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9 Best Pink Treadmill in 2024

Exercising from home is the new normal. A pink treadmill help in training at home, reducing the need to go to a gym. These pink treadmills are folding, have preset workout programs, personal trainer, and offer maximum speed of up to 10 mph.

Our Top Pink Treadmill Machines: A Quick Overview

In this article we review 9 treadmills that are ideal for people of different fitness levels. Some can fit under a desk for office use while others can fold flat for easy storage. All these pink machines are affordable. Here are the top 3 picks.

1. Confidence Treadmill TP-1

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna Spaceflex

3. Goplus Folding Treadmill

To get the full picture of what each pink treadmill offers, including its strengths and weaknesses, keep reading!


Top 9 Best Pink Treadmills

1. Confidence Treadmill TP-1

side view of Confidence Treadmill TP-1

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The Confidence Treadmill TP-1 is the perfect option for runners looking for a pink folding treadmill. One of the things most of us struggle with is space for our fitness machines. If you are working with limited space, the TP-1 will save you from the headache of having to move stuff around.

Its size is small compared to larger trainers such as the Assault Air Runner. It is also foldable to save space when not in use. You’ll find a knob on the handlebar that makes folding and unfolding easy. Also, the manufacturer has added transport wheels to the base for easy portability. It’s is coated with white and pink paint for durability.

Tread: Recently we reviewed the best fold flat treadmills for under bed . In the article, based on our experience, we advised to go for options with cushioned belts. The Confidence Treadmill TP-1 does not disappoint. Its is well-built and cushioned to protect joint and back against impact.It’s worth noting it’s on the smaller side, and may be limiting to taller user.

It is powered by a 1HP motor. There are two things we noted about the it; one, it’s good for light running and walking exercises. Two, if you are planning on interval training, it can be limiting. For speeds you get from 0.5  to 6 mph max. These speeds are great for slow walking, brisk walking, and light jogging. The Confidence treadmill unfolded dimensions are 49 by 24 by 11 inches while folded dimensions are 49. 5 by 27. 5 by 25″


  • This pink treadmill has a built-in safety key for emergency stops
  • Water bottle holder helps you keep water close so you stay hydrated
  • Affordable compared to most products in its price range and good warranty
  • Transport wheels for mobility and LCD display for workout data; time, steps and more


  • Does not support intense routines

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2. Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna Spaceflex 7750p Treadmill

SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS Asuna SpaceFlex Electric Treadmill with Auto Incline

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Sunny Health & Fitness is an industry leader. For over 10 years, this US based company has produced remarkable fitness trainers ranging from bikes to treadmill to rowers.

Their Asuna Series consists of smart folding treadmills that are user friendly and affordable. I own an Asuna which is similar to this pink treadmill; the 7750p.

Sunny Health & Fitness boasts of designing durable products and this pink treadmill is no different. Made of steel, it is strong and feels stable. The testers who used this product weigh below 220 pounds since that is the recommended maximum weight. They described in as strong and stable. No shaking or vibrating. Also, the 7750 treadmill has built-in handles for added stability.


One drawback our team noted is the handles are shorter than the handles on other units on the Asuna series. But, this is not a deal breaker. The 7750p is foldable; folds completely flat. A pink electric treadmill is ideal for anyone with limited home gym space. You can store the 7750 p under a couch or under your bed when not in use.

The Sunny Healthy and Fitness 7750p offers a larger belt compared to the previous pick, the Confidence Fitness Treadmill TP-1.

This small pink treadmill is equipped with a 51 by 19 inches deck that supports even tall people. The tread is integrated with shock absorbing technology to protect user knees and back from impact. It runs smoothly and is powered by a 2.5 peak HP motor. It is quiet and does not overheat. If you are a mom, you can schedule your routines when your little one takes a nap and don’t have to worry about interrupting their sleep.

Sunny Healthy and Fitness 7750p features

LCD display: Now, whenever you are looking for a treadmill for home use or go to your local gym, always go for a treadmill with an easy-to-use console. This is what this pink treadmill from Sunny offers.It has a large LCD display screen with 6 LED screens. You can keep an eye on information such as time calories burned, speed distance, time, heart rate, and incline.

The 7750p pink treadmill has built-in pulse sensors. The Confidence Fitness Treadmill TP-1 does not have heart rate monitoring which makes this feature a plus for the 7750p.Heart rate monitoring ensures you exercise at the right intensity. It prevents undertraining or overtraining.

features of SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS Asuna SpaceFlex Electric Treadmill

Also, the fitness 7750p’s LCD display allows you access to 8 preset programs that takes out the guesswork from your routine.

Incline: Another feature that stands out is the incline function on the 7750p. Most trainer swithin its price range do not have this super awesome and important feature.

This Sunny Health & Fitness electric treadmill offers 12 levels of incline. Incline on treadmill is like running uphill. It engages more muscle groups, burning more calories per minute. The incline function is automated, so you can control it via buttons on the console. If you prefer a treadmill with higher incline function, you can check out some inclining and decline treadmill we tested recently.

SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS Asuna SpaceFlex Electric Treadmill with Auto Incline, LCD and Pulse Grips, Speakers, Tablet Holder



  • Integrated with soft drop system that makes unfolding easy
  • Fold completely flat for storage under bed or couch
  • Transport wheels for easy portability
  • Has max speeds of 8 mph for intense workouts


  • Warranty short and does not have water bottle holders

Here is more on about this pink treadmill

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3. Goplus Folding Treadmill

Goplus 800W Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine

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 Goplus is a top fitness brand that provides durable and affordable equipment. For this review, we’ll look at the Goplus pink and white treadmill that can fit in small apartments, RV or even the balcony.

The first thing we noted was the strong frame. Made of high-quality steel, it is not only durable but stable too. You can run at high speeds comfortably.

Goplus Folding Treadmill adjustable speed

It is coated with pink and white corrosion and scratch resistant paint. You can work out without worrying about sweat ruining your treadmill. Like our other picks, this Goplus pink treadmill is foldable to save space. It un folded dimensions are 56 x 24 x 45.5 inches while the folded dimensions are 37.4 by 57.9 by 26.8 inches. Now, another feature that has runners raving about this electric trainer is the pink deck. Honestly, it’s pretty. It stands out.

Goplus 800W Folding Treadmill clear monitor

And, on top of being pretty, the tread is large 39 by 14 inches, accommodating all sizes of user. Now, it is cushioned but it’s not as cushioned as other Goplus models that we’ve tested. I think this is due to its price range, so they cut back on some of the parts. But, the cushioning is okay.

Goplus 800W Folding Treadmill with LED Display and Mobile Phone Holder



  • Has transport wheels for easy portability
  • Foldable size for easy storage. Can be stored upright or under the bed
  • Has long handles for stability and Supports weight up to 220 pounds
  • Has three years warranty which is an excellent warranty


  • Lower speed limits and Limited horse power 1.5 HP

4. Murtisol Treadmill T09D

Murtisol pink Treadmill T09D

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If you are looking for an affordable treadmill with a higher weight capacity than the options we’ve already looked at, we recommend the Murtisol pink treadmill. But be warned, because of its price range, it does not offer any extras

To describe it in simple terms; The Murtisol treadmill is a fitness machine for anyone looking for a treadmill they can hop on and just train. No speakers for music, no heart rate sensors, no cooling fans. No frills. This pink treadmill allows for speeds of up to 6.3 mph. These speeds are okay for most people. But, if you want to do interval training on a treadmill, we recommend you try any of these a more powerful pink treadmill.

The T09D by Murtisol has a sturdy, stable frame that has a weight capacity of 265 pounds. So far the treadmill we’ve looked at support weight up to to 220 lbs so this is a bonus. If you weigh below 265 lbs, you can use this pink machine comfortably. It comes with a cute pink belt that is cushioned to minimize impact. The tread is large but taller runners, user 6’0” and above may have a difficult time sprinting on this fitness treadmill.

You’ll love the quietness of the motor. It’s designed for super quiet operation allowing you to exercise without disturbing your neighbors or sleeping baby.

For the LCD display, we were impressed by the large 5-inch LED display. You get to track the basic information; time and more, plus choose a program from the 12 preset programs.Overall, this treadmill is sleek and beautiful to look at, pink and white, stable, and durable.


  • Has long pink handles for stability when running
  • Removable cup holders and tablet holders so you can stay hydrated as you run
  • Comes with a safety key and wide side rails for emergency stops


  • Does not have heart rate monitoring feature
  • No incline function

5. Goplus Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

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If this is you are looking for your first treadmill, here is a quick tip, go for a treadmill with speakers. I’ve found the secret to better experience; music. Whenever I’m exercising on my treadmill I put good music. It helps increase my level of endurance and distracts me from fatigue.

The Goplus 2-in-1 treadmill has built-in speakers that allow you to listen to music as you exercise, making it a great pick for most people. Apart from music this sleek treadmill has a sturdy steel frame that supports users weighing up to 265 lbs. It is available in other colors, so pick one that suits your décor theme.

Goplus Treadmill 2 in 1 treadmill

So, why choose this Goplus electric treadmill? Now, this treadmill has a unique design. This is what you get with this design

  • Walking pad/treadmill: With the handrail down, you can use this treadmill as a walking treadmill for walking exercises. You get speeds of 0.8 – 3 mph which are comfortable for slow walking and brisk walking exercises. Plus with the handle down, you can place the treadmill under your desk at your office.
  • Running treadmill: With the handrail up, you get speeds from 3 – 7.5 mph which are enough for jogging to full running exercises.

Now, you may be wondering what about the console? The Goplus treadmill is equipped with a unique LED screen that is integrated into the treadmill. You’ll find the LCD display at the front of the treadmill so you can glance down to see your metrics; time, steps, and more, as you exercise. To control the speeds, this dual treadmill has a remote control. You can start or stop the treadmill or increase and decrease speed using the remote control.

Goplus Treadmill easy storage



  • Supports up to 265 and has a large LCD display for exercise information
  •  Built-in wheels for easy portability
  • Ships fully assembled; just fix the handrail and you are good to go
  • Can be paired with smartphones for music or podcast


  • Not ideal for high intensity training

6. Sunny Health & Fitness P8700 Pink Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness P8700 Pink Treadmill

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Another pink treadmill from Sunny Health & Fitness to consider is the P8700 pink and white treadmill. This treadmill has more to offer compared to some picks on this reviews list. This P8700 pink treadmill is made up of a stronger steel frame that is coated with scratch resistant and paint resistant paint.

It is designed to fold for space saving with built-in transport wheels for easy portability. Also, it is light weight; around 103 lbs and most people can move it around comfortably. Whenever you are choosing a fitness machine, you want to put your comfort first. For a treadmill, you need to consider the tread. The P8700 pink treadmill provides you with a comfortable running experience.


The tread is well-cushioned reducing impact on joints by up to 30 percent. You don’t have to worry about knee pain or back pain after using this treadmill. Also, the surface is large 49 by 15.5 inches so you can walk or run comfortably.

Three: Another reason why this treadmill is a great pick for your home gym is the 2.2 peak motor that allows for quiet smooth workouts. No vibration or chocking. However, we found that it cannot handle hiit. Also, you get manual incline.

Sunny Health & Fitness P8700 Pink Treadmill features



  • This treadmill is lightweight and easy to move around
  • Has a weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • Has higher speed compared to other options on this reviews list
  • Larger well-cushioned surface and nice warranty


  • No Bluetooth connectivity or audio port
  • Manual incline

7. Best Choice Products 800W Portable Treadmill

Best Choice Products 800W pink Portable Treadmill

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If you are looking for a cheap/budget-friendly pink treadmill, the Best Choice Products 800W treadmill is the right pick. Now, keep this in mind, because of the price, this treadmill has the basics only. The first thing we noted is its lights build. It weighs around 60 pounds or 27 kgs which is light enough to push around. Though the frame is light, it can support runners weighing up to 250 lbs.

Also worth noting is its size. It measures 48 inches long by 24 inches wide and 48 inches high, ensure you have enough space to set it up plus leave a bit of space, around 3 feet, so you can get on and off the treadmill with ease. For exercising, we recommend this fitness treadmill for walking exercises only. The surface maybe somewhat large but the treadmill’s motor is not built for intense trainings.

So, you can do brisk walking exercises or jog lightly. Plus, it is quiet so you can run as you watch TV or listen to a podcast. For the monitor, this pink treadmill has a basic LCD display where you can track information such as time, speed distance, and calories burned. When done, fold the treadmill for easy storage.


  • Built-in bottle holders so you can stay hydrated when exercising
  • Has a safety key for emergency stops
  • Speed can be increased or decreased manually or automatically


  • Not ideal for intense trainings
  • No incline function

8. Gymax Folding Treadmill

GYMAX Folding Treadmill,

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Gymax designs some excellent fitness stuff on the market. For this review, we’ll take an in depth look at the Gymax 800W pink treadmill. Our team noted, the Gymax 800 treadmill has similar features with the Best Choice Products 800W treadmill.

GYMAX Folding Treadmill features

This pink treadmill has a light foldable steel structure that supports up to 220. Its exercise surface is somewhat smaller than the Sunny P8700 pink treadmill. So, we recommend you use this electric treadmill for light running and walking exercises. It’s made up of several layers to cushion runners against impact when exercising and runs smoothly and quietly.

You can exercise without interrupting a sleeping baby or neighbors. For guided workouts, this Gymax pink treadmill offers 12 preset programs. These programs offer varying intensity levels so can have a good experience whenever you exercise. No weight loss plateau to worry about.

Gymax Folding Treadmill adjustable speed

Lastly, the LCD monitor will help you keep an track information on the calories you burn per sessions, your speeds, time and distance. Speaking of speed, this treadmill has a maximum speed of 6.5 mph which are enough for most people.

GYMAX Electric Motorized Walking Running Machine with Device Holder



  • Affordable
  • Clear LCD display screen for easy information tracking
  • Pink and white color; pretty cute to look at
  • Has built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars


  • Not ideal for user over 220 lbs
  •  No cooling fan

9. Umay Under Desk Treadmill

UMAY Under Desk Treadmill

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Our last pick is the Umay treadmill. this pink treadmill is perfect for office or home use. If you’ve ever come across the LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill, this machine fits in the same category. No handrails, no separate LCD display. Just a ultra thin treadmill that fits under a desk or can be place in your living room or bedroom.

This treadmill measures 55 by 46 inches and offers a 43.7 by 16.1 inches. The surface is cushioned for comfort and textured to provide a non-slip surface. The Umay treadmill is integrated with a 1.5 HP motor that allows speeds from 0.5 – 3.7 mph. Now, these speeds are perfect for slow walking and brisk walking exercises. The speeds are not suitable for interval training.

Umay Under Desk Treadmill side view

Plus, the 1.5 CHP cannot handle intense exercises. However, this is not a deal breaker. According to this research walking at least 1.3 miles a day reduces risk of lifestyle diseases by up to 33%. So, yes, this treadmill is good for your health.

To control the machine’s speeds, you can use the remote or using your phone. You can pair your phone with this machine via the G-Fit app. This also makes it easier to keep an eye on your workout data/information; time, distance and more. Lastly, this pink electric treadmill supports user weight up to 198 and is affordable.

Umay Under Desk Treadmill features



  • Ships fully assembled and No handrail which makes it easy to store under bed, couch, or standing upright on the corner
  • Cushioning reduces noise and vibration for quiet operations


  • Not ideal for endurance training

How to Choose Treadmill: Buyer’s Guide

Below, we review the top 5 things to look at so you can choose a treadmill that matches your fitness needs.

woman on a treadmill


Most pink treadmills are on the smaller side. They are easy to store and light enough to transport. And, because of the size it means you’ll not get all those premium traits I’ve mentioned above. Before you choose your treadmill, ensure to set aside enough space plus 3 feet for easy on and off the treadmill.


Now, because pink compact treadmills are small and do not offer most of the premium characteristics offered by larger options, their price is quite budget friendly. A pink treadmill won’t break your bank.

Workout expectations

Some options such as the Umay treadmill are not designed for tough exercises. Their motors cannot support vigorous exercising. Other pink color machines such as the p8700 offer a larger surface and a more powerful drive that can handle hiit.


How many calories do you burn running in place on a treadmill? How many calories do you need to burn a day? How much do I need to run? if you want to take the guesswork out, pick a treadmill with preset programs.

These programs are designed to change the speed and incline of the treadmill automatically, meaning your workouts will be hands free plus you burn the exact number of calories you want per drill. Also, these preset programs ensure your trainings are interesting, treadmill running can get boring pretty fast.

LCD Display

For the console, most pink color machines come with an easy-to-read LCD display. Ensure the treadmill you pink has a well backlit LCD display so you can view your information; time, distance and more

Final Thoughts

pink treadmill


Research after research shows the importance of keeping the body fit. If you want to avoid the hassle of going to a local gym and having to wait for machines, a treadmill is a great way to get started with your home gym. A pink treadmill is a versatile machine that enables you to exercise from the comfort of your home. Any of the machines in the review above is a worthy pick.