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10 Best Full Body Heating Pad in 2024

What is infrared therapy? This therapy involves the heating of gemstones such as tourmaline, jade and amethyst to release infrared rays that help your body heal naturally. In this article we look at the best full body heating pad that are equipped with these crystals.

Our Top Whole-Body Heat Pad: A Quick Overview

This review focuses on the top full body heating pad best for your needs. For those with limited time, here’s a preview of our top-rated options:

1. Healthyline Tao PEMF Heating Pad

2. Medicrystal Amethyst Mat

3. Charmed Fir Mat

To get the full picture of what each heating pad offers, including its strengths and weaknesses, keep reading!

We’ll review extra large infrared heating pads from renowned brands such as Healthyline, Medicrystal, and Ereada.


Best Full Body Heating Pad Reviews

1. Healthyline Tao PEMF Full Body Heating Pad

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heated Queen Mattress Mat - Tourmaline, Amethyst and Obsidian Gemstones - Negative Ions - Inframat Pro 80

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Best Features Specifications
  • Penetrates body up to 6 inches deep
  • 14 lbs natural amethyst stones
  • 2 lbs tourmaline crystals
  • 2 lbs natural obsidian gemstones
  • EMF-blocking layers
  • Negative ion therapy (up to 1500/cc)
  • Auto shut-off timer (3-6-12 hours)
  • Size: 76 x 32 x 1.2 inches (190 x 80 x 3 cm)
  • Weight: 32 pounds (14.5 kgs)
  • No. of layers: 21 layers
  • Voltage: 110-120 V. Also available in 220-240 V
  • Warranty: 1 year

Here is a quick video on this type of heating pad from Healthyline. Please note, the heating pad  on the video is smaller than the heating pad we’ve covered above.

Here is detailed look inside the Healthyline full body heating pad.


Our first pick is a highly rated pad by Healthyline; the Tao heating pad. This xxl heating pad is large enough to cover your back.

The Healthyline Tao heating pad consists of 14 lbs amethyst stones, 2 lbs tourmaline, and 2 lbs natural obsidian stones.

Tourmaline stones help in:

  • Helps in eliminating toxic metals
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps in detoxification
  • Reduces water retention

Amethyst crystals help in:

  • Relieving stress
  • Reduces swelling
  • Stimulate mind

Obsidian gemstones are great for:

  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing

This Healthyline full body heating pad combines the power of these three stones and help in soothing muscle, soft tissue, and joint pain. It also helps with other conditions such as fibromyalgia, lyme, rheumatism, arthritis and stiffness.

This extra extra large heating pad produces invisible light that can penetrate up to 6-inches inside your body.

Last but not least the Healthyline Tao pad comes with an auto shut-off feature. This temperature and time settings feature turns off the heating pad at intervals of 3-6-12 hours. This ensures you use the product safely.

What we liked 

  • This full body heating pad comes with a carrying case
  • Can be used when lying down or sitting
  • Available in 110-120 Voltages and 220-240 voltage
  • PEMF system

What we didn’t like 

  • Does not have photon light therapy

2. Medicrystal Amethyst Mat

MediCrystal Far Infrared Professional Amethyst Mat 71"L x 32

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Best Features Specifications
  • FDA approved, FCC and CE certified
  • Zero EMF heating system
  • 11 lbs amethyst crystals
  • 10.5 lbs black tourmaline stones
  • Multi-layer waterproof cover
  • Digital controller
  • Size: 71 x 32 inches (180 x 81 cm)
  • Weight: 26.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

Another whole body heating pad to consider is the Medicrystal amethyst heating pad. The first thing you will notice about this large heating pad is its high-quality sturdy construction, which ensures the pad lasts for years.

More on this Medicrystal mat:


This amethyst full body heating pad is wide and long enough for your whole body. It is made up of black tourmaline stones and amethyst crystals. These  gemstones are inserted into red-violet tubes that then form the 18 layers of the pad.

You can see the stones through the V-shaped clear window on the pad. It’s worth noting the stones are untreated and unpainted, so you get all the benefits the stones have to offer.

When these gemstones are heated they release heat and negative ions. The released rays penetrate up to 6-8 inches deep. This Medicrystal heating pad is ideal for:

  1. Reducing joint, back, and muscle pain
  2. Reducing brain fog
  3. Improving mood and sleep
  4. Reducing weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  5. Detoxifying the body

This whole body heating pad with a digital controller. The controller sets and maintains temperature between 86°-158°F (30°-70°C). The timer can be set between 1, 4, 8 or 12 hours.

When you use the Infrared heating pad with amethyst crystal at over 122°F (50°C) for more than 3.5 hours, the digital controller also reduces the temperature to 115°F, this ensures you are always safe when using the mat.

This fir body heating pad comes with a strong 2-year warranty, carrying case for easy transportation, and 3-D air mesh cushioning. You can use the heating pad in bed, when watching TV or after your workout routine.

What we liked 

  • Comes with a waterproof cover to protect it from spills, dust, and sweat
  • Large enough to cover whole body
  • Auto-timer ensures the heating pad is used safely
  • Digital controller helps regulate the temperature easily
  • EMF free

What we didn’t like 

  • Quite heavy

3. Charmed Fir Mat (Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals)

Charmed Far Infrared Heating Pad: Mini Mat with Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy (20" X 31

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Best Features Specifications
  • EMF free
  • 17 layers of natural, untreated stones
  • 6.5 lbs tourmaline and amethyst stones
  • Size: 31 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Charmed Fir mats are some of the best infrared heating pads on the market. This full body heating pad is designed with the user in mind.

It consists of 16 layers:

  • First layer: Fabric made of polyester and cotton. It’s comfy and elegant.
  • Second layer: Made of vinly
  • Third layer: Amethyst crystals
  • Fourth layer: Consists of bamboo carbon fiber cotton material. Helps in emission of negative ions and releases far infrared rays
  • Fifth layer: Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Sixth layer: Copper layer to protect you from electromagnetic waves
  • Seventh layer: Aluminum foil fabric layer to spread heat uniformly
  • Eighth layer: Nonwoven material for heating wire fix
  • Ninth layer: silicone glass fiber
  • Tenth layer: Overheat protect
  • Eleventh layer: Sensors
  • Twelfth layer: More aluminum foil layer to share the heat evenly and protect the bottom from heat
  • Thirteenth layer: Non-woven material that help in emission of negative ion
  • Fourteenth layer: Charcoal layer to keep this full body heating pad odor-free
  • Fifteenth layer: Consists of compressed non-woven material
  • Sixteenth layer: Polyester and cotton fabric that protects the mattress

The rays emitted by this Charmed far infrared penetrated up to 6 inches deep inside the body tissue. The rays help reduce muscle and joint pain, reduce symptoms of lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and more, and help detoxify the body.

This full body heating pad comes with a digital controller that helps you to set the temperature easily. It also comes with a carrying case to make transportation easier.

What we liked 

  • FDA certified
  • Combines the power of tourmaline stones and amethysts crystals
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Comes with a FREE carrying case to make transportation easier

What we didn’t like

  • Smaller than other options on this list

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4. Phymat Full Body Infrared Heating Pad

PHYMAT Far Infrared Amethyst Heating Pad

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Best Features Specifications
  • 5 gems used
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Overheat protection function
  • Free travel bag
  • Size: 29.9 x 23.6 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Temperature: 86 – 158 °F (30-70 °C)

Another excellent full body heating pad to consider is the Phymat full body infrared heating pad. Made of premium material, this amethyst heating pad will fully cover your back, promoting healing and better circulation.

This extra large heating pad is made up of 5 types of gem stones, red jasper, obsidian, amethyst, aventurine, and agate.

When heated, these stones emit natural negative ions and far infrared rays. Speaking of heat, the Phymat heating pad allows you to control it’s temperature.

It comes with four temperature settings ranging from warm to very high temperatures. The manufacturer has included an overheat protection function that turns off the heating pad automatically to keep you safe.

What we liked 

  • Comes with a free travel bag for easy carrying
  • More affordable compared to most brands
  • Made with premium flame retardant materials
  • Allows for sessions up to 12 hours, allowing you to use it overnight

5. Ereada Amethyst Fir Full Body Heating Pad

Ereada Infrared Amethyst Mat - Brown Compact Pro 59"L x 24

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Best Features Specifications
  • 20 pounds of natural, untreated amethyst crystals
  • Adjustable heating (86 to 158°F)
  • EMF free
  • Digital controller
  • Penetrates up to 8 inches deep
  • Size: 59 x24 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Voltage: 110-120 V (also available in 220-240V)

If you are hunting for the best far infrared amethyst, the Ereada far infrared Amethyst full body heating pad  is the perfect option. This far infrared heating full body heating pad measures 59 x 24 inches. this size will cover you perfectly.


The heating pad is made up of 17 layers of thick material

  • Layer 1: Heat resistant, soft and comfy microfiber suede material
  • Layer 2: Transparent Urethane film that allows you to see the amethyst crystals
  • Layer 3: Amethyst crystals
  • Layer 4: Cotton fabric layer that helps distribute the heat
  • Layer 5: Electormagnetic interception layer that protects you from EMF’s
  • Layer 6: ELF PEMF system coils
  • Layer 7: Charcoal fabric layer that emits negative ions and infrared rays
  • Layer 8: Cotton fabric that releases the negative ions and infrared rays
  • Layer 9: Non-woven anion fabric layer that increases the amount of negative ions released
  • Layer 10: EMI (Electro Magnetic Interception) carbon layer that protects your body from harmful EMF
  • Layer 11: Heating elements
  • Layer 12: Thermostat sensors that maintain uniform heat across the  pad
  • Layer 13: Non-woven fabric for heat absorption and accumulation
  • Layer 14: Bimetal switches with an auto shutoff feature for overheat protection
  • Layer 15: Cotton fabric for heat insulation
  • Layer 16: Waterproof fabric that protects the  pad from dust, moisture and spills

Another feature we like in this Ereada far infrared amethyst heating pad is the titanium heating system that distributes the heat evenly across the mat. The heating system is controlled via a multi-functional digital controller.

With this Ereada heating mat you get 7 levels of heat which are easy to adjust using the digital controller. The pad’s temperatures are between 86°F to 158°F. you can set the sessions for 4, 8 or 12 hours.

What we liked 

  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transportation
  • Great for bones, skin, joints and back
  • Helps body detoxify and relax
  • Penetrates up to 8 inches inside the body
  • Can be used in a sitting or sleeping position
  • Also available in 220 – 240V for people in Europe

What we didn’t like 

  • Costs more than traditional heating pads

6. Healthyline Infrared Heating Extra Large Heating Pad

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad - Comfortable and Flexible SOFT Mat Filled with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade Gemstones - Negative Ion Therapy, EMF Blocking Layers - Inframat Pro - 72 x 24 inches

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Best Features Specifications
  • Amethyst gemstones
  • Jade crystals
  •  Tourmaline crystals
  •  21 functional layers
  •  FDA registered
  • Size: 72 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Voltage: 110 – 120V and 220V upon request

The Healthyline brand produces some of the best full body heating pads on the market and the heating pad we are about to review is no exception.

The Healthyline 72 x 24 inches heating mat is one of the largest whole body  pads. This body size heating pad will fit your body perfectly.

It is made up of 21 functional layers. These layers consists of medical grade leather, amethyst, crystals, tourmaline crystals, jade crystals, hot stones and more. Each of the crystals offers unique benefits:

  • Tourmaline crystals: Produce more negative ions than the other stones. These stones promote body wellness
  • Jade crystals: Help reduce cramps, calms the body and brings energy levels up
  • Amethyst crystals: Emits strong infrared rays that enables your body to detoxify

All the stones are crushed which allows the heating pad to conform to the shape of your body.

What we liked 

  • Very flexible; can be rolled up
  • This Healthyline pemf heating pad is large enough to cover adult body
  • Comes with a free blanket that helps trap the heat
  • Combines the power of three gemstones; amethyst, jade and tourmaline
  • Has a digital controller to help you regulate temperature
  • Rays penetrate up to 6 inches inside your body tissue
  • Includes a carrying case for easy transportation

What we didn’t like

  • Quite heavy
  • Does not have photon light therapy

7. Medicrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Whole Body Heating 

Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Single (75”L x 39"W) - Negative Ion - FIR Heat Therapy - Jewelry Grade Natural Amethyst Gems - Original Manufacturer - High End Hot Stone Heating Pad - Reddish Brown

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Best Features Specifications
  •  16.5 lbs amethyst stones
  •  81 pieces of agate stones
  •  Heat from 86° F to 158°F (shown as 30°-70°C)
  •  24 Red Lights LEDs
  •  5 functions: Photon, Far Infrared, Hot Stone, PEMF and Negative IONs
  •  6 PEMF coils
  •  20 functional layers
  •  2 FREE covers
  • Size: 71 x 32 inches
  •  Heating area: 55 x 28 inches
  •  Heating power: 300W
  •  Weight: 34 lbs
  •  Warranty: 1 year

Another full body heating pad to consider is the Medicrystal 71 x 32 inches far infrared amethyst mat. This extra extra large heating pad comes with 20 layers of materials.

These layers include 1.8 pounds agate stones, 16.5 pounds of amethysts stones, high quality purple suede fabric that is comfortable, soft, and easy to clean, 6 PEMF coils, cotton padding for insulation, photon red light LEDs, and charcoal fabric layer for deodorizing smell.

This Medicrystal pad offers photon therapy. Far infrared therapy has innumerable benefits. The most common benefits of photon light therapy include:

  • Promotes better wound recovery
  • Improves skin appearance and reduces acne
  • Helps in nerve regeneration
  • May help alleviate depression
  • May help improve motor function
  • Other conditions you can use this far infrared heating mat for include back pain, spasms, stiffness, overtraining, and tiredness.

Another feature we like about this amethyst pad is the two interchangeable controllers. This digital controller comes with a power on/off switch button,  photon indicator, timer indicator, temperature display, and temperature dial.

What we liked 

  • Controller offer three pulsed magnetism programs (4, 8, 14 Hz)
  • Comes with 2 FREE blankets
  • Great for post workout recovery
  • Out performs previous models; Offers photon light therapy and PEMF therapy. These functions can be used together or separately.
  • Conforms easily to the shape of your body

What we didn’t like

  • Mat not foldable
  • Controller is in Celsius

8. Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad

Sunbeam Premium King Sized Heating Pad with Xpress Heat Technology, Extra Large

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Best Features Specifications
  • 6 heat settings
  • Auto shutoff
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Available in 4 color; Burgundy, Black, Slate Grey, Red
  • 9 foot power cord
  • Size: 12 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years

If you are on a budget, the Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad is the right pick. The Sunbeam XXL heating pad has the same features as a regular pad. However, the key difference is the size.

This Sunbeam pad is designed to cover at least half the back. It is smaller than the other mats on this list.

It is designed to heat 3 times faster than a traditional heating which saves time. The pad measures 12 x 24 inches which covers larger areas than regular pads. You can use it on your back, legs, shoulders and neck.

The pad comes uses 1110 -120V power and comes with an extra long (9 foot) cable that allows you to use it in a comfortable position.

It comes with 6 heating settings that you can customize using the controller. This pad also features an auto-shutoff feature that help prevent excessive heating and conserve energy.

What we liked 

  • Smaller in size making it the best travel heating pad
  • Covered with soft and easy to wash fabric
  • More affordable compared to other pads on this list
  • Strong warranty
  • Heats up faster than regular pads

What we didn’t like

  • Cleaning the pad a lot reduces its lifespan
  • Sessions limited to 2 hours

9. Heathyline Chakra Heating Pad

HealthyLine Full Body Far Infrared Heating Pad - 7 Chakra Crystals for Chakra Balancing Reiki and Yoga - Small Heated Mat 42” x 24” (2nd Ed)

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Best Features Specifications
  • 7 Chakra crystals
  • Time and temperature settings
  • 21 functional layers
  • EMF blocking
  • Size: 76 x 32 inches (190 x 80 cm)
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Voltage: 110 -120 V (also available in 220 – 240V)

Another superb full body heating pad is the Healthyline  Chakra mat. So, what makes it different from other mat?

The Chakra heating pad comes with 7  chakra crystals. What is chakra?


This term refers to the practice of using heated gemstones to enable the body to work in unison. The crystals help get rid of negative energy, enabling the body to function in a balanced and efficient way.

The seven chakras are:

Chakra Usage Color
Base/ Muladhara Associated with safety and security Red
Sacral/Svadhisthana Identified with creativity and passion Orange
Solar Plexus/ Manipula Connected to sense of purpose, will and identity Yellow
Heart/Anahata Associated with love and desire Green
Throat/Vishuddha Connected to voice and communication Blue
Third eye/Ajna Associated with wisdom and conscience Indigo
Crown/Sahasrara Related to unity Violet

This oversized heating pad is equipped with 7 different gemstones; amethyst, red jasper, green aventurine, blue lace agate, sodalite,  carnelian, and yellow aventurine. When you turn on the mat, the stones get heated emit unique rays that help restore your body.

This full body massage heating pad uses 110 – 120 V outlet. It is also available in 220 – 240V for people living in Europe.

What we liked 

  • PEMF system
  • Combines the power of 7 different gemstones
  • Helps detoxify and balance the body systems
  • Comes with a controller to help adjust the temperature

What we didn’t like 

  • No photon therapy
  • Stiff compared to traditional pads

10. Medicrystal 4 Gems Fir Bio Magnetic Heating Pad

MediCrystal Infrared Heat Amethyst Mini Mat - 32"L x 20

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Best Features Specifications
  • 19 functional layers
  • Session time 3, 6, 8, and 12 hours
  • 17 natural agates
  • 48 tourmaline stones
  • 132 amethyst stones
  • 96 natural jade stones
  • Size: 72 x 24 inches
  • Heating area: 55 x 18 inches
  • Temperature settings: 86°-158°F (shown as 30°-70°C)
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Voltage: 110 – 120V
  • Wattage: 220W

Another great option to consider is the Medicrystal Bio Magnetic Mat. This full body heating pad measures 72 x 24 inches and offers 55 x 18 heating area.

This heated area is large enough to cover your whole body. We recommend you use the pad on a flat surface.


This FIR Bio Magnetic offers the power of 4 gemstones; jade stones, tourmaline stones, agate, and amethyst stones. Each of these stones has unique properties that will help restore your body to its proper, balanced function.

Just like the other mats on this list, this pad comes with an easy-to-use controller. You can set the temperature from 86°-158°F. However the temperature settings are indicated in Celsius (30°-70°C). This full body size heating pad is also equipped with overheat protection to ensure your safety while using the mat.

What we liked

  • Combines the power of 4 powerful crystals; jade, tourmaline, agate, and amethyst
  • Sessions range from 3, 6, 8 to 12 hours.
  • Comes with a FREE storage and carry bag
  • Well-made and durable

What we didn’t like

  • Temperature settings in Celsius

Gemstones Healing Properties

Most of the mats from our list above use gemstones. The most common crystals used include amethyst, jade, tourmaline, and agates. Here is what each crystal has to offer

1. Amethyst crystals

Amethyst stones were used in ancient greek. People in that time believed these crystals were powerful enough to protect one from poisoning, intoxication and evil energy.

Today, through numerous studies, amethyst stones when heated have been proven to help with crown chakra, the nervous system and sleeping disorders

2. Tourmaline stones

A full body heating pad with tourmaline stones will help you detoxifying your body, improving circulation and water retention, and eliminating toxic materials from your body.

3. Jade crystals 

An extra large heating pad with jade crystals will help in detoxifying the body, improving circulation and reducing pain.

Full Body Heating Pad FAQs

1. Are far infrared heating pads good?

Far infrared heating pads offer better heating treatment compared to traditional heating pads. Fir heating pads contain healing crystals such as jade, tourmaline, and agate. These crystals, when heated, produce healing rays that will help your body heal naturally.

2. How to use an extra large heating pad

After purchasing your mat, it is understandable that you want to try it right away; that is what I did too.

You want to get the most out of your pad.

Here is how to use it effectivitely

  1. Place the body heating pad on a flat surface.
  2. Unfold the blanket. Most mats, especially from Healthyline, come with foil blankets. This blanket is designed to trap heat and reflect it back to your body.
  3. Set the temperature and session time
  4. Lie down on your mat
  5. Cover yourself with the blanket and enjoy

3. Is it okay to use heating pad while pregnant?

Another frequently asked question is can you use heating pad while pregnant? Yes you can use a pad restrictively. However there are some few things to keep in mind.  Most pregnant women complain of joint and muscle pain and a using a  pad is a good option at reliving pain naturally. Here are a few things to keep in mind while using a mat

  • Avoid mats with PEMF. Stick to pads such as the Sunbeam King Size
  • Sessions should last for 20 minutes only
  • The pad should not come into contact with your skin
  • Use the lowest heat settings
  • do not use the pad on your abdomen/belly
  • Also consult your care giver before using a pad

3. How long to use heating pad?

This depends on how healthy you are. We recommend you start with sessions of 20 minutes and increase the sessions per your needs.

4. Who should not use a pad?

Mats should not be used by people:

  1. Who have pacemakers
  2. Pregnant women should use PEMF mats restrictively

5. How does heating pad help back pain

Most of us experience pain such as si joint pain, stiffness and/or muscle spasms on our back. A good pad promotes blood circulation which ensures oxygen and essential nutrients reach the hurting muscles. When the muscles receive these vital products, your back will start to heal itself.