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7 Best Marcy Smith Machine for Weight Training in 2021

Marcy Smith machine is one of the best weight training fitness equipment you can have in your home gym. The Marcy Power cage allows you to do different types of exercises safely without a spotter. 

Our top recommendation is the Marcy MD-5139, a home gym that helps you lift more, aids in your stability and posture, and allows you to do different types of exercises including squats, lunges, and more. This smith machine will help you target all the muscles you want to work, helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

In this article we take a detailed look at the best smith machines by Marcy. Here are the top three picks. 


Top 7 Best Marcy Smith Machines

The Marcy MD-5139 smith cage is a machine meant for working out your whole body. It has a single lower pulley system and dual cross-over pulleys.

Its maximum weight on the weigh bar is 300lbs and will give you a whole new feeling about yourself. At one point in my life, I realized I had little time in my hands to barely do what is crucial, leave alone going to the gym.

I considered getting a home gym machine so that I can save on the time spent while going to the gym and continue keeping fit. I must admit searching for the equipment was not easy, but Marcy smith cage eventually made the search worthy.

Since purchasing it, I have continued to fall in love with the Marcy MD-5139 smith machine daily. My body has been flexible and fit as a whole. Here is why you need not miss this smith machine in your home

All in one gym: One of the reasons I wanted to purchase a Marcy power cage was to get an all in one service. This saves not only your money but also time

The Marcy MD-5139 home gym serves these purposes effectively. That’s because it is an all in one work out machine that gives you a complete training experience.

It is structured with arm and leg stations, and this enables all your muscles to be strengthened. Besides, you don’t have to switch to another gym since you can perform all your excises using the equipment.

Versatility:  Investing in a home gym means getting value for your money. This is to say that it can serve you in a diversified way.

 Luckily, this smith cage is versatile thanks to its dual action press arms. It will enable you to strengthen and develop your triceps biceps and perform a maximum exercise on your arms and chest.

Construction: A good home gym machine should be strong and steady, and that’s the definition of the Marcy smith machine home gym. It is made with a strong steel frame, which is coated with a long-lasting powder finish.

This makes the machine stable and allows it to serve you for a long time. Besides, the equipment uses an aircraft cable that has a tensile strength of 2000 lb. You are assured of a long-term service thanks to this feature.


  • It is strong and durable
  • Has versatility
  • Works out the whole body


  • The pulley system doesn’t have a smooth glide
  • The cables are intertwined and takes time to separate them

2. Marcy Smith Machine SM-4008

marcy sm-4008

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If you are serious about getting your desired body shape, the Marcy SM-4008 combo smith machine with bench ultimate gym machine to purchase. It’s an all in one device, allowing you to tone every muscle in your body.

It is versatile, and you can perform intensive exercises. If you have problems with your back, you are sorted thanks to its pull-up bar, which helps you strengthen your back.

Additionally, this marcy combo smith machine has a leg developer that helps you build your lower body. You can never go wrong with this family gym. Below are additional features that make it worth your money.

Design and quality: One of the things that will strike you about this smith machine with bench is that it’s made of quality material. It is made of 14 gauge steel which is durable.

The machine has an adjustable back pad that gives support to your back. Besides, it has a safety bar that blends with the low pulley system enhancing your safety and giving you confidence.

This Marcy SM-4008 is durable and ideal for intensive exercises.

Versatility: If you like all-around body fitness, then Marcy cage has got you covered. That’s because it has pull-up bars and cross pulleys, which allows you to perform different kinds of exercises.

This Marcy diamond elite allows you to develop both your chest and shoulders. Also, you can strengthen your thigh muscles and train your legs because of the bottom pulley system.

Dimensions: This Marcy smith cage has an assembled bench dimension of 68.25” x 26” x 45.5” and a cage dimension of 65” x 79.25” x 84.5”. This makes it suitable to store in your home; however, it will require a walk in space.

Additionally, it has four posts for storage that makes it easy for you to put the weight plates in order.

Safety: The Marcy home gym sm-4008 has bar catches that allow you to experience free weight Olympic workouts. Besides, it also has safety catches that keep you safe from injuries.

You don’t have to worry about your safety and that of your loved ones.

Diversity: This Marcy smith machine home gym is an all in one family gym machine. It is made to feature different parts that are ideal for giving you a complete workout.

They include a leg developer, cable cross-over, pull-up bar, and the smith machine. All these features enable you to expose your body to a wholesome intensive workout session.

This is unlike other gym machines, which are structured with a specific body part in mind.


  • Strengthens all body muscles
  • Has leg developers
  • Has a pulley system
  • It gives you value for your money


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not ideal for beginners

3. Marcy SM-4903 Smith Machine with cables

marcy pro

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The Marcy sm-4903 smith machine with weight bench is all-around gym equipment. It’s unique because it is a combination of a smith machine and linear bearings.

Additional features include an Olympic free-weight rack and a pulley system that is cable routed. The Marcy sm-4903 has an eye-catching, sleek, and attractive design that makes it suitable to behold in your garage.

 This giant of a machine is constructed with heavy-duty steel that is coated with long-lasting polish. It is sturdy enough to hold 600 pounds.

You will be proud to have this smith cage in your home, and it comes in handy in saving you time and money. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider it.

Storage/portability:  Marcy sm-4903 has bar holders and weight plate posts that enable you to clean quickly and keep the gear in good order after your moments of exercise. Additionally, the sm-4903 smith machine with cables can be wheeled, and it’s not heavy; hence you can move it from one place to another with ease.

Upper body exercise: This Marcy smith machine features multi-grip pulls- up bars that allow you to exercise your upper body. It does good to your shoulders, arms, back, and chest since you can leg raise, do chin-ups and pull-ups.

Adjustability: The sm-4903 home gym is designed and constructed with a bench that boasts high performance. The bench has a seat and back pad, both of which are adjustable.

This gives you the pleasure of performing diversified exercises such as triceps, shoulder press, bench dips, and biceps curl, among others. You will not think of looking for another gym for extra training sessions.

Pulley system: If you like performing cross-over workouts, then Marcy sm-4903 power cage got you covered. That’s because it has a long-lasting pulley system that gives you the convenience of completing the activities.

Besides, it is strong and durable thanks to its steel frame structure that prides itself in a powder-coated finish.


  • It is adjustable
  • Can be moved easily
  • It is strong and durable


  • The cables pulley system is not easily adjustable
  • Assembling takes time

4. Marcy SM-4033


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The Marcy sm-4033 smith machine is the ultimate solution for all your fitness needs. It’s different from other gym machines because it boasts of more features needed for full  body training.

This smith machine with squat rack is a combination of a squat rack, smith machine, pull-up station and pulls deck, cable pulley system, and a bench for exercise. This machine is not costly, and it takes less of your space thanks to its dimension of 212cm L x 172cm W x 219cm H.

It has a capacity of 136kg and comes with accessories like land mine attachment, short bar, and triceps ropes. However, assembling it might be a bit hectic and can take you a long time.

 Let’s look at what makes this smith giant stand out.

Pulley system: The sm-4033 combo home gym has a pulley system, which comes in handy when excising most parts of your body, especially the muscles. The pulley system boasts a support system of 300 lbs or 136 kg resistance.

 Each side of the pulley system functions on its own because it has a weight ratio of 50%. If you like doing triceps, then Marcy smith 4033 has you covered.

Adjustability: As earlier mentioned, a good Marcy smith gym must be adjustable. This is why you should pick Marcy 4033 because it has an adjustable height.

This allows you to perform your exercises comfortably and also accommodates every member of your family. This comes in handy by maintaining your focus and keeping the right speed because the machine has a significant motion range.

Also, it has an adjustable back pad that ensures that you don’t slide off the bench. Besides, it is  easy to move from one place to another.

Pull-up station: The main difference between the Marcy 4033 machine and other smith machines lies in its pull-up station. That’s because it has three grip options.

 The grips include wide, medium, and close overhand grips, the underhand grip, and the wide, medium, and narrow neutral grips. This feature helps you experience more intensive muscle exercises.


  • Supports up to 300 pounds or 136kgs
  • It has pull-up and dip stations.
  • Ideal for bodyweight training
  • The cable system is adjustable.


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Has a large footprint

5. Marcy MD-9010G

marcy MD-9010g

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Just as its names suggest, this Marcy diamond elite or md-9010 serves many purposes, thus enabling you to achieve your desired body physique. It has a cage for training cage that has pull-up bars and adjustable bar catchers for your safety.

Moreover, it has more unique features, including high pulleys, dip bars, and low pulley. This compact home gym with weight bench gives you the comfort and convenience that you need within your home.

Storage: This home gym cage mentioned above has shelves that are made for the storage of weight plates. This allows you to easily access dumbbells and kettle weights whenever you want to train.

 Both the weight stack trolley and the weight plate storage rack have a holding capacity of 150lbs.

Construction: Any machine for home use should be strong and durable. It is meant to serve many people with your home.

This Marcy smith machine with cable pulleys has a structured steel frame of high grade. This feature will ensure the machine serves you for a long time and gives you value for your money.

Adjustability: The machine’s’ bar catches’ flexibility enables you to quickly shift from bench press to squats. Besides, it has a pull-up station that boasts both narrow and wide grips.

These features allow you to enjoy diverse exercises and fulfill your aim.

Pulleys: This Marcy Diamond Elite machine has both high and low pulley systems that enable you to exercise your upper and lower body parts. This ensures that your whole body is equally fit.

Your bicep, triceps, chests, and shoulders are extensively covered with this machine.


  • Has high and low pulleys
  • It gives you value for your money.
  • Comfortable to use


  • Takes time to assemble

6. Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym


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The Marcy 150-lb stack home gym is a full-body gym station.  It comes in handy in burning calories and strengthens your muscles. Additionally, the MWM-990 is ideal for increasing your metabolic rate.

 It has a dimension of 68” L x 36” W x 79”H and boasts a weight capacity of 300lbs. You can never trade the convenience that comes with this gym for anything else.

 Here are some of the reasons you should invest in the marcy 150lb stack home gym with weights

Press arms:  With this versatile giant of a machine, you can perform chest press and exercises that develop your pectorals, triceps, biceps, and other muscles. This is made possible by the machines’ dual action press arms.

Curl pad: The Marcy smith 150lb is made with ergonomically designed seats, priding in high –density. This controls tension and reduces impact.

Its preacher curl ad is removable and can be adjusted to help you perform extensive muscle-building exercises.

Durability: You can be sure that you will have gotten value for your money by purchasing this power smith cage. That’s because you are guaranteed quality and durability.

The machine is constructed with a strong steel frame that makes it strong and enhances your stability. Besides, it’s designed with guard rods that are great for holding the weight in place during your workout sessions.


  • Ideal for intensive muscle exercises
  • Has an upper pulley system
  • Has padded press arms
  • Ideal for fast and easy leg workouts


  • Challenging to do the chest press
  • It doesn’t come with most accessories offered by other Marcy smith machines

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7. Marcy Pro Home Gym

marcy pro gym

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Marcy pro home gym is a unique Marcy power machine that includes a press arm, pulley, and leg developer system. It is strong and stable because of its steel construction. The home gym equipment will give you all the convenience you need during your exercise sessions. It has several other features, as we are going to see.

Comfort: A home gym should give you the utmost comfort that you won’t desire a commercial gym. Precisely, that’s what the Marcy pro home gym has to offer you.

 This home gym has well-designed seats and built with high-density materials to ensure you have comfort. Besides, the seats feature comes in handy in reducing tension and impact and gives you a more comfortable sitting position during your sessions.

Versatility: You will never have to think about any other gym once you own the Marcy pro home gym. It is a piece of multifunctional equipment.

This is to say that it offers you the privilege and convenience of doing a diverse number of exercises. It is constructed with dual-action press arms that ensure you experience an intensive body work out.

You will be able to exercise your deepest muscles and also your upper and lower body.

Construction: The manufacturers of this smith machine had your safety in mind. It is constructed with a strong steel frame and coated with powder to ensure it withstands all sorts of pressure.

This allows you to exercise for as long as you wish since the machine will never breakdown. Moreover, the machine is easy to assemble, and you wouldn’t require special gadgets to assemble it.


  • It is comfortable and safe to use
  • Has versatility
  • Strong and durable
  • Has an adjustable weight stack


  • Has very long cables
  • Not ideal for very heavy people

Benefits of the Marcy smith machine for home

The Marcy Smith power cage works for everyone, mainly because of its outstanding benefits and they are as follows;

  • Versatility

The Marcy Smith machines are pieces of universal gym equipment that can be used at home or a public gym. For a home gym enthusiast, these types of equipment might be what you have lacked for your perfect workout. Their work rate is incredible as you will not need to consider specific equipment for a specific routine exercise. The piece of equipment is versatile to fit all your needs. From muscle toning, keeping healthy fit, or even bodybuilding, there is something for everyone when looking for Marcy power cages.

  • Safety

When one considers investing in gym equipment, it cannot be the easiest of things to do. You would have to consider how you want to use it and also how does it fare out with the environment it is placed under. Home gym workouts are not prone to necessarily have a spotter. Maybe you like to do everything by yourself where no one judges or barking orders at you.

The smith cage machine ensures that it handles all safety precautions necessary to enable a safe exercise. The safety precautions are by crafting the product with reinforced steel for better handling and durability. The machines are situated with safety pins to hold up the weights in case of a slip off of any other unprecedented outcome when working out. Safety pins will ensure you have a comfortable exercise, especially when performing bench presses or both the back or front squats.

  • Price

You have been craving a workout for a while now, and you are afraid that your investment might not be worth what you’d want? Well, don’t worry because Marcy smith machines are affordably priced. No matter your wallet’s size, you are assured of a safe, quality, and durable smith machine.

How to choose a Marcy Home Gym

Nobody likes a worthless investment. That’s why it is best to understand what you are looking for in your equipment before you purchase.

 Below are some tips to look for before any purchase.

  • Safety Mechanisms Used

The Marcy home gym is said to have some of the best safety precaution features. From safety pins to spotter’s arms, your handling is made as adequate as your optimal goals for the workouts.

These two safety mechanisms must be put in place on your Marcy Smith machine before purchasing it. With the necessary protection, you can lift your weights or even deadlift without any worries.You can also do bench presses and squats comfortably.

  • Weight Plate Holders

To be able to manage your budget, you need to have all in one equipment. Your marcy combo smith machine should have enough room to store your weight plates.

It will also help invest fully in the amount of room you will have for your workouts. The weight plate holder should accommodate a reasonable number of plates and their weights when pilled together.

  • Frame Of The Machine

The frame of the Marcy Smith machine is mostly what defines it completely. The steel should be good enough to withstand the gym’s harsh conditions, and all it goes through.

A double reinforce steel frame could probably do the trick to ensure it’s durable and a product of quality. The frame should also be crafted with a wide base. The base will ensure maximum safety as the machine will neither tilt nor shift from the original position.

However, if you are considering heavy lifting for your workouts, a low gauge steel frame should do the fallacy for you. The low gauge steel is more stable and durable whenever it’s in use.

  • Adjustability

A smith cage should be well adjustable, especially when using the weights. It will reduce the difficulty in moving the bars, particularly when you are performing squats with weights.

The Marcy smith cage should be positioned with linear bearings that will aid the up and down movements. This machine can stimulate deadlifting.

As a buyer, you need to understand the weight rates it can withhold before trying out. That is why the weight bar needs to be high enough to acclimate the weights you intend to use.

  • Warranty

Despite being manufactured and talked to be one of the best gym equipment, the Smith machine arrives with a warranty. The warranty is an assuring factor that it can be easily resolved under the manufacturer’s full participation if there is a problem.This will prove that the smith machine values your investment and works to satisfy your expectations.


Marcy smith machines are diverse in features. They are well structured with steel frames and will serve you for the longest time.

Investing in any of the above-discussed machines is a sure way of getting value for your money. Besides, your body will be exposed to different types of exercises, leaving you with a complete body physique.This article has generously discussed eight types of Marcy smith cages, and I am sure you are enlightened.

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