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8 Best ProForm Treadmills with iFit in 2024

Proform treadmills with iFit are the right running machines for people who want to exercise from the comfort of home. Proform exercise equipment is sturdy, affordable, and offers iFit membership which enables most to achieve their fitness goals.

Our Top ProForm Treadmills with iFit Technology: A Quick Look

Explore our review where we highlight the top ProForm Treadmills with iFit ideal for your home-based exercise regimen. For those seeking a quick glance at our top picks, this is for you:

1. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

2. ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

3. ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

If you’re looking for the best Proform iFit-enabled treadmill, we’ve got you covered. We think the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill is one of the best treadmills for interactive training. It comes at a pocket friendly price range. You’ll get access to an iFit coach, workout apps, and Google Map.

Here are the top eight picks compared.



8 Best Proform Treadmills with iFit Reviews

1. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Best Overall

ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill with 10” HD Touchscreen Display

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Best Features
  • 7 inch backlit console
  • 3.5 chp Mach Z commercial motor
  • 50 preset workouts plus iFit coach
  • EKG grip pulse and incline function
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds

The Proform Pro 2000 is one of the best Proform treadmills with iFit. It has loads of workout apps which is really good for busy runners who want interactive training at their home and need a durable treadmill they can walk or run on so they can achieve their fitness goals.

The first thing we noted about this top-rated ProForm iFit treadmill is its sturdy steel frame. It allows runners up to 300 lbs to use the running machine safely. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty.


For the tread, ProForm Pro treadmills come with large surfaces, and the ProForm 2000 treadmill is no exception.

The Pro 2000 has a 60 x 22 inches running surface that is integrated with ProShox technology which minimizes impact on your knees and joints.

I bet you are now wondering about the console. Now, this is where the rubber meets the road. The ProForm Smart Pro 2000 is integrated with an easy-to-use backlit console.

From the Pro console you can adjust the speed, view your exercising information such as time and steps, track calorie burn, pick a workout from the 50 preset programs, view your metrics, adjust incline and decline degrees, and of course, access iFit coach and more. Speaking of speed, this top-rated machine provides up to 10 mph.

Also, the display has two built-in fans to keep you cool, hand grips with pulse sensors, and dual 3-inch Bluetooth speakers.

With this treadmill, your iFit workouts from home will be both challenging and fun. This Pro treadmill gets a 5-star rating from us. You can run, walk or jog on the machine.


  • This iFit coach Pro treadmill has the best warranties on the market.
  • By subscribing to iFit, you get access to an iFit coach, over 10,000 iFit workout videos, Google Maps, intelligent features like SmartAdjust, compatibility with Strava, Garmin, and Apple health apps, and more.


  • Doesn’t have multiple profile option
  • Treadmill not web compatible

2. ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill with iFit

man using ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

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Best Features
  • 4.25 CHP commercial motor
  • 40 preset workouts plus incline and decline
  • iFit Coach, Google Maps and videos
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs

Certified by the NSF, the Proform Pro 9000 is one of the best iFit treadmills on the market. Compared to the Weslo Cadence g 5.9 treadmill this top-rated smart treadmill is equipped with a 4.25 CHP commercial motor. This type of motor is found mostly in machines used by marathon runners.


The manufacturer has designed this iFit-enabled treadmill to be foldable.  Also, as an added bonus, the Pro 9000 is equipped with  EasyLift system that allows you to lower the running deck in one move.

The ProForm Smart Pro  can support users up to 300 lbs. This capacity is lower than its competitor, the NordicTrack treadmill, but the Pro 9000 makes up for this shortcoming by offering lots of interactive training programs and an iFit coach.

The Pro also offers  ProShox cushioning on the running belt for joints protection when you walk, jog or run. It allows for speeds up to 12 MPH and includes a built-in fan, pulse sensors, and a tablet holder.


  • The ProForm 9000 Pro treadmill has automatic incline and decline.
  • The foldable build allows for clutter-free living and offers a lifetime warranty, 2 years parts and 1 year labor.


  • Not web compatible

3. ProForm 705 CST Folding Treadmill

Budget Pick

man using ProForm 705 CST Folding Treadmill

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Best Features
  • 2.75 CHP motor and incline
  • 5-inch backlit monitor
  • 22 workout programs plus iFit coach
  • EKG pulse grip sensors

If you are looking for a low impact treadmill by top rated this brand, the ProForm Folding Treadmill 705 is the perfect pick.  It is affordable and similar to most high-end options.

For example, its 60 x 22 inch tread is integrated with ProShox cushioning which is designed to protect your back and joints.

Another feature that you will find in other iFit-enabled treadmills is the backlit screen. The ProForm 705 has a friendly 5-inch touchscreen display to track calorie burn, time, and other performance data.

From this window, you can choose a workout routine from the 22 preset programs. It is iFit coach ready and has videos and Google Maps.

You can also select inclines up to 10 percent and choose speeds from 0 to 12 mph. Unfortunately, the 705 is an entry level trainer and does not have a decline function like the Proform Carbon t10. This smart treadmill with incline is integrated with a CoolAire fan to cool you during your iFit workout.


  • Tablet holder allows you to watch workout videos, movies, or music as you workout.
  • Comes with precision balance rollers that decrease tension
  • The ProForm 750 treadmill has a higher capacity than most machines (325 pounds).


  • This fitness machine does not have a decline function.

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4. ProForm 505 CST Folding Treadmill

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill – 2016 model

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Best Features
  • 2.5 CHP motor and incline
  • 18 workout programs plus iFit coach ready
  • Grip pulse sensors
  • SpaceSaver folding design

Another Proform treadmill with iFit for home use is the  Proform 505 CST Folding Treadmill. There are five reasons why the ProForm 505 is so popular.

Steel frame: Nobody likes an exercise machine that falls apart after a few months of use. This Proform treadmill model is made using sturdy steel. The whole treadmill weighs a whopping 203 lbs. This size ensures it is stable and can handle up to 325 lbs.


ProShox : Now this system is incorporated on all ProForm treadmills. This cushioning ensures your iFit workouts are not only comfortable but also safe. It ensures there is very little stress on your knees and joints while working out.

Backlit monitor: When choosing a treadmill, you want it to have a simple console. This Proform treadmill has a 5-inch screen ( see more treadmills with tv screens ) that allows you to choose an iFit workout program, and check your info (calorie burn, time, speeds and more).

iFit coach: Just like other treadmills on this reviews list, the ProForm 505 treadmill is iFit coach ready, has a video library and more.

Space saver design: The ProForm 505 treadmill is perfect for runners with small workout rooms. This minimalist build allows the ProForm 505 to fold in seconds and lock in place. The Lift system allows you to unfold the machines in seconds.

You will also get to enjoy its incline treadmill function, heart rate sensors, audio auxiliary port and built-in speakers. Honestly, the 505 is one of the best Proform treadmills with iFit app. You can walk or run on it.


  • Has with a tablet holder for your phone or tablet
  • iFit app makes it easier to access any world class iFit coach of your liking, online classes, and run on any trail in the world via Google Maps.
  • The compact design makes this iFit coach machine ideal for small spaces.


  • Requires some assembling
  • Cannot use wireless chest strap for heart rate function

5. ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

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Best Features
  • 2 75 CHP motor and incline up to 10%
  • 16 preset workout programs
  • Heart rate monitor and LCD screen

Boasting the ability to protect the user’s knees, joints, and back, the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill is one of the best portable treadmill on the market. Like every treadmill by this brand, this iFit  treadmill has a strong steel structure.


The three words that would perfectly describe the motor are smooth, durable and powerful. You can run for hours on this Proform treadmill with iFit without worry about speed decreasing, overheating, and wear.

Also, this popular Proform treadmill model has cushioning just like other options on this reviews list.  Speaking of the belt, you get a wide 50 x 18 inches running surface that is comfortable and slip-resistant.

The 300i treadmill has a wide 5-inch control panel. This LCD screen allows you to easily pick a workout program to help achieve your fitness goals, and also keep track of your metrics.

This entry level treadmill also has easy-to-reach handlebars and built-in pulse sensors.


  • Ideal for home fitness training and comes with more high tech parts that other treadmills from different brands in its price point
  • SpaceSaver design ensures the machine can be stored in an upright position.
  • User  weight is 300 lbs, with a warranty of 5 years, 2 years on parts and 1 year labor. 
  • iFit membership is not included.

6. Proform  600i Treadmill with iFit

ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill World-Class Personal Training in The Comfort of Your Home

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Best Features
  • 2.75 HP motor and incline 12%
  • 22 on-board workouts
  • EKG grip pulse sensor and LCD screen
  • iFit coach ready

Released in 2015, the Proform Treadmill 600i Treadmill with iFit is a versatile entry level treadmill that has loads of awesome aspects (read more about will Proform work without iFit ). Like the Proform Carbon t10 treadmill, this top rated machine is equipped with a 10-inch HD touchscreen.

This screen makes your every day fitness cardio training easier and more challenging. It allows you to follow your personal trainers, choose a workout program, and check your workout info (time, calorie burn, distance and more).


This console also has other basic amenities such as speakers for your music, a tablet holder, buttons to adjust speeds, and a button that allows you to use the machine without the iFit app.

The ProForm Performance 600i treadmill is integrated with a powerful 2.75 chp motor. Most runners prefer treadmills with over 2.0 chp horsepower because they have the ability to power heavy-duty workouts without overheating.

Like other iFit treadmills, this Proform treadmill model has a large tread incorporated with the ProShox technology which ensures minimal stress on your joints. This machine inclines up to 12%.


  • iFit coach ready plus pre programmed exercises
  • Affordable (price range below $1000) and adjustable speed
  •  iFit app compatibility. Allows you access to thousands of cardio workout programs on the iFit library, online classes, Google Maps, and world-class iFit coaches
  • Exercise equipment is iFit coach ready.


  • The handrails are a bit short.
  • Does not have wireless heart rate monitoring function

7. ProForm 400i Treadmill

ProForm 400i Treadmill

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Best Features
  • 2.5 CHP motor and speeds up to 10 mph
  • Round LCD display
  • 18 workout programs and 10 percent digital incline

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, you can’t go wrong with the 400i. Featuring a wide, comfortable running deck, the ProForm Performance Treadmill 400i is one of the best Proform treadmills with iFit.

Unlike other machines on this reviews list, it has a unique round LCD screen that shows your performance info (time, calories burned, and distance). The console is iPod-compatible, which is another reason we like this iFit treadmill’s console.


Its other highlights are similar to the ones offered by the Proform Carbon T10 chp treadmills we’ve covered above, including a ProShox-cushioned running surface and arms with pulse sensors.


  • iFit coach plus other workout apps and speed up to 10 mph
  • Transport wheels allow users to move the treadmill with ease.
  • Equipped with an iPod compatible sound system and has a weight capacity of 300lbs.


  • Requires assembling and takes time to put together.  It’s good to know that the company offers installation services. We recommend you contact them in case of any issues.

8. ProForm 1800i Treadmill

ProForm 1800i Treadmill

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Best Features
  • 3.5 chp Mach Z commercial motor and speed 12 mph
  • 32 workout programs
  • 2.5-inch balanced rollers
  • 7-inch backlit LCD screen

Our last pick is the ProForm 1800i treadmill. This powerful fitness equipment is powered by a 3.50 CHP commercial motor that ensures it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Another feature that really sets this popular Proform treadmill model apart from other Proform treadmill models is the wireless chest strap that allows you to monitor your heart rate. This chest strap is paired with the treadmill via Bluetooth.

Lastly, the 1800i treadmill, like other machines on this reviews list, comes with iFit app which offers iFit live with an iFit coach, online classes, thousands of workouts and Google Maps. You also get 32 workout programs.

This powerful combo ensures your every day cardio workout has varying degrees of difficulty, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals. The 1800i has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs and has a sizeable belt for smooth workouts. This Proform model is great for full body workouts.


  • This exercise equipment has a large running surface with ProShox for comfort.
  • It has a tablet holder and accessory trays, with a life time protection for the frame.
  • This treadmill can work with different types of chest straps/ telemetry for heart rate monitoring and LCD screen to track your information; time, distance, calorie burn (you might like to read about do treadmills accurately count calories ) and more.


  • iFit membership acquired separately
  • Takes time to assemble

How to Choose a Proform iFit Treadmill

This reviews list would be incomplete if we didn’t show you how we narrowed down the options. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing treadmills.

Treadmill Challenge from iFit app


The first thing you ought to consider is your height; the taller you are the larger the belt ought to be. You want to run comfortably, so when choosing an iFit coach  treadmill, check the running belt size and ensure its recommended for persons within your height range.


Proform iFit treadmills are somewhat large. We recommend you set aside enough room for your treadmill. Also, it would be wise to leave more area for workouts such as push ups, which you can do while holding the base of the treadmill.


A major benefit of choosing an exercise machine with preset workout programs is it takes the guesswork out of your fitness experience. The treadmills above offer preset cardio workout programs. Also, some option offer 1 year membership which allow access to videos, Google Maps and an iFit coach.

This will help you reach the fitness goals you have set. In terms of technology, Proform treadmills have more to offer compared to other treadmills in their price range such as the Icon Health treadmills.

iFit Training using Treadmill


It’s important to pick an exercise equipment that supports your weight. This ensures your comfort and the treadmill’s longevity. Also check that the speed can support the exercises you want to do – perhaps you want to do more running and jogging than walking. Proform treadmills support more weight compared to other treadmills brands such as Icon Health treadmills.


Lastly, your budget will dictate which Proform iFit treadmill you will choose and which iFit membership you’ll have. These treadmills for home-use come at the price point below $1500, with all the bells and whistles for an enriched exercise experience at home.

Final Thoughts

There are innumerable benefits of using a treadmill ProForm on iFit, such as getting a full-body workout, staying active, and losing weight. You get Google Maps which allow you to customize your fitness experience, iFit coach, online classes, Google Maps, and thousands of videos to choose from.

These Proform iFit treadmills offer this and more. You can fold them or store them upright to save space, and they come with transport wheels for mobility. So, if you want to get in shape, any of these top rated treadmills for home use will ensure you have a great exercise experience.