home remedies for neck pain

7 Home Remedies for Neck Pain

We look at home remedies for neck pain.

Neck pain is atrocious. One moment you are fine, the next you cant even turn your head! There are various causes of neck pain such as wrong sleeping positions, lifting heavy objects, or rib dysfunction.

 Also,  your neck is bound to pain if you spend hours hunched over your computer, tablet or smartphone.  The good news is, the list below has some awesome  home remedies to relieve neck pain.

Easy home remedies for neck pain

1: Set your workplace to be ergonomic

proper workplace posture

Chances are you will experience neck pain if your workplace is not properly setup. The chair should be in a position where your eyes are level with the monitor, feet on the floor and your arm can rest on the desk.

The chair should have a headrest this helps to keep the spine in a neutral position. When sitting make sure that the back is rested on the chair is straight. 

It is also important to take 5 minutes breaks to stretch your spine. If you are seated for long hours here is some exercise you should do during your break:

  • Move the shoulders back and forward.
  • Circularly move the head.
  • Squeeze shoulder blades together.
  • Use a far infrared heating pad

2: Use the right sleeping positions

Ever gone to sleep to wake up with a stiff neck? This may be due to your sleeping style, or sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Sleeping with the stomach is discouraged since you end up twisting the neck. Try sleeping on a firm mattress with or without a pillow.

Water pillows are said to provide better comfort since you can adjust them to be firm or soft depending on what you want. Simple exercises of rotating your head from side to side can help get rid of the pain.

3: Rib dysfunction

Most people don’t realize that when the first rib is elevated, they are bound to experience neck pain. If the scalene muscles are shortened, they fail to raise the first rib because they are tight. This leads to stiffness in the neck.

Rib dysfunction can be dealt with a simple exercise whereby you place a belt/towel over your shoulder. Hold the belt with your other hand and bend toward the side of the rib you are depressing. This exercise should be done for 20 seconds and then repeated.

4: Do not lift heavy things

lifting heavy objects

Have you been carrying heavy boxes lately? Well, it could be the culprit behind your stiff neck. Performing tasks that your body is not used to always leads to neck and back stiffness

This is because the muscles become injured due to overstretching or overexertion. When lifting heavy things make sure that you do not tilt your head, your ears should be above the shoulder and try as much as possible to make the neck be in a neutral position to avoid stiffness.

5: Use cold and heat therapy

hot and cold treatment

Cold therapy is recommended for acute musculoskeletal injuries like neck pain. When neck stiffness happens, the blood may clot in the vessels leading to swelling. For you to get rid of the pain;

  • Take a bag of veggies from the freezer.
  • Compress it on the stiff part of the neck.
  • Do this for half an hour

When you have chronic pain, prolonged over a long period, on the neck, heat therapy is advisable. A herbal bag which can heat with a microwave or any other source is made for relieving chronic pain. Repeat the same process as for cold therapy, but it should be done three times a day.

Heat therapy is better than cold therapy since it improves blood flow.

Tip: You can use Biofreeze or Bengay to reduce the pain

6: Exercise

Neck stiffness can be triggered by different things depending on the environmental factors. You can be driving or chatting just to try and look the other side and find it hard or impossible. Here is some simple exercise that you can do:

  1. Try to rotate your neck. Do this for some few minutes a day
  2. Bring your head close to the shoulder, and then face your feet move backwards .your head should be in the same position.
  3. Stretch your neck side to side while holding a deep breath.
  4. Stretch the neck within pain tolerance. Once you feel pain return the neck to where you feel less pain. With time your pain-free motion will increase.
  5. You can also include inversion therapy in your workout routine.

7: Massage

The neck is made up of muscles. Deep muscles massage is required but should be within the limits you can withstand. You can get help from a trained massage therapist. The message can take 30 minutes or more.

 You should start focus on the neck, shoulder and the back of the skull. The therapist can first advise you to drink lots of water which helps to reduce the concentration of lactic acid. The first massage helps minimize acute pain, but with long sessions, you can treat chronic pain.

8: Acupuncture


Acupuncture is one of the best home remedies for neck pain. Since time in memorial the Chinese have been known to use versatile traditional methods to treat neck pain. 

Acupuncture involves inserting needles where one is experiencing pain. This method helps the body release some chemicals that react to minimize the pain.

This method has been studied by some scientists and it was proven that it works perfectly. This treatment is being practiced by various professional healthcare worldwide.

The Bottom Line

Neck pain is a major health issue and is as a result of several factors.  You can get it due to hunching at work or when playing video games, lifting heavy objects or by using the wrong type of mattress.Use the right method to get rid of neck stiffness In the article above we have covered some home remedies to neck pain.


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