10 ways to relieve morning back pain

10 Ways to Relieve Morning Back Pain

We take a deep look at ways to relieve morning back pain.

Ever woken up just to regret going to bed?  The shooting pain on your back won’t let you stretch or take a bath peacefully. Causes of morning back pain could be as a result of seating behind your desk trying to beat a deadline. 

Or perhaps you were at the cinema watching the favorite movie just to come out with back pain. There are a lot of reasons why you may experience back pain but the good news is that there are some ways to relieve morning back pain.

Nearly everyone experience back problem at some point in their lives. The pain is described as the feeling of a screwdriver penetrating you back and you cannot snub it. 

If the pain is severe, you may require back surgery. If the pain is minor, here are some surefire ways to relieve morning back pain.

Easy methods to relieve morning back pain

1: Better posture during sleeping

Are you those people who sleep on one side throughout the night? Sometimes morning back and neck stiffness is a result of poor sleeping positions. 

 For better sleeping positions, doctors advice that you place a pillow between your legs to keep the spine in a better position. If you sleep on your back, place the pillow under the knees. 

Sleeping on your stomach is discouraged since it will cause back problems but if you cannot help it, just slide the pillow under your pelvis. A good conformable mattress or adjustable is needed.

2: Exercise

exercise tools

“When you have pain just rest”, this is an old age myth that people have embraced. It is true some pain just require you to rest but not back pain. Too much rest may worsen your problem.

Ever wondered why after work your acquaintance goes to the gym or attends yoga classes. You colleague knows that exercise helps stretch and strengthen the muscles, relieving or preventing. 

Yoga improves breathing, helps relax your muscles and loosens tight muscles. If you find this tiresome, you may do the following easy exercise

Before engaging in any activity consult your doctor about the best activity you should do.

3: Good posture when seated

Most people spend their time sitting down doing various activities like playing video games, watching television or at work. Sitting for hours is harmful to your health. Bad posture may result to morning back pain.

Good posture involves sitting without straining your back muscles. When seated, make sure the back is straight to line up your spinal cord.

 Use ergonomic chairs so that at the end of the day you do not have stiff necks and back pains. You can use apps to check on the best postures while doing different tasks.

4: Manual therapy

This is commonly referred to as massage. Chiropractors are trained on how to move their hands and apply force carefully on the muscles and joints.

There are two types of massages. One is the relaxation massage, and the other is a structural massage.

A study that was conducted found out that manual therapy improves back functions and reduces the pain. Alexander technique therapy can help minimize long-term back pain although it is not advisable.

Foam rollers are a great alternative to massage therapist’s hands.

5: Electrical stimulation

electrical stimulation

Another great inexpensive way you can relieve morning back pain is through electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation involves delivering low electrical current to the spinal cord through needles that have been implanted into the spinal cord. 

The nerves are blocked from sensing the pain and transmitting it to the brain. This is an effective way to deal with morning back pain.

6: Heat and ice application

Most patients are advised by the doctors to try this method. When we have a swelling we tend to ice it first to cool the inflammation; then we use hot water to slow the inflammation. The same method is still used to stop back problems.

For heat, you can use a far infrared heating pad. This products are safe to use and are easily portable. For ice, you can use anything cold on your fridge, even veggie bags.

7: Being active

During the day you should be engaged in various activities. This helps stretch the muscles and strengthen them. If the pain is distracting you from doing normal daily activities, take painkillers. It may be painful to start, but at the end of it all it will be beneficial to remain active.

8: Maintain healthy weight

Obese people are mostly affected by back problems. If you are overweight, consider shedding some weight to minimize back pain.

 There are thousands of YouTube videos or apps that you can use to get started. Remember, losing weight is like running a marathon. The path is long but eventually with determination and discipline, you will get to your recommended weight.

9: Practice Yoga


Being in one posture for an hour will cause tension in the back muscles hence lead to back pain. For flexibility to be achieved equal weight you need to equally distribute your weight.

 Some simple ways you can achieve balanced body weight include placing one foot on the floor and the other on the bed. This helps send equal weight to every point in the body. You can try to bend backwards and forward to stretch the backbone muscles.

10: Surgery

When every method has failed to relive morning back pain, the doctor may advise you to take this option based on the following conclusions; the pain has been there for a long time or it’s severe and is thought to originate from the spinal joints.

The doctor can treat severe back pain through surgery or by sending radio waves to nerves via needles.. The wave scrambles the pain signals from reaching the brain.


Waking to back pain is traumatizing. The above methods have been used countless times by thousands of people to relieve morning back pain. Pick one and apply it today. Remember, if the pain is too severe; please see your doctor immediately.

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