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Feet up Trainer Review: Features, Pros, Cons and more

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you must have come across inversion training. It involves being partially or fully upside down. This may help in relieving pressure on your back as well as provide relief to your joints. To pull off the right yoga poses, you need the right tools.

This is where a headstander yoga bench, especially fit up trainer comes in. It holds your shoulder in position so that you are able to pull off your inversion training safely and with so much ease. This article looks at the FeetUp Trainer, its features, and tips for using the trainer effectively for your exercises.

Full Review: Feet Up Trainer

feet up trainer

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Features and Characteristics of the FeetUp Trainer 

The FeetUp trainer is a wooden trainer, which you can use to do inversion exercises. It has a compact design that reduces its footprint in your exercise room. Here are some of the major features of the trainer.

The Build

The Feet up trainer is made of a wooden frame with a white vegan leather padding. The stool is delicately crafted to enhance its aesthetics and shape without having joints at the very top. 

The supports have been joined to the legs with the use of screws rather than nails to prevent the formation of cracks by the joints and for the ease of disassembly.

 This trainer is simple but strong and should be able to hold weights above 250 lbs (114 kg). This is the stated maximum based on how your body would react in an inverted position. 

It may be risky for overweight people to do inversions. The chair has a ground clearance of about two feet. This is enough to do your inversions without touching the floor with your head. 

The shoulder space between both sides of the convex cushion is about 10 inches. If you have a narrower shoulder span, this product may not hold them as you do your inversions. Due to this, the product is not ideal for children or people with very narrow frames.

When getting started with inversion exercises, you are better off placing the trainer against the wall. This will prevent you from pushing it too hard to balance your weight and lift your legs.

 However, when you have learned the loops, you can do your inversions at any point in the house. Remember, the legs are not screwed to the ground. Therefore, you need to take your time and lift your legs slowly. Jerky movements are likely to throw you off balance. 

If you are a heavier person, consider using an inversion table

Comfort and Ease of Use

When upside down, the FeetUp cushion feels comfortable and does not pressure your head or chest. As said earlier, it is made using vegan leather. 

Vegan leather is made from sustainable materials and plant derivatives. Therefore, it is eco-friendly and vegan friendly.  The cushion is quite strong but still soft enough not to injure your neck and shoulder muscles.

The trainer comes pre-assembled and ready for use. Therefore, you just need to unpack it and start using it right away. However, it is important to check if its nuts are fastened well before your first use. 

A Phillips screw can fasten the joints with ease. This product also comes with a handbook that explains and illustrates several poses that you can pull off with the trainer. All of them are fun exercises that you should try once you get the trainer.

Design and Aesthetics

The fitness equipment has a simple design to enhance functionality. However, a great deal of craftsmanship has gone into the frame as it is crafted out of wood without a joint at the top of the trainer.

 The wood surface is polished with a shiny, glossy finish that gives the trainer a beautiful light brownish look. 

This is workout equipment that you can keep in your living room without looking odd to the eyes of your visitors. Unfortunately, you just have to pick brown and earth tones or go with black.

Multi-Use Capabilities

Sometimes you would need a chair that you can use as a leg stand, a coffee table, or maybe for use with your children when not exercising. Unfortunately, the Feet Up trainer does not support other uses except for training. This is because the cushion only covers about a third of the trainer and in a convex shape. You are also do not want to damage your trainer by placing heavy objects on the cushion.

With the major characteristics discussed above, let us take a quick look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The trainer is very robust: It does not buckle when you use it as support to lift your legs. This makes you feel confident and safe as you do your inversions.
  • Comfy and fun: You do not feel the pressure when you press your neck and shoulders against the cushion. It is suitable for people suffering from injuries.
  • You can also use the trainer as a prop for other postures such as the single angle pose, forward fold, and shoulder stretch.
  • It is an eco-friendly, vegan product made from sustainable plant sources, waste, and recycled products. Therefore, when buying it, you are actually taking care of the environment.
  • The inversion trainer has an ergonomic structure that resembled the balance that comes with hatha yoga asanas. Besides, the natural curve is symbolic of the flexibility that comes from regularly practicing yoga.
  • It helps improve the strength of the body’s core, which is key to enhanced strength and flexibility.
  • The inversion trainer is quite durable and easy to maintain compared to a decompression table. The cushion is also easy to clean and does not attract any dust


  • It has little choice of colors and materials. However, you will be looking more at the functionality and not the color choices.
  • It will not allow you to go deeper if you are an advanced practitioner. It is more helpful for students learning about inversion exercises and not for deep yoga enthusiasts.

What exercises can You Perform with the FeetUp Inversion Trainer?

When making a purchase, it is good that you determine what your tool can achieve so that you know if you are getting value for money.

  • Head Stand

This pose starts with a deep squat. You then fold yourself forward and place the top of the head on the ground. 

You can then interlace the fingers behind the head with elbows and forearms resting on the ground. Besides, you can place the palms flat just a few inches from your face.

Pick an arm position that you feel comfortable. Place your head at the space between the cushion. Then, gently lift your hips as you keep the toes to the ground. 

Continue lifting the hips until you stack them above your shoulders. Once you have the hip overhead, float your feet up, and bring the body into a straight line.  

When starting on the poses, you may place the inversion trainer against a wall to help with the balance.  You can learn to exercise without any other assistance.

  • Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand is one of the easiest inversion stands to make and one of the easiest to do for starters. Start by lying on your back with the trainer just above your head. 

Then, pull your legs slowly so that they are above the chest. Then use your hands to help raise the hips in the air. The shoulders should now be on the cushion, and the head slightly lifted above the ground.

 Use your hands to grab the lower back before wiggling your body into an upright inversion position. Take deep breaths while at it so that you are comfortable and relaxed.

To get the most out of the exercise, be sure to lengthen your body as you tighten the abs and extend your legs. You may feel your back stretching as you stand straight

. Keep pushing until you start to feel some tingling. At the start, you may not achieve a straight shoulder. However, with time, you can improve your posture and invert straight.

  • Forearm Stand

You can also make a forearm stand with the Feet Up trainer. It involves inverting your body while the forearms are in the ground. The move is quite difficult and may require practice to do right.

 In this case, the inversion tool serves as an arm stand along the lengths of the frame. This is recommended as the first inversion training before learning the headstand. Besides, consider trying it before going for a freestyle handstand pose.

 If you are a beginner in the pose and have a hard time balancing, you may consider starting with a scorpion pose. In the pose, you arch your back such that the legs face your head and not straight. This evenly distributes your weight for better balance.

  • Handstand

This pose is especially helpful for the entire upper body, particularly your traps and shoulders. You also get to work out your forearms, wrists, and hands. 

You can do the exercise more effectively by placing your trainer against the wall so that you are able to find your balance. Start by kicking up with the back facing the wall with your hands on the ground just outside the frame of the trainer. 

This allows the shoulders to lie on the cushion and support part of your weight.

  • Core and Butt Training

You may use the Feet Up trainer to strengthen your core or butt by putting pressure on your midsection. The trainer causes some imbalance in the body that causes you to engage your core to maintain your balance.

 In most cases, you use the cushioned part to perform the core-strengthening exercises. 

One of the popular core strengthening exercises involves placing the head into the trainer and then lifting the butts to a point where you are just lifting your legs and suspending the toes a few inches from the floor.

 You take a slow breath at the start of the exercise and lengthen your inhaling as you pause and count five. Your weight lies on the core in this case. 

You may also do leg exercises by placing one or both legs on the cushion and suspending with one arm. Cardio enthusiasts can vary their press-ups by placing both legs on the cushion and doing their press-ups.

  •  Customer Support

There is a community of Feet Up trainer enthusiasts on the manufacturer’s page. Here you can get to exchange material and interact in various fitness forums on the platform.

 Besides, there is lots of information, trainings, and FAQs to help you get started or solve a problem with the trainer. The information in the form of videos and text and is easy to follow. 

If you still have a problem using your item, you may be assisted by the customer care service using the contact methods on the platform. The customer service has good reviews from users who have reached them in the past.

  • Guarantee

The manufacturer gives a 30-day money guarantee for the product. However, this offer does not apply to bulk orders and discounted products. 

Besides, the trainer should be in the same condition as you had bought it. If you are not eligible for the guarantee, you still have a year limited warranty where you can get eligible replacements and repairs.

Are there any effects of using the Feet Up trainer for beginners?

You may feel a little uneasy when getting started with your inversions, especially due to the change in the pull of gravity. It is okay to feel a bit light-headed in the process.

 It is recommended that beginners should start slowly with exercises split across an extended period. This helps your body to adjust to the new pose. 

You should also avoid holding your breath when practicing any of the exercises on your trainer. You are better relaxed when breathing normally than taking deep long breaths. 

There is no limit to how many times you can do your inversions in a week. It all depends on your goals. You will find it hard at first, but with time, it gets easy and fun.

 Once most of the adverse effects stated above will fade away, you should start to enjoy the addictive inversion exercises. However, expectant mothers or those with high blood pressure should not use the product.

 People who have eye infections, breast implants, or recent Botox injections should seek advice from a healthcare professional before using the trainer.

Best Alternative to Feet Up Trainer

Here are some of the alternatives that you can use instead of the FeetUp Trainer

1. Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

restrial life yoga bench

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This inversion bench boasts of ergonomic design and robust support. It can be used in any level of training with excellent results. 

The frame is made of natural wood with a cushion made of synthetic material. It is quite easy to carry around, sturdy, and you can assemble and disassemble it with ease.

You can use the bench to achieve shoulder and headstands without requiring handles and arms. Its cushion covers a wide area of the top surface for those headstands that you do not want to do on the floor.

 It has a cushion that you separate in two so that you are left with a piece like that of the FeetUp trainer. This then supports your shoulders in other yoga poses.  

 The frame can hold up to 250 pounds, just like the FeetUp trainer. Its manufacturers promote it as an anti-aging product, but it is also a good health-enhancing and back stretching trainer for any yoga or fitness enthusiast.

2. Wonderview Yoga Inversion Chair

wonderview yoga bench

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This inversion chair is made of a steel frame and high-density PU cushion. This enables it to handle weights of over 280 lbs. It has a full cushion with a convex-shaped, removable piece. 

While the cushion is hard to deform, it is also soft on your shoulders and neck muscles. This enables you to do various exercises, including the headstand, or remove it to do shoulder and handstands. The form covering is easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

The front of the chair has a non-slip pad, which allows you to lift your lower body with ease and without the risk of slipping. The reinforced steel ensures that the chair lasts long, even with regular use. 

You may also use it for other purposes at home such as push-ups, a coffee table, footstool, or your children’s table. Most users vouch for this model as the best alternative to the Feet Up trainer.

3. Sisyama Fitness Yoga Headstand Chair Inversion Bench

sisyama yoga bench

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Sisyama has created a larger, wider inversion trainer than most of the brands in the market. It claims that its brand can facilitate deeper stretches and enhance resistance training. 

 Besides, it takes up a modern base design that looks like a tripod to allow you to carry it and position it with ease.  It also has rubberized handles on the front that helps you find your balance, especially if you are getting started with inversion exercises.

Unlike the Feet Up trainer, this model is a minimalist design made of a metal frame and synthetic cushion. The metal frame ensures strength, durability, and stability.

It can also be folded after use, which is not the case for the FeetUp trainer. The feature allows you to carry it with you wherever you go and enjoy inversion exercises outdoors. 

This trainer is cheaper than the Feet Up trainer and is suitable for people looking for functionality and price savings.

4. THUNDESK Inversion Bench Headstand Prop Upside Down Chair

thundesk yoga bench

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Thundesk has created an inversion exercise chair that looks more or less the same as the FeetUp inversion trainer. It is made of beech wood frame, which strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds.

Besides, it has a durable faux leather cushion that is easy to clean. The leather cover protects a thick foam that does not get deformed with regular use. Faux leather is more resistant to scratches than natural leather.

Besides, the chair has a compact design with a minimalist feel to it. Therefore, it will not be taking much of your room if you are squeezed.

 Given its ergonomic design, you can put it in any room and still look nice as part of the overall style. While it does not have a full foam at the top, the cushion is large enough to do various exercises with relative ease.

Conclusion and recommendation

FeetUp is the original creator of the inversion exercise chair. It has remained true to its promise for a sturdy, ergonomic chair, which you can use for your yoga exercises. 

The company has gone a step further to ensure that the chair is constructed with sustainable materials along with recycled ones. The vegan cushion is hypo-allergic, soft, and easy to clean.

 If you are a yoga enthusiast, this chair offers you the benefits of inverting your poses and practicing other awesome ones. On the other hand, you may purchase it for regularly decompressing your spine, particularly if you walk or sit a lot. With decompression, you feel fresh and experience less fatigue. For fitness gurus, the chair is a great way to vary your exercises and strengthen your core. You will realize there are a few tools you can use for your core strengthening exercises. Fortunately, this is one of the few. You may also check its handbook for added exercises that you can perform with the chair.

Overall, FeetUp trainer is ideal for just any person looking for ways to stay healthy and relax both the body and mind. It is a simple exercise tool with tons of uses. Unfortunately, some people feel that it is too small and cannot be used by overweight people. It is also more expensive than most of the similar inversion chairs on the internet. However, most yoga instructors vouch for the chair for safe yoga inversions.

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