the product’s price and quality. As for the workout benches, they are not necessarily expensive, but they offer good quality.

  • Brand

from an entrepreneur’s perspective, every new day is a new opportunity to impact the market. We have companies that have dominated the market for decades and others rising by the rising sun.

The old companies tend to have the reputation of providing consistent results on the quality of their products. At the same time, the new ones bring a different dimension of thought.

In machinery and related equipment production, the oldies outdo the newbies because they retain their production policy. However, buying a workout bench does not indeed suggest that you have a specific point of approach.

If the product’s quality and price are favorable to you, why not have a go at it? Nevertheless, you should speculate on the terms of the service offered and the warranty.

In case of a problem, you will not be mistreated by the supplier. That’s because serious companies know your value and can’t ignore your concerns.

  • Design;

In other products, the design is crucial to what you want. But in a workout step bench, it might be slightly similar to the rest in this category.

However, a notable design of the workout bench is that it is foldable because it is designed to fit in any corner of your house. The workout benches vary with the size they accommodate and how easy it is to fold them and store them.

Their design is not crafted in a specific platform. They are made flexible and enhance the probability of being easy to set and use. These features make them the best home gym equipment to use at home.

  • Weight Capacity;

The majority of the work out benches are built to sustain a massive amount of weight. However, some are not reliable.

When purchasing a workout bench, analyze whether it can withhold your weight first and any other weight lifts you may consider using. This will help you avoid any unnecessary accidents, struggles, and equipment breakdowns.

After you verify and understand what to consider when purchasing a workout bench, now we can know the type of bench best suitable for you. By the end of the review, I hope I will have answered the majority of questions you might be having.

The exciting part is I am privileged to have used one of this equipment, and I will also share it according to my experience.

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