reasons why to keep fit

6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Fit

Ever wonder why your neighbor or that celebrity goes for a morning or an evening jog? Daily exercise makes the heart stronger and the lungs fitter. This will protect you from diseases like stroke and heart attack. When planning your day, it is beneficial for you to set a few hours to work out. Here are six reasons why you should keep fit

1: Reduces heart diseases

heart attack

The heart is a muscle which requires exercise to keep in shape. When it is exercised, it improves the pumping of blood in the body. Keeping fit regularly helps plaque buildup by striking a healthier balance of blood lipids, allows arteries retain resilience despite the effects of aging and boost the number of blood vessels feeding the heart.

This improves its efficiency, and thus it has little strain while pumping and reduces cholesterol levels. According to the American Heart Association, they advise doing exercise for half an hour a day for a week will reduce heart diseases and improve the health of your heart.

2: Prevents diabetes


If you want to manage you diabetes, exercising is what you need to be doing. Before you engage in any workout, it is necessary for you to trace your blood sugar level so that you can know how your body responds to different exercise.

By working out, it prevents diabetes by paring off the excess weight, hence lowering the blood sugar levels and increasing the insulin sensitivity. It is advisable to see a trainer so that you can enroll in the best workout program that fits your body.

3: Strengthen the muscles and bones

By doing any physical exercise, it causes a series of contractions in the muscles which may be for a short time or a long time depending on the nature of the training. This activity helps maintain the muscles mass and strength.

If the body muscles are correctly working correctly, it helps prevent back pains and pain in the joints. Working out improves the heart muscles which enhance the blood circulation. 

The bones strength and intense are hence enhanced can slow the loss of bone density that comes with aging. Research has shown that people who do work out regularly have a low risk of back pain.

4: Improves brainpower


Cardiovascular exercise is said it can create new brain cells according to a study conducted on mice and men. It is believed by working out it helps improve your judgment, thinking, and learning.

Cells production in the hippocampus which is responsible for learning and memory is attributed to getting sweaty. That’s why it is advisable for early child development the child should be left to play to improve their brain memory. Regular exercise can also improve adults memory too.

5: Prevents obesity

prevents obesity

One of the reasons you should keep fit is to prevent obesity. Being obese is associated with a high risk for blood pressure and a high level of cholesterol levels. 

You are more likely to be infected with various diseases and the common being a heart attack. Obesity is a world challenge and can affect any person at any age.

Genetics can play a significant role to determine if a person will become overweight. When the number of calories consumed exceeds the number of calories expended over an extended period, excess calories are stored in the body as fat.

With long-term calories workout, an individual can eventually become lean. Weight-bearing exercise, such as brisk walking and weight training strengthens bones.

Tip: You can use Bengay or Biofreeze to relieve muscle pain.

6: Self-confidence and self-image are improved

Are you that person who is afraid to go out because you fear that people will judge you the way look? Physical fitness can boost your self-esteem and improve positive self-image. It has been proved that in less time of aerobic exercise and resistance training method definitely will help to improve self-image.

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