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7 Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Which are the safest exercises for lower back pain relief? When you experience pain on your back, all you want to do is lie down and let it lessen. It is understandable.

However, doctors recommend that lower back pain sufferers should move their back more to help them heal faster. Lying on your back will only lead to more pain. So, which are the best exercises for lower back pain?

Exercise can help you support the spine and improve blood circulation. So, which exercises should you do? Which exercises should you avoid? And how long should you exercise?

In the article below, we seek to give you answers to these questions and more. Read on and discover how to reduce that shooting pain on your back.

Benefits of lower back pain exercises

  • Improves circulation to the spinal discs.
  • Minimizes the severity of back pain when it occurs.
  • Reduces pressure on the spinal discs and strengthens the muscles supporting the spine.

Disadvantages of lower back pain exercises

  • Wrong exercises could lead to more pain.

Exercises for lower back pain

1. Hamstring Stretches

The muscles at the back of your legs help support the lower back. When you exercise these muscles, you strengthen them, providing more support for the back. You can choose to exercise with equipment such as weights or without.

How to exercise

Wall hamstring stretch: Lie down, your upper body on the floor and your lower body stretched out against the wall. Stretch your legs and tighten the thigh muscles. Do not let your buttocks rise off the ground. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes. Aim to do this exercise at least 4 times a week.

Chair hamstring stretch: For this exercise, you need two chairs facing each other. Sit on one chair and place one leg on the other chair. Reach the toes on the foot on the chair and hold the position for a minute. Do this for each leg.

Standing hamstring stretch: Stand with your legs apart and bend forward toward the ground. Keep your legs straight. If you feel any pain in your back while performing this exercise, please do not continue. Instead, pick other exercises from the ones on this list.

2. Partial crunch

Partial crunches are ideal for strengthening the stomach and lower back muscles. If you have degenerative arthritis, then these exercises are for you.

partial crunch

How to exercise

Lie down and bend your knees. Cross the hands around the chest and tighten your stomach muscles. Gradually lift the shoulders from the ground and hold the position for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times each day.

3. Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi exercises are ideal for managing and relieving back pain. This exercise has been practiced since ancient China and has more movement than yoga. Tai Chi entails meditation, breathing, and movement. Tai Chi is gentle on your spine, noninvasive, and inexpensive; it’s a great way to relieve that constant pain on your back.

How to exercise

Here is an excellent video, Tai Chi for beginners, to help you get started.

4. Wall Sits

Wall sits ideal for people of all ages. Apart from providing relief to back pain, this exercise will help you sculpt your lower abs and thighs. To get ready for this exercise you need to wear comfortable clothes and training shoes. To make the exercise more exciting, you can include a resistance band or dumbbells.

How to exercise

Stand straight at least 10 inches from the wall. Lean your back against the wall and slowly slide down to a sitting position; your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Make sure your back presses firmly against the wall. Start with a hold time of 20 seconds and gradually increase it to 1 minute.

Tip: In case of sore muscles, you can use Bengay or Biofreeze to sooth and reduce the pain.

5. Low impact aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are perfect for improving circulation to the spinal discs, reducing stiffness and increasing your heart rate. With aerobics, you get to cut weight that causes pressure on the discs, increase production of endorphins, and reduce chances of flare-ups.

How to exercise

Swimming- swim strokes reduce stress on the spine and joints, enabling you to move more efficiently. As you are swimming, avoid rigorous moves because you might end up worsening your lower back pain.

Elliptical training- Elliptical machines come with pedals that allow you to simulate running, walking, and jogging. This low impact exercise helps strengthen the thigh, abs, and back muscles, strengthening the core muscles that support your back.

Walking- Sounds too simple, right? But, walking has countless benefits. Walking at a faster pace than your average speed helps strengthen the back muscles and increases blood flow in the affected area, enabling a quick recovery.

6. Bridges

Not only does this exercise help you sculpt your butt area, bridges also helps strengthening your core muscles.

How to exercise

  • Lie down on the floor and makes sure only the heels touch the ground.
  • Lift the hips off the floor until they form a straight line with your shoulders and knees.
  • Hold the position for 8-10 seconds and gently ease back down.
  • Repeat bridges 8-10 times.

Here is how you get started:


7. Inversion Therapy

Best Gravity Boots

Inversion therapy is the act of turning upside down using gravity boots, inversion chair or inversion table to help decompress the back. Some specialists have been using this method to help their patients suffering from back pain. The good news is it works. And the best news is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can also use inversion gravity boots. Learn more about inversion therapy.

Lower Back pain exercises to avoid

When suffering from lower back pain, there are a group of exercises you should avoid so as not to worsen the condition. These exercises include:

1. Sit-ups

This exercise is great when you want to do away with stubborn belly fat. However, you should avoid it if you are suffering from lower back pain. Sit-ups add pressure to the spine, worsening the pain.

2. Toe Touches

You ought to avoid this exercise because it adds more stress to the ligaments and disks. This will only aggravate the pain.

3. Burpees

There are different variations of burpees. These include standard burpees, double burpees, lunge jump burpees, and box jump burpees. These exercises are great are great for general fitness. However, due to the speed and intensity involved in burpees, you might end up extending the hurt on your back.

If you suffer from lower back pain, avoid these exercises at all cost.If you suffer from pain on your lower back, chances are you will want to lie down until the pain subsides.

But, resting on your back is only going to worsen the condition and derail healing. The exercises for lower bac k mentioned above will help you strengthen your core, thus providing support to your back. Remember, do exercises that are not vigorous to avoid aggravating the pain.

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