benefits of face serum

Benefits of Using Face Serum


We all love our youthful, vibrant and supple skin. However, as the body ages so does the skin. People may advice you to age gracefully, but there is nothing graceful about wrinkles or sagging skin.

Your medicine cabinet may be equipped with creams, moisturizers and sunscreen, but these won’t do the job. These products are not ideal for smoothening wrinkles or clearing blemishes. To get your vibrant skin back, you must incorporate serum into your routine.

What is face serum?

Face serum is a natural skincare product that is designed to penetrate deep into your skin in order to supply the skin with potent ingredients that help eliminate wrinkles and blemishes. Compared to other skincare products, Serum is more suited for the job because it is made up of small-sized molecules that can easily penetrate the skin.

Did you know: You can use an infrared heating pad to get rid of eye bags?

How face serum treats aging?

Most of the common moisturizers contain thick molecules that help lock moisture in. However, these heavy molecules prevent the skin from absorbing active ingredients.

 This serum is lightweight contains active ingredients that get absorbed quickly and deeply.
When purchasing serums, these are the active ingredients you should look for:

Anti-inflammatories- skin inflammation is characterized by redness, swelling, and pain. Anti-inflammatories ingredients include aloe vera, arnica, zinc, and goldenseal. These ingredients help reduce the above-mentioned symptoms.

Antioxidants- the fine lines (wrinkles) on your forehead are as a result of sun damage. Ingredients such as vitamin C, grape seed extract, and pomegranate extract help protect against damage caused by the sun.

Hydrators- these are ingredients that strengthen cell membranes, help in moisture retention, and protect your skin against harsh environmental conditions. Hydrators include essential fats, amino acids, and ceramides.

Serum anti-aging benefits


face serum

The following are benefits you will get when you use this product

• Brown spots on your skin will clear.

• When you start using this product when young, you are likely to delay skin aging.

• Your skin becomes healthier and firmer.

• When you use serum, your skin repairs itself faster than when you don’t use it.

• After using this product for some time, you will notice your skin regains its glow and has an even tone.

Use in skin care products

Serums are not designed to be used as moisturizers. However, to get the most out of your product, use it with a combination of other skin care products. According to dermatologists, serums can be used together with creams, lotions, and sunscreen.

How to use your face serum

The following tips will help you utilize this product effectively

1. Start by cleansing the face. The reason for cleansing first is to remove dead skin and dirt that would prevent maximum absorption.

2. Serums are super concentrated. You only need to use a few drops, preferably a drop or two. Rub it in your palms and then press the palms on the skin. After the application, take a five minutes break to ensure your skin absorbs the active ingredients.

3. Lock down the active ingredients with your favorite moisturizer. Make sure your serum absorbs quickly. If it leaves an oily residue, then the product is not ideal for you. Remember to apply sunscreen to protect skin against sun damage.

To regain vibrant and smooth skin incorporate serums into your skincare routine. You can apply a face serum at night or in the morning. Remember to use it sparingly especially if you suffer from severe acne. Serums

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