how to get skinny arms

How to Get Skinny Arms

You’re probably wondering how to get skinny arms? Fortunately, there are a set of exercises that will burn calories around your arms arm, toning them.

Now, it’s important to note that there is nothing like spot reduction. Research after research has proved this is a myth. However, combining different exercises that target different muscles, burning more calories per day, then doing exercises that isolate and recruit arm muscles can bring you the results you desire sooner than later.

The exercises we discuss below have worked for millions of people of all ages and will work for you to. What we recommend is you pick at least three exercises to avoid the dreadful workout plateau and consistently workout for at least three months.

Let’s get started …

How to Lose Arm Fat with 10 exercises

Many people underestimate the power of cardio exercises when working to lose arm fat. Don’t fall into this category. There are two ways you can get skinny arms; one, by using machines such as the best arm bikes, ellipticals, home gym with weights, and machines. We’ll cover more on this later.

Secondly, you can use your body weight for arm training. These are the exercise you can do anywhere.

1. Chair Dips

chair dips

This is one of the highly effective exercises that you can use to tone your arms. Besides, it also works your back muscles. The advantage of chair dips is that is can be done anywhere.

You only need a chair or anything which is at least 2 feet above the ground and should be stable. Avoid soft cushioned surfaces like sofas.  Ensure you have at least 3 feet space in front of the chair.

Here is how to slim arms with chair dips

Step 1:

Stand close and face away from the chair or the object of your choice. It can be a stool or bench. As long as the object is stable enough to accommodate your weight.

Step 2: 

Pull your hands back and place them on the chair. Place them shoulder-width apart.

Step 3: 

Move your feet three steps away from the chair and maintain a straight upper body as your arms support the most weight of your upper body from behind. 

Step 4: 

With knees bend to match the chair, lower your body by bending your elbows to allow your body sink to the ground as if to sit down. Hold your position about an inch above the ground and pause for 2-3 seconds. You may also opt to lightly tap the floor with your buttocks. 

Step 5:

Engage your upper arm muscles to push up to the starting position. Repeat the dip and aim at 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions each.

Do not attempt this exercise if you have a bad shoulder. You should also avoid rushing through the motions.

2. Push-Ups

push ups

Push-ups are conventional body weight exercises that have proved to be the best in toning your core, chest and upper arm muscles. Toning your abdomen is a sure way to compliment your effort to achieve a skinny upper arm. 

For beginners, you can start with knee push-ups before you gain strength to perform the full push-ups.

Here is how to get skinny arms with push ups

Step 1:

Get in a plank position with a straight arm, palms on the floor directly below your shoulders.

Step 2:

Lower your chest down towards the floor by slowly bending your elbows until your chest is about 2 inches above the floor. Pause for 1-2 seconds.

Step 3:

Push up back to the starting position. Make sure to make slow and controlled movements for effectiveness.

Push-ups work by the principal of toning your body and building muscles and this makes them an effective way of getting rid of fat in your upper arm.

It is a proven way of getting skinny arms. Perform 3 sets of 10-12 reps each. 

3. Counter Push-Ups

This is a push up done in an almost standing position. Counter push-ups are less intense compared to traditional push-ups. Your arms are lightly worked and this exercise focuses on stability too. You can use your kitchen counter or table.

Here is how to lose arm fat with counter push-ups

Step 1:

Stand close to the counter or table while facing it. Place your hands on the edge of the counter and then take 2-3 steps away from it until your body is leaning forward.

Step 2:

Engage your core muscles to make sure you maintain a straight back as you balance your feet.

Step 3:

Lower your chest towards the edge of the counter by bending your elbows until it almost touches the counter. Pause and push back to starting position.

Aim at 3 sets of 20 – 25 repetitions each. Doing this consistently for 8 – 12 will leave you with well tones arms. Counter push is good for beginners.

4. Scissors

The scissors is an amazing cardio exercise which is essential for burning calories. Every fat losing journey should start from the heart. Cardio exercises cannot be ignored if you want to effectively lose your arm fat. This is a simple fun-filled exercise which is performed by crossing your outstretched arms in front of you.

Here is how to workout arms with scissors exercise

Step 1:

Stand upright with legs shoulder-width apart and arms lifted straight in front of you at shoulder height level.

Step 2:

Bring your stretched arms stretched on the sides and then bring them back in front of you to create a “scissor movement”. You will achieve this by overlapping your hands as they come to meet in front of you. 

Step 3:

Repeat stretching your hands to the sides again and bring them back to cross against each other. Make slow, controlled and rhythmic motions. Go for 15 – 20 repetition and aim at 3 sets.

5. Arm Circles

how to get skinny arms

If toning flabby arms are top on your agenda, then this amazing exercise should not miss in your routine workouts. Arm circles are low impact exercises which can be done with or without weight. 

If you choose to use weights in this exercise, use a maximum of 2 – 3lbs on each side. You can use dumbbells, water bottles or any convenient object that may be comfortable to hold

Here is how to get skinny arms using arm circles

Step 1: 

Start by standing upright or sitting on a ball with your legs shoulder-width apart and raise your arms to extend on your sides at shoulder level.

Step 2: 

Rotate your hands in small forwards circles. Aim at 30-50 small circles. Have a rhythm. Stop. Pause for 2-5 seconds.

Step 3:

 Make 30-50 small backwards circles at a controlled pace. Do not do this exercise if you have a bad shoulder. The rotations may worsen the injury.

These small back and forward circular movements work your entire arm muscles, back and shoulder muscles. This makes Arm circles a very effective option for losing arm fats extremely fast.

6. Weight Lifting

Of all the methods, weight lifting is the widely used technique to help tone muscle and reduce arm fat. It effectively works your arm and core to help your burn fat in other parts of the body too.

Weight lifting for toning flabby arms doesn’t have to be a flashy affair. You can use dumbbells, water bottle or any item which is comfortable to lift. The purpose is to use a 1 kg weight on either side.  However, you should not use breakable items.

Here is how to use weight lifting to get rid of flabby arms

Step 1:

Hold the dumbbell or the weight of your choice in both hands and lift straight above your head.

Step 2:

Tighten your grip on the dumbbells to engage your arm muscles. Bend your elbows to lower the weight behind your head. This motion should be slow and controlled for more efficiency.

Step 3:

Push to raise the weights back to the overhead position. In both motions, make sure you keep your upper arms as close to the ear and head as possible. 

Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions each. You can take a 1-minute rest between each set. Performing this exercise in front of a mirror will help improve on posture and style.

Increase the weight or reps every week as you gain more strength.

7. Biceps Curls With Resistance Band

The resistance band is gaining popularity steadily in the fitness industry. As you seek to lose arm fat, you can use a resistance band to perform superb biceps curls that will tone your muscles and help reduce arm fat real fast.

This is a piece of convenient training equipment which you can bring along with you anywhere you go. You will only need a standing space for you to perform biceps curls with a resistance band.

How to tone your arms with biceps curl with resistance band

Step 1:

Grab the handles on both ends of the resistance band with arms by your side and palms facing forward. 

Step 2: 

Let the band pass underneath your feet. This means you step on the band as you stand with legs shoulder-width apart.

Step 3:

Tighten your grip on the handle of the band so that your arm muscles are engaged. Keep the elbows tight against your ribs as you bend your arms slowly pulling the band up to bring your hands towards your shoulders. This simulates the dumbbell biceps curls.  

Step 4

Lower your hands slowly to the starting position. That is one repetition. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions each. Make sure you don’t lean back or swing as you do this biceps curls. Keep a straight and tight body for maximum efficiency.

You can also use some chest expanders that come with resistance bands for arm workouts.

8. Battle ropes

battle rope

Using battle ropes for losing arm fat comes with a cocktail of benefits. It will improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone your entire arm musculature and help you burn arm fat effectively. It also works your core and muscles. Working many muscles groups makes this exercise good for burning calories.

Here is how to slim arms with battle ropes

Step 1:

Stand with a hip-width stance while maintaining a straight back with knees slightly bent.

Step 2:

Hold the battle rope with both hands and tighten your grip so that your arm muscles are engaged and then raise your hands to swing the rope up and down to create a wave. Slow movements of your hands will create big waves while fast movements will result in smaller waves

Step 3:

Aim at keeping waves alive for at least 30 seconds before you rest. Rest for 5 seconds and repeat another 30 seconds session. Go for 3 sets of 30 seconds each. Will gradually increase the time and repetitions each week as you gradually progress

You can juggle between long waves, short waves, alternating the arms and moving both arms in the same direction. This is a superb way of helping you hit all the muscles effectively thereby increasing the intensity of the exercise.

9. Ball Slams

Ball slamming exercise is a playful way of making your flabby arms firm faster than you can ever imagine. It may not be that fast after all but the fun makes you not to notice the time at all. It generates full body movements which work your arm muscles and are also good for your cardio. You may use a small ball or a medicine ball.

Step 1: 

Hold the ball at chest level and stand in a hip-width stance.

Step 2: 

Lift the ball slightly above your head and bend your knees.

Step 3: 

Slam the ball hard on the floor in front of you and catch it as it bounces back and raises it back up over your head. Maintain a straight spine throughout the exercise and ensure to use your knees to spring up.

Important Tips

Test the ball to make sure it does not bounce too aggressively. The ball should be of moderate weight. When the ball is too heavy, you will not be able to perform the exercise with a straight back.

Perform the repetition with a rhythm while doing your best to involve your entire body in the movements. This will help in raising your heart rate. The bouncing of the ball should be used to launch you to your next repetition.  

Aim at performing as many repetitions as you can do in 30 seconds and pause for five seconds before proceeding to the next rep. Try to achieve 5 sets.

Do not continue with the exercise if you can no longer maintain a straight back or even when you find yourself not being able to hold the ball and raise it slightly  over your. It is recommended to take 48 hours to break after an intense workout to allow your arm to recover.

10. Dumbbell bench press

This list would be incomplete if we don’t mention the dumbbell bench press. Losing arm fat means finding exercises that dominantly engage your arm muscles so that you develop more muscle and get rid of excessive fat. 

Losing arm fat using a dumbbell bench press does not have to involve heavy lifting. Lightweights are perfect for dominantly targeting your arm muscles. This will help you achieve firm and well tones arm muscles faster.

Step 1:

Lie on the bench facing up with your feet firmly planted flat on the floor. Do not execute any motion if your feet are not stable on the ground.

Step 2:

Engage your core muscles to make sure you maintain your spine and backline in a neutral position be in firm contact with the bench. 

Step 3:

Grab the dumbbells firmly and keep your arms close to your ribs as you raise the dumbbells. You should keep your palms facing forward at an almost 450 angle.

Step 4:

Keep your arms tight against your sides as you raise the dumbbells. The palm of your hands should face forward throughout the movement or at a 45-degree angle. Maintaining a tight grip on the dumbbells is a sure way of engaging maximizing arm muscle engagement. Raise until your hands are straight and pause for 1-2 seconds.

Step 5:

Lower the dumbbells slowly back to your chest as your elbows come towards your sides. This will effectively target your triceps. Try to begin with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each and increase the number of sets every week as you progress.

You can use a weight bench with squat rack for incline bench press workouts. 

Machines for arm workouts

If you are a gym rat, here is a quick low down on some machine you can use to tone your arms 

Elliptical: These are the go-to machines for arm workout for most people. You can choose between the best seated elliptical or a standing elliptical. 

Elliptical bike combo: This machine is a mix of the elliptical machine and stationary bike. This elliptical works your arms as well as lower body. For tall users we recommend the best 20 inch stride elliptical

Arm bike: A hand bike is best for elderly. This bike recruits arm muscles specifically. 

Hiit trainers: Hiit machines are an upgrade of the elliptical machines. This cardio machines require only 14 minutes of your time every day to work both the upper and lower body. You can check this proform hiit trainer reviews articles for more.

How to lose fat from arms without exercise

In the quest to lose arm fats and make the flabby upper arm firm, we should stay alive to the fact that not everyone is in the right state of health to exercise.

Factors like illness, physical disabilities and age may be a hindrance to effective exercising. Even though exercising remains to be the unbeatable option, let us look at the following tips that may help us lose fat on our arms naturally.

Control and Balance Calories: This can be approached from a dietary angle. You should remain conscious of the calorie intake and output to make sure you don’t take in more calories than you can burn

Stay Hydrated: You should plenty of water which plays a key role in metabolism. You should significantly reduce the intake of alcohol and sugary beverages.

Eat Breakfast: If you have to skip a meal, breakfast is not it. Skipping breakfast will make you feel more hunger and result in excessive eating later on.


Why are my arms fat but I’m skinny

Having fat arms means that more fat is being deposited there. This is a result of not engaging your arms in enough physical activity which helps in burning fat and toning muscle.

My arms are getting bigger but not toned

If you don’t exercise your arms hard enough, you will end up with flabby arms with more fats than muscle. To avoid this, try to work your arm muscles hard enough to get rid of excess fat and build more muscle so that you have toned arm muscles.

Final Thoughts

There are no specific exercises customized for exclusively losing fats on your arms. However, it all operates on the general, principal of weight loss and calorie burning. A combination of arm-focused exercises, cardio exercises and a good dietary plan is the ultimate way of getting skinny arms.


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